Corporate Vision November 2017

CORPORATE VISION / November 2017 23 Optinvent: Thinking out of the Box for Wearable Tech Name: Kayvan Mirza Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 14 E rue Pâtis Tatelin 35700 Rennes, France g than imposing something that is too strange for the mainstream (i.e. smart glasses).” Working within the wider industry, Kayvan then underlines the techniques the firm employs to stay ahead of any emerging developments. “We are constantly refining and fine tuning the company’s technology and products. It’s a never-ending cycle of continuous improvement. Also, we benchmark versus the competition frequently, but it’s not a horse race. You must stick to your plan and go as fast as you can, within the means available. “The main technique that we use is to put ourselves in the customers’ shoes and try to understand what they want. What is important to them? How will they use and interact with the product? Where are their pain points? What functionality and performance is absolutely necessary for them? What is socially acceptable to wear (it is after all about wearable tech)? You must have a thorough understing of what is expected versus what is achievable in terms of cost, performance and user experience.” Kayvan in closing, explains what the future holds, as we listen to his concluding remarks. “The future is the ORA-X! It is the next big evolution and a brand new wearable product category. We can’t wait to release this product to the market and disrupt the mobile music experience. It will be the true culmination of our company’s mission which is to bring our cutting-edge wearable technology to the masses.”