Oil and Gas Awards 2020

Oil & Gas Awards 2020 7 The new sub-brand and direction of the company have gained significant local support, where complimentary batches of WHO-approved hand sanitiser has been manufactured by Iron Ocean’s team and volunteers. The complimentary bottles have already been included in care packages for elderly and disabled people, as well as frontline workers; and bulk quantities of the sanitiser have been supplied to the police, firefighters, NHS, and care institutions across Scotland. It is evident that Iron Ocean is a company with one eye firmly cast towards the future, thriving where others see difficulty and refusing to accept excuses or setbacks. Simon agrees, citing: “In this new normal, you will need new thinking to become an old and long-established business”. VIRIUM will be shipped in bespoke mask-shaped bottles, in a nod to the Iron Ocean logo, with the aim to ramp up distribution in autumn as the UK slowly begins to re-enter the colder high-risk months. To stay up to date with future Iron Ocean news and developments, you can visit their website: https://www.ironocean.co.uk, or follow their social media - Instagram: @ironoceanuk, and Facebook: @ironocean.

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