Corporate Vision November 2017

CORPORATE VISION / November 2017 17 Coaching at the Heart of Leadership Contact: Jan Bowen-Nielsen Email: [email protected] Company: Quiver Management Court Lodge Avening Tetbury GL8 8NY, UK Tel: 07732 786 456 Web Address: g Developing a New Leadership Style The Millennial generation is now entering a stage where they are becoming the senior leaders that we engage with through coaching, training and change consultancy. Their background, expectations and ambitions are different from previous generations. They do not want to work in organisations with a command and control leadership style, they expect a coaching style of leadership – and when they experience it they are much more engaged, productive and creative. Our work helps senior executives and organisations adapt their leadership styles, cultures and performance management approaches to get the best out of this generation and attract and retain the best talent. Quite simply, we believe that for any organisation to succeed, it needs a team that has the skills to perform at its best for the long term. Coaching provides the right platform and culture for sustained personal growth and progression, both of which benefit the participants on a personal level, and their teams, colleagues and clients too. “I have found the coaching training programme to be a key adjustment point in my career with regards to how I lead others. The Quiver Management team have really helped me embed coaching in my daily life” - Head of Business Management, Standard Life Investment.