Media Innovator Awards 2022

Publishing company LitPrime Solutions was founded to meet the growing needs of authors to counter the insular nature of traditional publishing. The firm’s goal is to put authors in total control of the book publishing process, from the pre-writing phase to post-publication, and help them achieve success, on their terms, through the masterful marketing services that it provides. “Over the years, we have helped writers become published authors, and we’re proud to say that all of them have been very happy with our output,” explains Amanda Urban, the firm’s Senior Marketing Associate. “We believe that no situation, no matter how challenging, is insurmountable if teamwork is thrown into the mix.” In a nutshell, LitPrime’s primary objective is to let the public know that its authors exist, something it accomplishes by publishing their books and engaging in various post-publishing marketing initiatives. From the moment that authors submit their manuscripts, LitPrime endeavours to provide convenience and ease in the author’s overall publishing journey by designing the book’s cover, laying out the interior, producing the illustrations (if applicable), and coordinating with its various distribution channels who could ensure optimum availability of their books to the public. LitPrime’s corporate mission doesn’t end at this juncture, however, as the company happens to be a cut above the rest of its contemporaries with the vast array of marketing services it has in store for its authors. From having authors’ books featured at the Frankfurt International Book Fair to producing bookmarks and posters that could serve as memorabilia for their fanbase, LitPrime is fully committed to covering all these grounds from start to finish. Through the years, LitPrime has had some very satisfied authors who benefit from its commitment to excellence. Among these is Baron Geisler, with his book, “Surrender: With My Hands Wide Open”, as well as the architect of the Cebu dancing inmate phenomenon, Marco Toral, with his book, “My Autobiography: Seasoned by Stress”. “We put our authors at the centre of our decision-making process and are willing to meet them halfway regardless of the nuances of their demands,” Amanda elaborates. “We motivate ourselves and bring our finest qualities to the fore at every given turn. We hold these things in the highest regard and have been adhering to them since day one. These same values will sustain us in the days to come and will elevate us more in the eyes of the public we aspire to serve.” When a certain initiative commences, LitPrime ensures that it sets proper expectations in terms of its completion date and the steps that need to be undertaken along the way. Every output it churns out is subject to the author’s approval and the company simply does not hesitate to accommodate any request for modification. “At the end of each initiative, it’s always been our time-honoured protocol to send them a fulfilment report which illustrates all the accomplishments that were fleshed out by our close partnership with them.” There is definitely one distinct corporate characteristic that sets LitPrime aside from the competition and this is its steadfast Best Book Publishing Support & Marketing Service 2022 - USA Over the years, LitPrime Solutions LLC (LitPrime) has helped countless authors publish, distribute, and market their books, putting them firmly in the driver’s seat of their publishing path and helping them every step of the way. We find out more from Amanda Urban as the firm gains recognition in the prestigious Media Innovator Awards 2022. commitment to honour the timeline of completion of any service it has promised to deliver. “Our authors pay good money to experience the fruits of our labour, and it wouldn’t aid their cause one bit if we failed to live up to our end of the bargain within the calendar we previously agreed upon,” states Amanda. “We believe that this characteristic provides us with an avenue to be both effective and efficient.” Of course, working within such a fast-paced market, it is imperative for LitPrime to remain at the forefront of emerging trends and to stay ahead of the latest developments, and Amanda tell us that of all the resources that the business entity holds, its manpower is considered to be its most valuable. “Our ultimate success begins and ends with the quality of manpower we foster within our ranks,” she enthuses. “It matters not if your computers are a bit obsolete, or if your workplace is rickety and dilapidated, for as long as your employees continue to feel appreciated and equitably rewarded, everything that your company lacks at the moment will be within your grasp sooner rather than later.” At every given opportunity, LitPrime ensures that it prioritises the happiness and wellbeing of its employees and their respective families, as many of the revolutionary ideas that propel the company forward are solicited from its employees. Its internal culture is one that does not believe in fostering an excessively regimented environment for its people. As much as possible, the firm would like its employees to genuinely feel right at home inside the office. From the exceptional training methodology to the unlimited free coffee and snacks, LitPrime always makes sure that its team’s stay at the office will be a rewarding experience for them. “Everything that the company has achieved, we owe to our employees,” she continues. “As a way of showing our gratitude for their steadfast dedication, we’ve fashioned our policies and business practices in a manner that would enable them to bring out the best version of themselves. “Instead of considering the office as a battleground that requires them to bleed regularly, we’d like our talents to consider the office as a sanctuary from all their lives’ drama and tribulations!” Each and every employee who’s been fortunate enough to be welcomed to LitPrime has been stringently screened to ensure that they’re coachable, passionate, and motivated 24/7. When hiring, the company does not look for people based on their educational attainment, physical attributes, corporate connections, or any other criteria that would prove insignificant in the grander scheme of things. “We deem it important to infuse a sense of direction by way of team huddles, one-on-one coaching, and special announcements that we periodically hold with the entire operations floor,” Amanda says. “It’s also a great advantage that we’ve regularly maintained, updated, and optimised our official website. After all, the destiny of the company will heavily rely on our ability to make all our ships sail in the same direction.”