Media Innovator Awards 2022

Media Innovator Awards 2022 Media Innovator Awards 2022

Introducing the Media Innovator Awards 2022 Media is a highly captivating, and transformative industry that plays a significant role in global communication. It is an immense source of knowledge and conveys important influences on shaping society and corporate market trends. As the Covid-19 pandemic has continued, it has accelerated many trends within this sector and has ultimately created upcoming changes as digital has become the way forward. Corporate Vision is proud to announce the Media Innovator Awards 2022 which aims to acknowledge those prestigious businesses and individuals who have excelled within the industry. The awards programme actively welcomes all businesses, enterprises and professionals, from print media, to broadcasting and social media, amongst numerous other areas, to get involved with this valuable opportunity. 2022 forecasts a rise in direct-to-customer streaming services for the media industry, as well as major technology platforms expanding their presence in gaming, leading to new mergers and investments. The Media Innovator Awards 2022 are important in recognising those who show their hard work by adapting to these rapid changes. Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editors Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor Rebecca Scotland, Editor Designers Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer

Media Innovator Awards 2022 Contents 4. 1 Point 3 Creative Ltd: Best Business Digital Transformations Agency 2022 - East Midlands 6. LitPrime Solutions LLC: Best Book Publishing Support & Marketing Service 2022 - USA 8. Blue Aurora Media: Best Omnichannel Climate Change Productions 2022 9. Connect: Best Dental Marketing Agency - Europe 10. The Creative Agency: Best International Full-Stack Digital Marketing Agency - USA 11. Best Brand Protection Solutions Provider 2022 - New York 12. Jb Stays Ltd: Best Short-Term Accommodation Provider - South London 13. Blindspot Ehf: Best Boutique Video Production & Equipment Rental Company 2022 - Iceland 14. Refurb & Restore: Best Refurbishment & Renovation Magazine Platform 2022 - UK 15. Luckyturn Media Ltd: Best Website Developers & Design Agency - East Anglia 14. Excellence In Motion Inc: Best Event & Marketing Social Enterprise - Tennessee 15. End Frame Productions: Professional Video Company of the Year 2022 - London 16. A Studio Marketing: Best Business Consulting & Training Firm - Tuscany

Located in the Midlands, Northampton to be specific, 1.3 Creative is an expert in its field. Utilising best-of-breed world-class cloud-based applications, the digital agency helps its customers drive customer engagement, customer action, and customer growth. Focusing on British professional services and manufacturing sectors, whether outbound or inbound, 1.3 Creative’s Google, HubSpot, and Slack certified team can be relied on to drive business and digital transformations that build market resilience. “Our delivery framework – robust and enterprise-ready – strikes the perfect balance between progress, governance, and transparency, holding all stakeholders to account throughout the transformation process,” explains Elliot Charles. “Quite simply, we’re tough. Honest. Delivery-focused.” As a partner-focused brand, 1.3 Creative works with ERP resellers across Europe as a trusted technical, data, and integrations advisor where HubSpot forms a component of a larger technology stack. With core values including engaging in endless learning and experimentation; focusing on using technology for good; respecting and enhancing the environment; practicing high ethical standards; and meeting the changing needs of customers, it’s no wonder that customers return time and time again for the firm’s dedicated services. “We don’t just build a website for a client and off they go, oh no!” Elliot galvanises. “We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients so that we can help them grow and build their business by ensuring that we are there when they need help with their websites or any updates they need on their website.” Best Business Digital Transformations Agency 2022 - East Midlands 1.3 Creative is a creative and technical digital agency, viewing complex business problems as an opportunity to accelerate growth. However, its forward-thinking approach, and complete embracing of the digital transformations around us, have recently earned it a spot in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022. We find out more as we speak to company Founder, Elliot Charles. Instead, 1.3 Creative focuses on customer success by providing a monthly check-up on its clients to ensure that they are still happy with their website and to get any thoughts of any changes they would like, including any campaigns that they would like to run or upcoming events. The firm also provides its clients with a monthly report of their website’s performance, which includes details of their SEO and analytics. Obviously, working within such a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, it is important that 1.3 Creative and the team remain at the forefront of emerging trends, as well as staying ahead of the latest developments. In fact, the company’s very inception was in response to the changing times around us. It was originally registered as a company at the end of 2015, following the clear signs that the world was moving into the fourth industrial revolution. “This time, it’s digital!” exclaims Elliot. “Our vision is to help secure a positive outcome for society as it moves through this unprecedented rate of change!” Bearing this in mind, the team is a remote-working, international group, based in the UK, South Africa, Malawi, Nigeria, and Bangladesh. Each member of this diverse entity is committed to using skills and talents to further charitable endeavours and to meet the ever-changing needs of all of the firm’s customers. “We also understand that committing to our own wellbeing is an essential part of being able to deliver this, which makes for a welcoming and unique work environment.” Amongst other attributes, what Elliot looks for when onboarding new staff members is talent, a love for learning, courage, honesty, compassion, inclusiveness and, above all, transparency. Thanks to the tight-knit community at 1.3 Creative, combined with its pioneering attitude to change and exceptional level of client care, it is no surprise that the agency was recently recognised in the Media Innovator Awards 2022 and crowned with the prestigious accolade of Best Business Digital Transformations Agency 2022 - East Midlands, a very benefiting title of which Elliot is understandably delighted. Now, as the future of the digital era beckons, he has big plans, including the launch of three new products, one in the social media marketing services space, another concerning high growth hosting, and a third focusing on net promoter score. “Our mission remains to create an accelerated and inclusive culture of digital innovation for good,” Elliot states. “1.3 Creative aims always to remain open to change and improvement, as it takes its modern digital agency forward into the future.” Contact: Elliot Charles Company: 1 Point 3 Creative Ltd Web Address:

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Publishing company LitPrime Solutions was founded to meet the growing needs of authors to counter the insular nature of traditional publishing. The firm’s goal is to put authors in total control of the book publishing process, from the pre-writing phase to post-publication, and help them achieve success, on their terms, through the masterful marketing services that it provides. “Over the years, we have helped writers become published authors, and we’re proud to say that all of them have been very happy with our output,” explains Amanda Urban, the firm’s Senior Marketing Associate. “We believe that no situation, no matter how challenging, is insurmountable if teamwork is thrown into the mix.” In a nutshell, LitPrime’s primary objective is to let the public know that its authors exist, something it accomplishes by publishing their books and engaging in various post-publishing marketing initiatives. From the moment that authors submit their manuscripts, LitPrime endeavours to provide convenience and ease in the author’s overall publishing journey by designing the book’s cover, laying out the interior, producing the illustrations (if applicable), and coordinating with its various distribution channels who could ensure optimum availability of their books to the public. LitPrime’s corporate mission doesn’t end at this juncture, however, as the company happens to be a cut above the rest of its contemporaries with the vast array of marketing services it has in store for its authors. From having authors’ books featured at the Frankfurt International Book Fair to producing bookmarks and posters that could serve as memorabilia for their fanbase, LitPrime is fully committed to covering all these grounds from start to finish. Through the years, LitPrime has had some very satisfied authors who benefit from its commitment to excellence. Among these is Baron Geisler, with his book, “Surrender: With My Hands Wide Open”, as well as the architect of the Cebu dancing inmate phenomenon, Marco Toral, with his book, “My Autobiography: Seasoned by Stress”. “We put our authors at the centre of our decision-making process and are willing to meet them halfway regardless of the nuances of their demands,” Amanda elaborates. “We motivate ourselves and bring our finest qualities to the fore at every given turn. We hold these things in the highest regard and have been adhering to them since day one. These same values will sustain us in the days to come and will elevate us more in the eyes of the public we aspire to serve.” When a certain initiative commences, LitPrime ensures that it sets proper expectations in terms of its completion date and the steps that need to be undertaken along the way. Every output it churns out is subject to the author’s approval and the company simply does not hesitate to accommodate any request for modification. “At the end of each initiative, it’s always been our time-honoured protocol to send them a fulfilment report which illustrates all the accomplishments that were fleshed out by our close partnership with them.” There is definitely one distinct corporate characteristic that sets LitPrime aside from the competition and this is its steadfast Best Book Publishing Support & Marketing Service 2022 - USA Over the years, LitPrime Solutions LLC (LitPrime) has helped countless authors publish, distribute, and market their books, putting them firmly in the driver’s seat of their publishing path and helping them every step of the way. We find out more from Amanda Urban as the firm gains recognition in the prestigious Media Innovator Awards 2022. commitment to honour the timeline of completion of any service it has promised to deliver. “Our authors pay good money to experience the fruits of our labour, and it wouldn’t aid their cause one bit if we failed to live up to our end of the bargain within the calendar we previously agreed upon,” states Amanda. “We believe that this characteristic provides us with an avenue to be both effective and efficient.” Of course, working within such a fast-paced market, it is imperative for LitPrime to remain at the forefront of emerging trends and to stay ahead of the latest developments, and Amanda tell us that of all the resources that the business entity holds, its manpower is considered to be its most valuable. “Our ultimate success begins and ends with the quality of manpower we foster within our ranks,” she enthuses. “It matters not if your computers are a bit obsolete, or if your workplace is rickety and dilapidated, for as long as your employees continue to feel appreciated and equitably rewarded, everything that your company lacks at the moment will be within your grasp sooner rather than later.” At every given opportunity, LitPrime ensures that it prioritises the happiness and wellbeing of its employees and their respective families, as many of the revolutionary ideas that propel the company forward are solicited from its employees. Its internal culture is one that does not believe in fostering an excessively regimented environment for its people. As much as possible, the firm would like its employees to genuinely feel right at home inside the office. From the exceptional training methodology to the unlimited free coffee and snacks, LitPrime always makes sure that its team’s stay at the office will be a rewarding experience for them. “Everything that the company has achieved, we owe to our employees,” she continues. “As a way of showing our gratitude for their steadfast dedication, we’ve fashioned our policies and business practices in a manner that would enable them to bring out the best version of themselves. “Instead of considering the office as a battleground that requires them to bleed regularly, we’d like our talents to consider the office as a sanctuary from all their lives’ drama and tribulations!” Each and every employee who’s been fortunate enough to be welcomed to LitPrime has been stringently screened to ensure that they’re coachable, passionate, and motivated 24/7. When hiring, the company does not look for people based on their educational attainment, physical attributes, corporate connections, or any other criteria that would prove insignificant in the grander scheme of things. “We deem it important to infuse a sense of direction by way of team huddles, one-on-one coaching, and special announcements that we periodically hold with the entire operations floor,” Amanda says. “It’s also a great advantage that we’ve regularly maintained, updated, and optimised our official website. After all, the destiny of the company will heavily rely on our ability to make all our ships sail in the same direction.”

MMe deidai aI nIn onvoavtaotro rAAwwaar dr ds s220022 2 7 With such a refreshing approach to both its clients and its dedicated team members hard at work behind the scenes, it’s no wonder that LitPrime was recently voted Best Book Publishing Support & Marketing Service 2022 – USA in the Media Innovator Awards 2022. As the future beckons, Amanda and the team look forward to supporting more authors with the tools and information needed to become successful, while letting them have all the creative control of the entire publishing process. Contact: Amanda Urban Company: LitPrime Solutions LLC Web Address:

Blue Aurora Media is a specialist company, with an award-winning track record of delivery, offering a creative and agile cost-effective approach for clients large and small. It remains committed to decarbonisation to minimise climate change and limits its work to a select portfolio of projects supervised exclusively by the company’s founder and executive producer/director. “I aim to make a difference by helping ethical organisations achieve their objectives through effective communications,” says Blue Aurora Media founder Jonathan Levy. “Powerful storytelling can create a compelling call to action by influencing audiences across multiple media touch-points. I look forward to working with more like-minded leaders to help them achieve positive outcomes that can create a better world for future generations.” Mr Levy added that he was honoured to have interviewed world leaders, policy makers, scientists, and youth activists at COP26 for global news coverage and sponsored programming: “It was a privilege to have spoken with the likes of former US Vice President Al Gore, Climate Envoy John Kerry, COP26 President Alok Sharma, UNFCCC Executive-Secretary Patricia Espinosa, First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, and many more international delegates. “Our aim is to help people and their organisations tell their stories in an accurate, authentic and engaging way which engages with, and inspires, their target audiences. It’s important that we empower rather than overwhelm people on issues like climate change through compelling insights across all the media channels and techniques available.” ‘The Waterline Live’ is available on Spotify, Apple, Google, Anchor, and many other popular podcast platforms. Company: Blue Aurora Media Contact: Jonathan Levy Email: [email protected] Website: Oct22598 Best Omnichannel Climate Change Productions 2022 Blue Aurora Media has received recognition for creating the “Best Omnichannel Climate Change Productions” in this year’s Media Innovator Awards. The company outlines its commitment to sustainability as part of its successful formula with like-minded client partners to create effective communications campaigns and multi-media reporting. Blue Aurora Media is an innovative multi-channel production company creating content for a wide range of clients ranging from international broadcasters to global brands. The company was formed in 2018 by British broadcaster Jonathan Levy after a distinguished international career. He pioneered on-demand digital broadcasting in the UK in the 1990s and has had an award-winning career in digital, broadcast and corporate consultancy across the private, public and voluntary sectors. His most successful broadcast television series reached 900 million households in 171 countries. Blue Aurora Media has developed an integrated digital omnichannel strategy to provide comprehensive audience reach across multiple formats and platforms: video, television, on-demand; audio, radio, podcasts; and digital online and social media. It quickly adapted its already agile approach to help clients pivot their operations to online and virtual engagement during the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly in international events and campaigns. In 2019 the company created ‘The Waterline Live’ podcasts to support a UK regional climate change initiative for Marketing Humber, produced from the floor of its inaugural summit. The following year this was developed further when The Waterline Summit 2020 became a fully online virtual conference and exhibition. In addition to podcasts with global experts, a virtual ‘International Webinar’ hosted 21 guests from 6 continents; this was complemented with a comprehensive digital social media distribution and engagement strategy supported by digital media resources. While the event attracted thousands of virtual delegates, the omnichannel campaign reached a cumulative global audience via social media platforms of almost a million people over the months that followed. A hybrid Summit followed in 2021 with omni-channel events and resources to continue the ‘climate conversation’ as part of the UK hosting the United Nations’ COP26 Climate Conference. A remote production centre was established in Glasgow to provide extensive coverage of the UN Conference of the Parties. Blue Aurora Media created TV and radio content distributed to a global audience; it hosted and streamed live events with its partners, and produced an extensive range of podcasts and summaries for video-on-demand and social media channels. Clients included Radio News Hub serving over 300 broadcasters across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific, The Extreme Hangout youth stage and associated podcasts, The Waterline Live series, and a 4K UHD film for the University of Hull. Blue Aurora Media practices what it preaches. It’s part of the UN’s ‘Race to Zero’ campaign through the SME Climate Hub and follows production best practice to minimise its carbon footprint. The company has reduced its impact on the environment equivalent to the carbon captured by more than 5,300 mature trees every year. The Waterline Live 2022 produced by Blue Aurora Media

Dec22407 Best Dental Marketing Agency - Europe Marketing is crucial to any business, showcasing what is on offer to anyone and everyone. For dentists in the UK, USA and Canada, advertising is essential to securing success. We take a look at the team from Connect My Marketing to uncover just some of the many secrets that have driven them to success in the Media Innovator Awards from Corporate Vision. Marketing is a unique challenge, requiring a specialist approach to guarantee success. Sometimes these skills might not be aligned with the projects that need to be done. For the team at Connect My Marketing, dentistry and the healthcare sector is one where they thrive because they care deeply about what they do, leveraging core knowledge to provide impressive insight. With a team that has over 67 combined years of dental marketing knowledge, you can be sure that when you turn to this team to advertise your services, they will provide the perfect way forward. Selling who you are and what you do is no easy task, but for this team, it is one they can achieve with ease. Drawing on 18 years of hard data, they can create campaigns that focus on the metrics you consider most important and grow your business as you see fit. The development of a strategy that will work first time is the key behind the success of Connect My Marketing. For them, the phrase “Five minutes’ planning is worth five hours work” has always held true. Knowing where you are going, and being certain that it will achieve the desired results, has allowed the firm to create marketing ideas that save clients time and money overall. As such, it’s little wonder that when a dentist partners with Connect My Marketing, the first thing they do is complete an indepth analysis of current marketing techniques. From this, they can build an understanding of the practice and where the team would like to take it next. This generates the right conditions from which a strategy can be crafted to accomplish their vision. It’s clear that gathering information, either about businesses or their potential clients, is vital to creating a stunning marketing strategy. At Connect My Marketing, the focus on data and results is something that really sets them apart. Instead of focusing on metrics that tell you very little, they prioritise information that holds both clients and marketing company accountable. This allows the team to identify parts of the overall lead generation and conversion process that needs improving. Looking ahead, a new sales portal will open up new ways for clients to measure marketing success. Having spent a long time developing a unique, but effective culture for clients, it’s of little surprise that Connect My Marketing has a positive atmosphere and vibe that create good results for customers. When a team is happy, the positivity spreads through the rest of the business. When growing the team, it’s no shock that their fit within the business is a high priority. When thinking of a team who can deliver exceptional marketing results, it’s worth turning to the Connect My Marketing team. Their efforts in the dental industry are internationally renowned, and have brought clients truly amazing success over the years. Company: Connect My Marketing Email: [email protected] Web Address: Media Innovator Awards 2022 9

In a world of constantly evolving marketing, businesses rely on those who are on the cutting edge. The Creative Agency has built a name for itself by always looking forward and building upon past successes. Recognized for their innovative approach at the 2022 Media Innovator Awards, we caught up with Jahna Eichel to learn more. The media industry is a space where creativity can lead to astounding results, and The Creative Agency understands this better than most. With a personalized approach for each client, they’ve formed long-lasting relationships that guarantee top-notch service and support. With a mindset that’s constantly evolving, the team’s achievements over the years are worth exploring. “Our goal is to be the most advanced marketing firm in the US,” Jahna says. “We offer an unmatched range of services, from high-level SEO and digital advertising to social media management and strategic PR initiatives, all designed to enhance every aspect of a client’s digital presence.” The attention to detail and care brought many to The Creative Agency, inspiring the team to continually seek new ways of working that benefit their diverse client base. “Innovation means constantly seeking out new and better ways to do things,” Jahna explains. “It means being open to new ideas and approaches and being willing to take calculated risks to drive progress and achieve success.” The Creative Agency has taken many approaches to achieve their clients’ desired results, with the courage to try new ideas being a reason so many turn to them for support. The decisions they make for clients are centered around personalized, responsive, and reliable support, building strong relationships to deliver the best possible service. The ability to push boundaries and challenge the status quo has driven The Creative Agency’s success. “By embracing unconventional ideas, an innovative agency is more likely to capture the attention and loyalty of their target audience and drive long-term success,” Jahna says. With an eye toward the future, The Creative Agency anticipates a shift towards entrepreneurship and small business ownership, presenting an opportunity for entrepreneurs to innovate and thrive. New technologies will also play a role in pushing the media industry forward. “We’ve recognized the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning in digital marketing, and we believe that these technologies will become even more critical in 2023,” Jahna says. The future is a present concern for The Creative Agency, with new ideas and bold concepts just waiting to push boundaries. We can’t wait to see what they do next. Company: The Creative Agency Name: Jahna Eichel Email: [email protected] Web Address: Dec22184 Best International Full-Stack Digital Marketing Agency - USA

Dec22082 Best Brand Protection Solutions Provider 2022 - New York A business’ brand is its lifeline. It is how they present themselves to the world. Protecting a brand is paramount, but immensely challenging in a tech-savvy world. Small businesses are more vulnerable than most, and the team at have made it their mission to protect them from brand damage. In the Media Innovator Awards 2022, the team achieved impressive success. We caught up with Will Boychuck to find out more. Scam artists are the bane of any business, and the internet age has opened new potential both for legitimate concerns and those who look to take advantage of them. Whilst large companies have their own legal departments to deal with bad actors, and might even have the resources to “write off” the losses, smaller brands can suffer exponential harm to their reputation and livelihood. When Will Boychuck founded in 2020, he did so to level the playing field for small sellers. Instead of using their own limited resources to fight data-savvy scammers, he developed a system that would do it for them. “We detect and remove unauthorized product images of small designers and artists who sell on sites like Etsy, eBay and Amazon Handmade,” Will explains. “We’ve been quite successful submitting takedown requests (at Facebook, Pinterest, Shopify, Walmart, Alibaba...) on the basis of our clients’ Intellectual Property Rights.” Over the years, Will and his team have worked with a host of clients, in a range of different scenarios. Whilst focused on representing small businesses, he has found that the technology can extend beyond the challenges of online retail sales. Various clients, for example, have approached the firm to monitor their charity sites, which had been cloned for illegal pruposes. The heart of the process is the firm’s proprietary Scam Intelligence Algorithm, affectionately known as “Scami.” “When we identify unauthorized use of our clients’ product images, we also collect several “threat indicators” that we feed into the algorithm, like the owner of that domain name, when it was registered (publicly-accessible via, and other pertinent data points,” Will says. “With all that information, we’re able to quickly identify when and where the next scam listing is likely to pop up, so we can identify it and take it down quickly, to limit the length of time consumers are exposed to it. We know the scammers use bots, and now the good guys (like us) do, too.” By playing scammers at their own game, Will and his team have transformed the lives of many who had been unjustly affected by scam artists. As long as e-commerce platforms refuse to take responsibility for authenticating sellers, however, the fraud is likely to continue. Since opening the doors of his company, Will has gone onto even more ambitious steps. “Based on client demand, is working with Intellectual Property (IP) lawyers to recover funds from counterfeiters, and shut them down permanently,” he says. “Our robust evidentiary data substantiates claims against the criminals – and deepens our commitment to support and advocate for small businesses, their families and extended communities.” In a world where technology seems to be getting away from us, showcases how to compete with scammers at their own big-data game. Bold thinking on the part of Will Boychuck and his team have created an environment where their biggest source of new revenue comes from current satisfied clients who are delighted to refer to their friends and colleagues. If innovation is about filling the gaps in a system, then has a very bright future ahead of them. Company: Name: Will Boychuck, Founder and Chief Technical Officer Email: [email protected] Please contact [email protected] with administrative concerns. Web Address: Client Case Studies: Media Innovator Awards 2022 11

Finding the right property for the short-term is never easy, but having a specialist on hand can make an enormous difference. J&B Stays are the experts who people turn to when they need to find a commercial solution to short-term accommodation. We take a closer look at the firm as they celebrate success in the Media Innovator Awards 2022. For corporate and insurance clients in and about London, the name J&B Stays is synonymous with quality. Over the last few years, the team have been proud to establish themselves as the go-to business for corporate travel when people have to come to the capital for work. In an industry where what people want is a place to rest their heads at the end of the day, this team manage to deliver exceptional results each and every time. Whilst many would consider corporate travel an individual pursuit, the success of J&B Stays actually comes from the incredible versatility of what they can offer. The team is delighted to be able to offer larger properties for families and groups that come to London. The team has also been proud to forge an impressive relationship with the NHS, housing numerous international nurses who have come to the city and need places to stay at short notice. Driving the firm forward, therefore, is a passion for what they do. Moreso than the competition, J&B Stays champions an impressive level of details that always keeps things fresh. With fresh approaches comes new ideas which can have a remarkable impact on unique ideas being implemented in the industry. Clients come back to J&B Stays time and time again, because the personal touch Dec22047 Best Short-Term Accommodation Provider - South London and the adaptability that they are able to demonstrate makes them the perfect partners. All of the properties offered to clients are of a classic, yet modern feel. You can be certain that when you stay with J&B Stays, you will have a pleasant time. For the team here, the brand that organisations around the globe choose to work with, one which is open and welcoming, that is reflected in the various properties. Looking forward, the Jason & Blandine plan to build their already impressive portfolio to new and astonishing heights. Having achieved success in the short-term accommodation sector, J&B Stays is looking into expansion. Aparthotels would be an invaluable addition to the JB experience and are almost certainly on the cards for the future,adding to the JB Stays experience on a larger scale. In all, J&B Stays represents something unique for those who need to stay in the UK’s capital. Their ability to reach such high standards is a credit to them. We can’t wait to see what they do next! Company: J&B Stays Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Nov22590 Best Boutique Video Production & Equipment Rental Company 2022 - Iceland In 2016, Viktor took on a project for a local vodka manufacturer. The manufacturer’s team wanted something to sell their product, and Viktor was happy to assist. This Blindspot’s first project had achieved more than 10 million views for the brand within a month, and thus setting the tone for the company’s success years to come. Since those humble beginnings, and impressive results, Blindspot has served clients both local and international. No matter what size the business, a commitment to top of the line personalised service is paramount to producing projects that meet specific needs. The team have focused in on commercial video advertising and promotional material for companies, organizations and individuals, but can do pretty much anything. We asked Viktor if he could explain a little about what drives him and his team to strive for such amazing solutions. “In the past I had worked on projects with other production companies and advertising agencies,” he told us, “and the whole production often felt like a moneymaking machine, lacking all personality and even joy from the people involved. In my mind, this has to be the opposite for a good business relationship. Happy customers are the best advertisement and we put a lot of effort in maintaining our “happy customer” status.” From the start of any project, therefore, it pays to explore with clients what they want from their projects. The end result is always made very clear to the client, which means that their expectations are often not only met, but exceeded. Using years of practical experience, the team are able to craft plans which help projects to run smoothly and on time, without having to overcome unexpected challenges. Key to this has been an approach which embraces innovation in all its many forms. For Viktor, innovation means understanding the landscape around you and taking advantage of the possibilities that are presented at any given time. Given the many opportunities which he has grabbed with both hands, it’s little wonder he considers understanding what is around you immensely important. To him, the local are as essential to his firm thriving as the multinationals which set the tone for the industry at large. Looking ahead, the future seems bright for Viktor and the Blindspot team. “Without giving up too much, we are very excited to say that we are working on online services for companies that can improve their inhouse content creation while saving them a lot of money.” he says with a smile. When it comes to media innovation, Viktor leads the way for commercial enterprise. Company: Blindspot Name: Viktor Aleksander Bogdanski Email: [email protected] Web Address: Commercial video production is a specialist skill, requiring a specialist approach that accounts for the demands of the customer. The team at Blindspot, led by Viktor Aleksander Bogdanski have a reputation that is second to none in the industry. In the Media Innovator Awards, the team achieved astounding success. We dig a little deeper to see how they did it. Media Innovator Awards 2022 13

Magazines might seem like a traditional way of getting media out there, but used in the right way it can be as revolutionary as any other way of working. Refurb & Restore is a leader in this unique sector, not only showcasing the best of what it has to offer, but reaching out to a mainstream audience. With success in the Media Innovator Awards 2022 behind them, we took a closer look to see precisely why. In the often-overlooked refurbishment, maintenance and renovation industry, Refurb & Restore stands apart from the competition because of the incredible reputation it has managed to build. Since the first issue flew off the shelves, the team have been proud to celebrate the efforts of many in this sector, curating content which demonstrates the breadth of restoration that goes on around the world. In such a specialist sector, it is important to present information that reflects the audience. They know the industry almost better than anyone else, and Refurb & Restore has to reflect the high standard of content that is expected, in terms of editorial and review. When people turn to the team from Refurb & Restore, they do so because they trust them to be as honest and helpful as possible. To this end, the team provide readers with the most relevant products that have entered the market, crafting informative editorial content to match. In a world where sustainability is paramount, the desire to push refurbishment of items and restoration of property has become ever more obvious. It is, by some margin, the fastest moving sector in the building and design industry. The celebration, therefore, is not just of Best Refurbishment & Renovation Magazine Platform 2022 - UK Refurb & Restore for being the vanguard of this movement, but also of the sector as a whole for expanding to this position so quickly. Since being founded by MH Media Global Ltd, the magazine team have gotten to grips with the challenges of fitting a modern, rapidly evolving sector into a traditional publishing model. In this respect, Refurb & Restore is one of the biggest innovators in our winner’s list. Never content to settle in an industry that keeps on going and keeps on changing, the team have carved out a niche for themselves that is unlike any other. Like all innovators, however, the key to success has been the commitment to quality content that draws people in and never lets them go. The continued success of the magazine is something to be celebrated, and certainly seems set to remain a core part of this sector for many years to come. Company: Refurb & Restore Name: Josh Holmes Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Best Website Developers & Design Agency - East Anglia Remotely distributed web design and development agency, LuckyTurn is headquartered in Suffolk, and its lead staff are brought together from backgrounds of high level corporate and not-for-profit, with experience working with HSBC, EasyJet, The Bank of England, Barnardo’s, and many more. “Our process is consultative at its core with insights you can only find with the experience that our team has,” explains John Baxter, the firm’s Founder and Director. “Our company values revolve around delivering work that adds value, with a high value consultative approach. This is not just a corporate view; we work on many not-for-profit sites and we add significant value to help them better position themselves to raise money and awareness, too.” To John and the dedicated team at LuckyTurn, innovation is of the utmost importance and, in this fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, it is a priority to remain ahead of the curve at all times. However, the firm is careful to only use mature, supported, and well considered technology and techniques for its clients, but also to not simply jump on the bandwagon because something is suddenly trendy. “We have to deliver future-proof and industry-leading work,” John elaborates. “Innovation to us means delivering game-changing products to our clients that deliver real world benefits to them.” Of course, game-changing products may help to distinguish the company, but focusing on a customer-centric approach helps LuckyTurn to differentiates itself from competitors in this fierce sector and the depth of quality of its work identifies it as a firm that really does place its clients first. When onboarding new customers, John tells us that senior staff will work on every project from start to finish. “Some agencies will sell the client in with their top people and then once the project is landed, pass them onto junior staff,” he states. “We make sure that our clients have the best people fully involved and engaged with their project all the way through. We have industry-leading people with industry-leading insight and experience in every area of our work. We don’t just say it, we deliver it!” With a brand image that highlights the intelligence and experience that LuckyTurn brings to all of its work, it’s clear to see that the company is adding value to what it does. And John is continuing to recruit new staff members, seeking individuals who have the ability to think of their work with a view to adding value at every stage, or indeed the ability to soak in the knowledge and experience of the rest of the team and be able to reiterate that in the future. “We consider empathy to be a strength of our team,” he enthuses. “We use it in all sectors we work with, whether that’s B2B, B2C, or not-forprofit, and we always look for this in potential hires to ensure that their viewpoint is always focused on other people’s needs first. LuckyTurn Media’s brand is delivered through its people.” It is due to the firm’s exceptional people that it was recently recognised in the Media Innovator Awards 2022 and named Best Website Developers & Design Agency - East Anglia. Now, as the future beckons, it seems that there are large projects already underway, with a heavy focus on the not-for-profit sector. Contact: John Baxter Company: LuckyTurn Media Ltd Web Address: As a highly experienced team excelling in designing and building visually fresh and modern websites and web apps, LuckyTurn Media Ltd (LuckyTurn) prides itself on its customer-first approach which has recently helped it achieve success in the Media Innovator Awards 2022. We speak to the firm’s Founder, John Baxter as he and his team celebrate this prestigious accolade. Media Innovator Awards 2022 15

Geared to making a difference, Carlton Boleyjack is no stranger to giving something back to the community. Through his non-profit initiative, Excellence in Motion Inc (Excellence in Motion), he seeks to encourage others to lend their support in order to help people achieve their own levels of excellence in their daily lives. We find out more about a forthcoming fundraiser in the wake of the organisation being recognised in the Media Innovator Awards 2022. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Excellence in Motion Inc is a non-profit social enterprise with marketing, event planning, and affordable housing initiatives to support its efforts to provide opportunity in underprivileged communities. “Excellence in Motion was founded on the ideal that all people are excellent at something,” begins Founder, Carlton Boleyjack, speaking about the rationale behind the organisation’s inception. “We seek to inspire greatness by encouraging personal excellence and exposing youth to the wonderful world of opportunities that exist around the corner and around the world.” The non-profit’s mission is to help youth of all ages achieve personal and professional excellence by facilitating innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) programmes, events, and projects. It also supports people, organisations, and community initiatives by providing free or discounted services to partner non-profits and small businesses, as well as providing educational workshops, both in person and online. Solutions minded by nature, Excellence in Motion supports community housing projects, including funding affordable housing construction, in addition to organising fundraising events, concerts, retreats, and more. After helping other organisations for years, Carlton and his daughter, Alyse are currently focusing on the trend for art combined with healthy living, and supporting the Atlanta AVAV Festival. Based in Westside Park, the City of Atlanta’s newest and largest park, the festival will showcase artists and artisans alongside traditional, vegan, and vegetarian foods in order to promote healthy lifestyle choices on Earth Day. With visual artists displaying their original artwork in a variety of mediums, and a plethora of chefs cooking up some delicious fresh dishes, along with live art demonstrations and vibrant music, AVAV Festival promises to have something for everyone. “In the spirit of healthy living, family, and community, we celebrate the Earth,” enthuses Carlton. “We invite everyone to join us to support local and international artists, crafters, chefs, and entrepreneurs. Together, we can do more than we can do alone. Let’s bring our abilities and passions together to affect real change.” Recently, Excellence in Motion was recognised for its dedication, hard work, and commitment to the cause it so loyally supports, by being recognised in the Media Innovator Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Event & Marketing Social Enterprise – Tennessee. Understandably delighted by this achievement, Carlton is excited about the bright future ahead for all of the charity’s beneficiaries. Best Event & Marketing Social Enterprise - Tennessee “I have been a manager of private and public companies. I have supervised multi-million-dollar projects and operations. I have also been a pre k-12 teacher, coach, and administrator. I hope to bring these skillsets together to provide a better future for youth, veterans, and those in need. I will continue in my mission to help youth of all ages achieve personal and professional excellence.” Contact: Carlton Boleyjack Company: Excellence in Motion Inc Web Address:

Professional Video Company of the Year 2022 - London End Frame Productions is a London-based video production company offering a full range of professional video services. The services that End Frame supplies are completely dependent on its clients’ needs. By working with a plethora of professional companies, End Frame is able to create something completely original and bespoke across all genres and backgrounds. Being an end-to-end production company, the firm can provide all the expertise needed to create a complete video. This includes creative/conceptualising, scripting, pre-production, planning, filming, animation, VFX, editing, grading, live streaming, versioning, and podcast production. Founder, James England comes from a post-production background where he has worked in every genre. He started off cutting TVCs on set, as well as creating online campaigns, which all led to his talents in commercial and branded content. “End Frame was born out of our love for the entire storytelling process and telling different stories that have never been heard before,” elaborates James. “Our passion lies in working with all types of individuals and organisations, helping them to create dynamic frameworks for their stories to be told.” End Frame truly believes that a clear narrative is key and this is how it distinguishes itself from competitors. This is something that James describes as “absolutely imperative” when it comes to the work that it does with any of its clients. As it aims to be 100% transparent to all of its clients from day one, End Frame establishes long-lasting relationships that help to translate any project idea into a pristine reality. “As we’re small and agile, there’s not a million layers between us and our clients, and we know how important it is for clients to have less of a middleman to deal with when it comes to their production needs,” James explains. “By being in touch throughout the entire process, clients have the ability to communicate both effectively and directly. We have a high retention rate for all our clients; we believe that’s because we offer outstanding service they know they can trust.” And this exceptional service that End Frame provides would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of the team who strive to ensure that the brand image is consistent throughout each and every client experience. The internal culture of End Frame is what really propels it forward in its industry. Aside from excellent communication skills, every member of the team pulls their weight by keeping up with emerging trends, something which is essential in this type of industry. Listening to podcasts, joining online forums, partaking in courses, and reading industry journals are all central to this. “We want working with us to be something you look forward to in the morning, a creative collection of minds that breeds free thinking and cool ideas,” James enthuses. “We’re all about fairness and equal opportunity to create amazing work with the client’s ethos and values in mind.” Also a key focus for End Frame is its emphasis on innovation and the ability to be innovative, something that makes it even more unique and stand out from others, from constantly adapting, to new ways of storytelling, to new platforms in which to tell those stories, to utilising new technology as it constantly evolves and adapts. Emerging trends can take form in many different ways, with a consistent push and pull of learning new things and implementing them in various ways keeping everything fresh. As James puts it, quite simply: “Innovation is at the core of everything and can influence how we work at every point.” Now, as End Frame is recognised for its fantastic work with the coveted title of Professional Video Company of the Year 2022 – London, it seems that the future for the firm and its team of creatives is looking very bright indeed. Contact: James England Company: End Frame Productions Web Address: As a video production company based in London which offers end-to-end video services, it is important for End Frame Productions (End Frame) to differentiate itself from competitors operating within the same space. Founder, James England tells us more about how innovation plays a huge part in the company’s strategy as it celebrates a win in the prestigious Media Innovator Awards 2022. Media Innovator Awards 2022 17