Oil and Gas Awards 2020

Mar20399 Produced Water Management Specialists of the Year 2020 - USA As technology and innovation has evolved and grown with the times, so too has the inventiveness with which people partner that technology and innovation. Utilizing modern technology, in-house industry expertise, and unconventional design, POP has remained committed to changing water management and midstream services by creating highly efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions. Comprised of a highly experienced executive team of operators and service company professionals, POP understands better than most what the customer’s midstream needs are, and how best to execute and deliver on those needs. Salt water must be managed more holistically if the industry is to deal with it more efficiently and effectively, whilst also protecting and taking great care of the environment. In just two short years, POP has been able to create a highly redundant and fully automated system that manages salt water in the holistic way that it must be. The Salt Water Intelligent Management System (SWIMS) has everything covered, and offers new ways for the industry to start looking how it recycles its produced water, rather than simply disposing of it. With turnkey designs and buildouts in any locations, POP’s experienced team can solve any water management needs with expertise and intelligence. SWIMS moves produced water hydraulically through a network of high volume, high pressure-rated pipelines that loop and cross connecting numerous high capacity salt water disposal wells. POP ensures that the level of salt water redundancy within the midstream water industry it offers has never been seen before with this state-of-the-art network of controls systems and round-the-clock monitoring. Thanks to this new and ingenious design from POP, SWIMS can also ensure that produced water is delivered at full frac rate to any point in the system. Not only does this new design drastically reduce operational expenditures, but it can also provide companies with a more environmentally responsible solution for gathering frac water in a process that is faster, safer, and more efficient than ever before. As a proven design that works in the field, SWIMS is the perfect answer from POP as to what the operator’s needs are. Dealing with water management has never been so easy as the in-house team at POP designs, programs, and maintains the system, as well as integrate it with permissions, real-time notifications, and pipeline status updates. Every operator can stay up to date with the latest knowledge and insight, and is enabled to be productive, efficient, and preventative against being uninformed. Other notable features include advanced safety controls, and a highly redundant bidirectional flow. The benefits of using SWIMS and partnering with POP are clear to see. Firstly and perhaps most crucially, operators and companies alike can minimize production loss, with no more well shut-ins due to capacity restraints, disposal well issues, or pipeline issues. Secondly, there is an increase in flow assurance, capitalizing on the highly reliable and robust design that POP has developed. By eliminating future frac ponds, SWIMS also helps to reduce operational expenditures and HSE exposure, whilst the added elimination of unnecessary service calls to locations is achieved through real-time pipeline notifications for operators and companies alike. Water management is going to become an increasingly vital part of the recycling and management industries moving forwards, especially as the world begins to look towards water as renewable energy source. Effectively managing produced water is key to this endeavour, and POP’s work with its SWIMS systems and other equally innovative solutions will be crucial in dealing with the safe and secure management of produced water. Company: Permian Oilfield Partners Contact: Sean Puryear Website: https://www.popmidstream.com/ Founded in 2018 with the goal of revolutionizing how people manage salt water in the midstream industry, Permian Oilfield Partners (POP) has made its mission to manage midstream water holistically, from salt water disposal to recycled water capable of frac on the fly. With unconventional designs, modern technology, and a resolute focus on that mission, POP continues to achieve its goal, as this latest success in the Oil & Gas Awards 2020 shows. Water management is going to become an increasingly vital part of the recycling and management industries moving forwards, especially as the world begins to look towards water as renewable energy source.

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