Corporate Vision November 2017

22 CORPORATE VISION / November 2017 , Optinvent is a wearable technology company, specialised in cutting edge head worn displays and devices. Recently, we interviewed KayvanMirza to learnmore about the company’s work inmaking wearable technology which is not only useful, but also desirable beyond professional use cases. Optinvent: Thinking out of the Box for Wearable Tech Optinvent is a pioneering maker of smartglasses. The company’s latest product within the segment, is the ORA-2®, capable of supporting a multitude of professional mobile applications in remote assistance, logistics, and manufacturing environments with best in class performance, cost, and ergonomics. Kickstarting this interview, Kayvan took us through Optinvent’s vision for the B to B and B to C space for their wearable technology products and core technologies. “Optinvent’s ORA-2 smart glasses, targets professional customers which is the first market to adopt this type of product. The ORA-2 can be used on assembly lines for manufacturing, training and quality control, as well as remote assistance use cases. Remote assistance is the act of performing a task, whereby a technician wearing an ORA-2 can communicate with an expert in another location ‘remotely’ and hands free. “Information is exchanged through the ORA-2 which is equipped with a camera, see through display, sound, and a microphone. “The expert then can guide the technician through complex tasks via a ‘see what I see’ analogy. This is like video conferencing, except that the expert sees ‘through the eyes’ of the technician instead of just seeing each other. “The technician wearing the ORA-2, is equipped with a camera that transmits the video feed wirelessly via WiFi, through the network and gets instructions from the expert via sound and the display. This obviously saves time and travel since the technician and expert can be at different locations across the globe. “Remote assistance can greatly improve the reliability and speed of maintenance operations, as such it is an effective means of using novice technical staff to carry out complex tasks. “This is an emerging market which is growing, and Optinvent is a pioneer in this segment with its patented technologies and revolutionary products, which have raised the bar as best in class wearable devices in the field.” “At the heart of our products, is the patented ‘Clear-Vu’ display. Clear-Vu is a proprietary transparent retinal projection technology that is based on a thin light guide made from molded plastic. There are 11 international patents on this technology that we have developed over 10 years. Clear- Vu is the most scalable and cost-effective approach of its kind. This cutting-edge tech is based on a simple and scalable architecture designed for high volume manufacturing. However, nobody in the industry has yet been able to offer a product to enable the consumer market.” Kayvan then goes on to explain how Optinvent has been thinking differently versus the competition to address the consumer market: “Optinvent has a different vision for the mass market. We have truly been thinking out of the box. Optinvent wants to revolutionize the purely sound based mobile 1711CV05 music experience by adding vision and inventing a brand new wearable product category: The world’s first visual headphone called “ORA-X”. The mobile music experience was born with the Sony Walkman in 1979! One could argue that this was the first wearable technology. It’s time to fundamentally disrupt this 35-year-old experience.” “The ORA-X runs Android and seamlessly blends audio with a display for a brand new mobile music and entertainment experience. This new user experience combines audio and video content in one slick device using a patented AR display technology and high fidelity sound. You no longer have to look down at a small smartphone screen but rather enjoy full rich sound and video on the go with your head up. The ORA-X are cool headphones with Android smarts built in that let you enjoy music, video content, and AR. The form factor is traditional headphones with an adjustable display and camera that can be pivoted up out of the way. This headphone form factor is something that consumers are already used to wearing, rather