Media Innovator Awards 2022

Located in the Midlands, Northampton to be specific, 1.3 Creative is an expert in its field. Utilising best-of-breed world-class cloud-based applications, the digital agency helps its customers drive customer engagement, customer action, and customer growth. Focusing on British professional services and manufacturing sectors, whether outbound or inbound, 1.3 Creative’s Google, HubSpot, and Slack certified team can be relied on to drive business and digital transformations that build market resilience. “Our delivery framework – robust and enterprise-ready – strikes the perfect balance between progress, governance, and transparency, holding all stakeholders to account throughout the transformation process,” explains Elliot Charles. “Quite simply, we’re tough. Honest. Delivery-focused.” As a partner-focused brand, 1.3 Creative works with ERP resellers across Europe as a trusted technical, data, and integrations advisor where HubSpot forms a component of a larger technology stack. With core values including engaging in endless learning and experimentation; focusing on using technology for good; respecting and enhancing the environment; practicing high ethical standards; and meeting the changing needs of customers, it’s no wonder that customers return time and time again for the firm’s dedicated services. “We don’t just build a website for a client and off they go, oh no!” Elliot galvanises. “We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients so that we can help them grow and build their business by ensuring that we are there when they need help with their websites or any updates they need on their website.” Best Business Digital Transformations Agency 2022 - East Midlands 1.3 Creative is a creative and technical digital agency, viewing complex business problems as an opportunity to accelerate growth. However, its forward-thinking approach, and complete embracing of the digital transformations around us, have recently earned it a spot in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022. We find out more as we speak to company Founder, Elliot Charles. Instead, 1.3 Creative focuses on customer success by providing a monthly check-up on its clients to ensure that they are still happy with their website and to get any thoughts of any changes they would like, including any campaigns that they would like to run or upcoming events. The firm also provides its clients with a monthly report of their website’s performance, which includes details of their SEO and analytics. Obviously, working within such a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, it is important that 1.3 Creative and the team remain at the forefront of emerging trends, as well as staying ahead of the latest developments. In fact, the company’s very inception was in response to the changing times around us. It was originally registered as a company at the end of 2015, following the clear signs that the world was moving into the fourth industrial revolution. “This time, it’s digital!” exclaims Elliot. “Our vision is to help secure a positive outcome for society as it moves through this unprecedented rate of change!” Bearing this in mind, the team is a remote-working, international group, based in the UK, South Africa, Malawi, Nigeria, and Bangladesh. Each member of this diverse entity is committed to using skills and talents to further charitable endeavours and to meet the ever-changing needs of all of the firm’s customers. “We also understand that committing to our own wellbeing is an essential part of being able to deliver this, which makes for a welcoming and unique work environment.” Amongst other attributes, what Elliot looks for when onboarding new staff members is talent, a love for learning, courage, honesty, compassion, inclusiveness and, above all, transparency. Thanks to the tight-knit community at 1.3 Creative, combined with its pioneering attitude to change and exceptional level of client care, it is no surprise that the agency was recently recognised in the Media Innovator Awards 2022 and crowned with the prestigious accolade of Best Business Digital Transformations Agency 2022 - East Midlands, a very benefiting title of which Elliot is understandably delighted. Now, as the future of the digital era beckons, he has big plans, including the launch of three new products, one in the social media marketing services space, another concerning high growth hosting, and a third focusing on net promoter score. “Our mission remains to create an accelerated and inclusive culture of digital innovation for good,” Elliot states. “1.3 Creative aims always to remain open to change and improvement, as it takes its modern digital agency forward into the future.” Contact: Elliot Charles Company: 1 Point 3 Creative Ltd Web Address: