Security Awards 2022

Feb22569 Best Security Guard & Patrol Services Company - Washington With partners from the military logistics office at the command level to disaster response basecamp experts, Markham Investigation and Protection currently boasts upwards of 3000 security officers throughout the continental US, as well as 15,000 other operational personnel due to its running contracts. Manned by physicians, EMT’s, paramedics, private investigators, andmore, it promises to be able to handle all manner of public and private safety concerns with discretion and effectiveness. Markham Investigation and Protection was founded in 2005 as a sole proprietorship. Nominally, its goals as a company fall under the commitment to remaining the region’s number one security services, guard patrol, and security guards provision solution, gaining notoriety right from hiring its first employees in 2009. MIP affords clients access to the best security personnel available throughout the states of Washington and Oregon both. Additionally, it achieves this goal by way of its strict hiring policies, vetting each person who it brings on board carefully and effectively, seeking out those who embody the tenants of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honour, integrity, and professionalism. After all, this attitude, paired with a proven track record for excellence is what makes the team at MIP the best of the best. Thus, its company culture is unmatched when it comes to cultivating a learning environment, each of its staff members consistently displaying a dedication to upskilling and developing their own professional acumen throughout their careers. Additionally, the company culture puts great emphasis on shared learning. The more senior members of staff at MIP are always willing and eager to share their knowledge, experienced, and hard-learned lessons with new staff members, creating an atmosphere in which asking questions is encouraged and learning is constant. With 50 years of combined experience in everything from conducting audits of existing security programs to designing physical security, developing training programs for private security, in house security shop design, and recovering billion-dollar losses of intellectual property, its investigators and consultants are another exemplary part of its business. Its licensed, bonded, and insured private investigators and security personnel can be utilised for finding assets, missing persons, supplementation of criminal records and more. Moreover, each of these services are carried out with excellence and integrity, setting itself apart from its peers with its dedication to its values. From single-site residential communities to prestigious private schools, its roster of clients trust it implicitly to remain abreast of changes in the industry. This allows it to always come through with dynamic operations on a 24/7 basis, taking great pride in the staff that make this possible, each of whom deliver a uniquely tailored service backed by the best of communications technology and adapt well alongside a changing industry. Continuing to evolve in its region of the Puget Sound region and further afield, its security personnel have proven their effectiveness at handling all manner of challenges. From natural disasters to terrorist attacks or civil disturbances, MIP has developed exemplary threat and risk mitigating processes that will manage the chaos of a dangerous situation, its thousands of trained operators on-hand at all times to oversee such things. Having pooled its resources and garnered close ties with fellow security professionals, Security Awards 2022 11 MIP promises to apply each of its solutions – including its base camp operations plan – with tenacity and diligence, hoping to show many more clients in the future the excellence that its current customers put such total faith in. Company: Markham Investigation and Protection Contact: Cory Markham Website: