Media Innovator Awards 2021

Best Climate Change Omni- Channel Production 2021 Blue Aurora Media is an innovative multi-channel production company formed in 2018 by British broadcaster Jonathan Levy after a distinguished international career. He pioneered on-demand digital broadcasting in the UK in the 1990s and has had an award-winning career in digital, broadcast and corporate consultancy across the private, public and voluntary sectors. His most successful broadcast television series reached 900 million households in 171 countries. The company has developed an integrated digital omni-channel strategy to provide comprehensive audience reach across multiple formats and platforms: video, television, on-demand; audio, radio, podcasts; digital online and social media. It quickly adapted its already agile approach to help clients pivot their operations to online and virtual engagement during the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly in international events and campaigns. In 2019 the company created ‘The Waterline Live’ podcasts to support a UK regional climate change initiative for Marketing Humber, produced from the floor of its inaugural summit. The following year this was developed further when The Waterline Summit 2020 became a fully online virtual conference and exhibition. In addition to podcasts with global experts, a virtual ‘International Webinar’ hosted 21 guests from 6 continents; this was complemented with a comprehensive digital social-media distribution and engagement strategy supported by digital media resources. While the event attracted thousands of virtual delegates, the omnichannel campaign reached a cumulative global audience via social media platforms of almost a million people over the months that followed. Preparations are now well underway for a hybrid Summit in 2021 with omni-channel events and resources set to continue the ‘climate conversation’. It will extend into coverage of the United Nations’ COP26 Climate Conference to reinforce the challenges and opportunities for The Waterline partners. Blue Aurora Media practices what it preaches. It has joined the UN’s ‘Race to Zero’ campaign through the SME Climate Hub and follows production best practice to minimise its carbon footprint. The company has reduced its impact on the environment equivalent to the carbon captured by more than 5300 mature trees every year. Blue Aurora Media is a specialist company, with an award-winning track record of delivery, offering a creative and agile cost-effective approach for clients large and small. It remains committed to decarbonisation to minimise climate change and limits its work to a select portfolio of projects supervised exclusively by the company’s founder and Executive Producer/Director. “I aim to make a difference by helping ethical organisations achieve their objectives through effective communications,” said Blue Aurora Media founder Jonathan Levy. “Powerful storytelling can create a compelling call to action by influencing audiences across multiple media touch-points. I look forward to working with more like-minded leaders to help them achieve positive outcomes that can create a better world for future generations.” Jul21362 Following Blue Aurora Media’s recognition as the “Best Climate Change Omni-Channel Production” in this year’s programme, they outline their successful formula to work with like-minded client partners to create effective communications campaigns. Mr Levy added that he was honoured to have his work recognised by The Media Innovator Awards 2021 for the Best Climate Change Omni- Channel Production: “To have a great project you need an excellent client with whom you can create a productive partnership supported by a committed team of dedicated people. “It is an absolute pleasure to work with Marketing Humber on The Waterline initiative. It continues to make a difference that can not only turn the tide on climate change in the Humber region of the UK but also share innovative decarbonisation technology, renewable energy expertise and effective environmental resilience strategies with the whole world - building a sustainable green economy for all.” Jonathan Levy – founder Blue Aurora Media The Waterline Live webinar featured 21 guests from 6 continents Company: Blue Aurora Media Contact: Jonathan Levy Email: [email protected] Web: Address: The Studio, 6 The Old Stables, York Road, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 8DN, UK Telephone: +44 (0)7813 948385