Security Awards 2022

Security Awards 2022

Introducing the Security Awards Corporate Vision is delighted to announce the inaugural Security Awards 2022. With these awards, Corporate Vision will look to recognise all types of companies and individuals within the ever-growing security industry, from CCTV to those working in the domestic, industrial, and commercial areas. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor | Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Writer | Rebecca Scotland, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer | Ashley-Francis Cox, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer

Contents 4. Bokwe’s Security Services: Best Event Security Company - Western Cape 6. Blackstorm Security: Best Residential Security Company - Southeast Texas 8. Jirani Smart: Best Food Security & Sanitation Solutions Provider - Kenya 10. Vision Tactical : Most Respected Security Company – Johannesburg 11. Markham Investigation and Protection: Best Security Guard & Patrol Services Company - Washington 12. Swissguard Group: Guarding Service Innovator of the Year - Switzerland 13. Class A Fire & Security: Best Security Alarm Company - Midlands 14. SIDOS UK Ltd: Best Railway Security Consultancy - Europe 15. Timeware Ghana Limited: Best Access Control Systems Supply & Installation Company - Ghana 16. A Jolly Consulting: Best Threat Prevention & Resilience Consultancy 2022 17. Fortress Facilities Management Ltd: Most ClientFocused Manned Security Services Provider - UK 18. Optimiza Seguridad: Best Cyber Security Company - Chile 19. Dynamic Guarding & Security: Best Security ConsultancyFirm - South Africa

In addition to a decade’s experience within the safety and security environment and operations, Sivuyile Bokwe has a degree from Cape Peninsula University of Technology and he has also subcontracted to Chippa Protection Services as a transport service provider at its Transnet and Eskom sites. This all enabled him to see there was a gap needing to be filled within the industry, to which he responded by founding Bokwe’s Security Services. Bokwe’s Security Services is centred on the safety and security environment with a focus on individuals, private companies, the retail sector, NGOs, and government institutions. Its services are presented to prospective clients as a system concept, with input from stakeholders, and a final product all in line with a healthier and safer environment. Services provided by Bokwe’s Security are quality guaranteed, managed by professionals who are trained and have served for various large companies within the sector. Its team of guards are now involved in all stages of projects, including site supervision, and they are SPIRA registered and go through an in-depth background check, with continued inhouse training in order to keep up with all the latest business and criminal trends. Sivuyile commented, “We at Bokwe’s Security Services endeavour to provide our customers with the best service. An outsourced partnership makes business sense as it saves time, increases productivity and guarantees manageable budgets, giving the edge and more time to focus on core business issues. We secure your environment, utilising our expertise in minimising the disturbance on normal business activities.” At Bokwe’s Security, it is fully comprehended that, over the years, security guarding has evolved from a mere night watchman not doing very much, to sophisticated, proficiency tasks. Security guards are now expected to communicate effectively, complete detailed incident reports, and be professional, proactive and presentable at all times. Bokwe’s Security’s guards are trained, giving them the correct conflict management and communication skills, which are essential in minimising and controlling any situations that may occur. For most world-leading industrials and households, CCTV is a proactive must-have security solution, mainly because most security problems take place when no one is watching. It is also practically not possible to have physical eyes on all areas of the premises 24/7. Video surveillance services help ensure monitoring around the clock from all angles, be it on the production floor, storage areas, or entry or exit points. Bokwe’s Security’s trained CCTV security personnel can assist in determining high risk areas and location cameras, as well as determine the type of camera suitable for each location. Bokwe’s Security also provides a wide range of background screening services, creating honest, ethical and productive Best Event Security Company - Western Cape Bokwe’s Security Services is one of the leading security service providers in the Western Cape. It was formed by its Director, Sivuyile Bokwe with a vision to create value-added security services, after he spent 10 years working in Cape Town Metro Police Services. Bokwe’s Security’s guarding services are designed for all types of businesses, including those within retail, industrial, commercial, construction, events, and residential. employees in a safe, secured environment. It is important that company safeguard procedures reduce the possibility of an employee committing crime or fraud. Bokwe’s Security can confirm an employee’s identity and that they are actually qualified for the position, as well as identify any potential security risks, including threats to physical safety in the workplace and security of data the employee may handle. Employee screening is designed to spot personality traits which may be beneficial or problematic. The company is aware that it is everyone’s desire to have their properties more resistant to crime and to discourage any criminal intentions. Being one of the most important processes of ensuring a secure environment, security risk assessments are often neglected. Some of the items assessed during Bokwe’s Security’s site/risk surveys are perimeter protection – Assessing measures currently in place, vulnerable areas and possible measures to improve; Access control – Evaluating all current measures in place, assessing their effectiveness and recommending procedures to improve; Lighting – Visiting the premises at day and night to determine areas lacking sufficient lighting; Crime records – Working closely with SAPS and Metro Police to evaluate crime records in the area and kinds of threats to the premises; and CCTV, alarms and electric fencing – Reviewing current installations, taking specific care to identify weaknesses and/or necessary upgrades. However, it is for Bokwe’s Security’s outstanding events security services that Corporate Vision has recognised it within the Security

Security Awards 2022 5 Awards 2022. The company’s events security services do not only start on the day of the event; it offers pre-event security risk assessments, working closely with SAPS, Metro Police and event organisers. Preevent assessments include guard positioning, access control points, specific area access control, guest screening and CCTV requirements. Because Bokwe’s Security understands that each event has specific requirements, it is able to customise its services according to the client’s needs. All special events staff are pre-screened and carefully selected. The client will be able to choose the uniforms the guards operate in, whether corporate, casual, or high visibility to deter any potential offenders. The company can also provide portable radios, metal detectors, reflective vests, barrier tape, traffic cones, security dogs, and crowd control barriers. All to put the client’s mind at rest and guarantee a safe, secure event. Meanwhile, alongside his security business, Sivuyile Bokwe established Bokwe’s Cleaning Services five years ago. With the hiring of experienced cleaning staff and competitive pricing, the company strives for customer satisfaction. Its services include office and factory cleaning; daily contractual cleaning; cleaning at special events; bush cleaning; area cleaning and refuse collection; cleaning at schools, churches and shopping centres; window cleaning; and car wash services for corporate fleets. Ultimately, it’s easy to see that Sivuyile Bokwe, along with his teams, are highly proactive and dedicated to providing the best possible service to each client, with Sivuyile being very passionate about ensuring the protection of client properties and events. Overall an exceptional security company, it is the best of the best when it comes to hiring a team to ensure the safety of your event. Company: Bokwe’s Security Services Contact: Sivuyile Bokwe Email: [email protected] Website:

Security concerns are a priority for those living in residential areas, especially with a rising rate of crime. Securing the safety of home, property and family is now a necessity to many. With an incredible demand for these services, it’s little wonder that a company such as Blackstorm Security might achieve such tremendous success. Since 2012, they have championed quality above all else to ensure their clients feel safe and secure. When Blackstorm Security is on the case, they are able to provide solutions that are carefully designed to work for the needs of their clients. They offer affordable monitored home security solutions, aiming to prevent any crisis from occurring through extensive preparation. In the modern world, a security guard is not the only path to a safe property. State of the art equipment can play an important role too. Whether guarding a single residence or an entire residential area, this is the team to turn to in order to secure success. The team’s ability to keep you safe crosses a range of different abilities, with Blackstorm Security offering a wealth of different options to meet the needs of the individual client. The collaborative nature of this relationship means that they can have peace of mind whilst working on their day-to-day activities. Some clients prefer a visible presence, whilst others are searching for a discrete addition to the community. At the heart of the team’s business model is a focus on long-term relationships. As such, they are always looking for ways not only to improve their service, but to innovate them in order to serve their clients better than ever before. Best Residential Security Company - Southeast Texas Home is somewhere that everyone should feel safe, but the worst things can happen when you’re away. With burglaries an ever-present risk, the benefits of hiring a security firm to provide much needed backup are clear. The team at Blackstorm Security are experts in the field when it comes to addressing the various security concerns that might occur at home, or further away. Their success has brought them recognition in Corporate Vision’s Security Awards 2022, so we dig a little deeper to find out more. Those who live in apartments often share these concerns, especially as it is easier for thieves to break into spaces where multiple people enter and exit. Almost two million burglaries occur in the US each year, which is why it is important that detailed thought is put into security arrangements. Blackstorm Security specialises in guarding services in this field, meeting the requirements for both luxury residential and low-income apartments. Everyone deserves to feel safe. Alongside this residential work, the team provide vital support to hospitals, with their high-quality security services always on hand. In the highly charged situations that might arise in a hospital environment, having a specialised team on hand is invaluable. These situations require a tone which is sympathetic, yet firm, never turning what could be a crisis into a confrontation. Often the team are involved in A&Es, mental health units and as general security patrols, offering an approach which matches a medical professional’s duty of care. Care lies at the heart of how the team operates. Their approach to security puts people first at all times, finding ways of making sure that they feel secure at all times. We all deserve to feel safe where we live and where we work, and many in Texas depend on the team from Blackstorm Security. Company: Blackstorm Security Name: Shathi Govender Email: [email protected]

Security Awards 2022 7

Fundamentally, its projections of these expectations have allowed it to secure a strong reputation for being empathic, sensitive, and forthright, with affordable lending schemes that are high-quality in nature and ultimately uplift the standard of living in the regions in which it operates. Serving its customers in this way allows it to envision a better society, where everyone can afford and sustain good living standards. Whilst pushing for this, it works with the core values of integrity, customer orientation, teamwork, innovation, and timeliness in mind. Critically, this has ensured it has built a good foundation upon which the rest of its services can develop, allowing it to operate within budget and on-time for its clients at every turn, keeping them involved with every step of the process so that they have the final say in their own finances. By giving them this true sense of strength in community, it shows its clientele that there are services in the financial industry that they can put their faith in. Accurate, consistent, and reliable, its customer-above-all mindset is something shared by every member of its staff from the customerfacing front of house staff to those handling the logistics behind the scenes, all of them embodying the ethos of ‘hatukai sana’, which means ‘we act fast’ in Swahili. Therefore, its clients have responded by making it their one-stop-shop for financial needs from advice to action. Its staff are also notable for their enthusiasm and energy – something that it looks for during the hiring process – in order A private, mission-driven company with operations in Kenya and Tanzania, Jirani Smart provides ‘microcredit’ to low-income clients who don’t have the luxury of trusting in a bank. Since 2016, its non-financial and financial services have been provided for those regions deemed ‘un-bankable’ by bigger institutions and organisations, bringing a sense of community and morality back to the finance industry. Thus, helping one client at a time, it provides invaluable aid to clients who are not in an economic position to secure financial help from traditional financial institutions, aiding small business owners, farmers, and rural people to remain afloat through difficult times. Having grown exponentially in both trust and scale since its inception, it now enjoys pre-eminence as a lending company that serves micro, small, and medium sized businesses in rural regions. Best Food Security & Sanitation Solutions Provider - Kenya Bolstering the strong asset-lending culture in its region, Jirani Smart has secured itself as a leading professional in the financial sector serving a segment of the market that is oft forgotten. With so many financial stalwarts choosing high-income brackets as their clientele of choice, those who require financial help are so often left by the wayside, and it is these people who Jirani Smart wishes to provide aid to, giving them affordable loan solutions that would be impossible to achieve through traditional banks. Accurate, consistent, and reliable, its customer-above-all mindset is something shared by every member of its staff from the customer-facing front of house staff to those handling the logistics behind the scenes, all of them embodying the ethos of ‘hatukai sana’, whichmeans ‘we act fast’ in Swahili.

Security Awards 2022 9 to make sure that its customers are met by the bright and positive attitudes of people who truly want to help them. Having made itself such a front-runner in its industry and indeed in its region, Jirani Smart’s efforts have gotten it noticed by the rest of the financial sector proper. Whilst this has proven good for making connections with its peers, securing industry contacts, stakeholders, and partners, it has also brought forth an interesting predicament wherein it is seeing certain competitors trying to copy its model. This, it surmises, could damage the asset-lending culture that is deeply rooted in the country; and it hopes that over time, such competitors engage in a pivot to re-focus back onto the client. Serving as many customers as possible by way of expertise, empathy, and diligence, it has been working hard to improve the customer service that makes up its business. After all, above all else, this is what has formed the pillar of its organisation, allowing the excellence of its services to draw clients to it and letting the charismatic, friendly, sensitive attitudes of its staff do all the rest, each aspect of this being something that has cropped up in a multitude of reviews and referrals over the years. Being a pioneer of asset lending as a culture in its market, it incorporates an in-depth and highly crucial respect for such processes deep into its infrastructure, bringing this to its wider industry with pride and diligence. Therefore, as it moves forward towards the bright future that is surely ahead, it will strive to bring its clients with it, helping poor rural communities to find their feet in a changing world and giving them a helping hand towards climbing out of poverty. All a part of its dedication to cultivating better financial inclusivity for all, its unparalleled customer service and dedication promises to continue securing it more clients and further notoriety over the coming year as it expands its reach further into Kenya and the small communities therein. Nominally, whilst it does this, it will be working hard to ensure that the services it offers reflect the paradigm shifts the wider world is going through. After all, it is no good to seek to guide someone financially unless the guiding hand knows the financial market they seek to help them navigate. It shows this by keeping its finger on the pulse of the wider financial world, both in Kenya and internationally. Incorporating the latest and greatest innovations into itself as they appear, it promises to continue keeping up with the changing trends and developments of the world’s monetary and fiscal professionals, bringing the best processes and services to its clients as a direct result. This has proved critical for its micro, small, and mid-sized business owner clients, as they can get a better idea of what state their market segment is in and how best to approach them with a product or service, bettering their chances of success. Consequentially, it will be propelling itself and its clients into the future with optimism and drive, ready to help many more people in the coming year and beyond. Company: Jirani Smart Contact: Kennedy Muthama Website:

against crime. The vehicle itself is a fully fledged C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) unit, which is a greatly innovative addition to the company, and a first for the industry on a whole. Maintaining a four-star rating across both Facebook and Google Reviews, it is apparent that many of the company’s clients are pleased with the service that they have received. Leaving a fivestar review, Paul Smith comments, “Excellent service, went beyond the call for us on several occasions. More than security - a true champion for the community!” In addition, Fareed Hajat praises the company’s efficiency and speed, “A big Thank You to the team tonight, my driver’s vehicle broke down, I called the control room, within minutes a vehicle was dispatched & ensured the safety of all concerned.” Contact: Yaseen Theba Company: Vision Tactical Web Address: Feb22201 Most Respected Security Company – Johannesburg For the past eight years, Vision Tactical has been keeping Johannesburg and the wider Gauteng province safe. As the premier security firm within the area, the company has faced and acted as a first responder to numerous emergencies, including mass shootings, vehicular accidents, and crime prevention operations. Devoted, professional, and highly-skilled, are only a selection of words that suitably describe Vision Tactical – indeed, it is simply the best at what it does. Since its establishment in 2014, Vision Tactical has been tackling security concerns across Johannesburg and the surrounding areas, formulating great strides within the industry. Under the leadership of its directors – Yaseen Theba and Feroz Essay, Vision Tactical has flourished, becoming one of the fastest growing security service providers in the Gauteng province. Indeed, much of this success can be attributed to the company’s devotion to providing an excellent service across the residential, corporate, and commercial sectors. It is simple – whatever Vision Tactical is hired to do, it will carry it out with precision, care, and expertise. Across the province, Vision Tactical supplies personal and proactive protection against theft, vandalism, and a plethora of site related criminal acts. Moreover, its diverse fleet has been designed specifically to ensure that the company is equipped to deliver a multitude of services, including CCTV and surveillance monitoring. Henceforth, Vision Tactical has been gifted the opportunity to forge relationships with other companies and institutions and has built positive relationships with local and countrywide law enforcement agencies. One key example of these vital partnerships is with ER24, a private emergency medical care provider, which the company calls upon in the rare event that its client needs medical assistance. It is with this in mind that Vision Tactical’s dedication to clientcentricity takes the spotlight. The willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty is embedded within each element of the company, including within its expert team of security professionals. Each team member, prior to the commencement of their work, must undertake a rigorous induction process. During this time, the prospective member will develop skills in an array of areas, namely searching procedures, health and safety, and observation. Additionally, it is necessary for staff to be proficient in the Criminal Procedures Act 51 of 1977 as amended and report writing. The extensive training certifies the team’s ability to carry out their work successfully. Vision Tactical views the team’s efficiency as a contributor to its success – its team are knowledgeable, attentive, and personable. They understand that the customers rely on them to fulfil difficult and, oftentimes, dangerous tasks. From being first responders to mass shootings to assisting crime prevention operations, it is imperative that the team maintains a sense of transparency and honesty. Communication at the best of times is important, and therefore, in the aftermath of an emergency it becomes all the more essential. In August, Vision Tactical conceived a new addition to its fleet, calling it the ‘Mobile Command.’ Devised to actively support the fight against crime in Johannesburg, the fleet is complimented by the unique Mobile Command Centre, which has, in turn, allowed Vision Tactical’s range of units to become more efficient when fighting

Feb22569 Best Security Guard & Patrol Services Company - Washington With partners from the military logistics office at the command level to disaster response basecamp experts, Markham Investigation and Protection currently boasts upwards of 3000 security officers throughout the continental US, as well as 15,000 other operational personnel due to its running contracts. Manned by physicians, EMT’s, paramedics, private investigators, andmore, it promises to be able to handle all manner of public and private safety concerns with discretion and effectiveness. Markham Investigation and Protection was founded in 2005 as a sole proprietorship. Nominally, its goals as a company fall under the commitment to remaining the region’s number one security services, guard patrol, and security guards provision solution, gaining notoriety right from hiring its first employees in 2009. MIP affords clients access to the best security personnel available throughout the states of Washington and Oregon both. Additionally, it achieves this goal by way of its strict hiring policies, vetting each person who it brings on board carefully and effectively, seeking out those who embody the tenants of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honour, integrity, and professionalism. After all, this attitude, paired with a proven track record for excellence is what makes the team at MIP the best of the best. Thus, its company culture is unmatched when it comes to cultivating a learning environment, each of its staff members consistently displaying a dedication to upskilling and developing their own professional acumen throughout their careers. Additionally, the company culture puts great emphasis on shared learning. The more senior members of staff at MIP are always willing and eager to share their knowledge, experienced, and hard-learned lessons with new staff members, creating an atmosphere in which asking questions is encouraged and learning is constant. With 50 years of combined experience in everything from conducting audits of existing security programs to designing physical security, developing training programs for private security, in house security shop design, and recovering billion-dollar losses of intellectual property, its investigators and consultants are another exemplary part of its business. Its licensed, bonded, and insured private investigators and security personnel can be utilised for finding assets, missing persons, supplementation of criminal records and more. Moreover, each of these services are carried out with excellence and integrity, setting itself apart from its peers with its dedication to its values. From single-site residential communities to prestigious private schools, its roster of clients trust it implicitly to remain abreast of changes in the industry. This allows it to always come through with dynamic operations on a 24/7 basis, taking great pride in the staff that make this possible, each of whom deliver a uniquely tailored service backed by the best of communications technology and adapt well alongside a changing industry. Continuing to evolve in its region of the Puget Sound region and further afield, its security personnel have proven their effectiveness at handling all manner of challenges. From natural disasters to terrorist attacks or civil disturbances, MIP has developed exemplary threat and risk mitigating processes that will manage the chaos of a dangerous situation, its thousands of trained operators on-hand at all times to oversee such things. Having pooled its resources and garnered close ties with fellow security professionals, Security Awards 2022 11 MIP promises to apply each of its solutions – including its base camp operations plan – with tenacity and diligence, hoping to show many more clients in the future the excellence that its current customers put such total faith in. Company: Markham Investigation and Protection Contact: Cory Markham Website:

Established a mere six years ago, Swissguard is headquartered in Switzerland and regarded as the Guarding Service Innovator of the Year. Since its establishment, Swissguard has had its international operation grow exponentially into numerous subsidiaries and distributors throughout Europe, the USA, and the UK. While the establishment has only been on the market for six years, Swissguard has managed to achieve quick and stable success and aims to become the leader of manned guarding combined 24/7 remote security solution providers – across the UK and the globe. Moreover, depending on location, Swissguard’s security guarding solution combined with artificial intelligence can cut approximately 40 to 60% of a client’s annual security budget – a tremendous option for those looking to safeguard their properties without sacrificing quality but cutting costs at the same time. Swissguard was founded with the promising goal of revolutionising the classic on-site guardian protection model. Instead, thanks to loyal clientele who entrust their properties to the Swissguard firm, it has seen continued growth that is snowballing exponentially. At Swissguard, team members are immensely proud of the company’s Swiss roots and are dedicated and passionate about delivering highquality services – unparalleled in the industry. In modern society, global geopolitical and economic issues significantly impact the security industry. As a result, the security threats and concerns have increased yearly with industrial spending. Arpad Rozgonyi, COO, expands on this situation, stating, “The cost of the security has been increasing while customers have continuous budget shortages. It drives to margin shrinking at the security industry players. The most expensive security solution has been the on-site manned guarding. The management of the physical guards as human resource has been the one of the most demanding issues in the security industry. Our guarding service is a perfect complementary or even substitute solution to on-site manned guarding for a fraction of the cost. Do not burn money unnecessarily, switch to Swissguard!” In addition to this, another challenge faces the industry, most recently being the technological developments – more specifically, those related to artificial intelligence. Arpad adds to this, stating, “Despite the significant evolution of the artificial intelligence, the reassuring replacement of the human intelligence by artificial intelligence is still far. On the other hand, security industrial players are using the combination of human intelligence and technology in an increasing extent. We at Swissguard aim to take a leading role in combining human and artificial intelligence in our service offerings and to provide the best security solutions to our clients and partners. We are not only providing security services to our private as well as commercial customers but taking care of their lifes, heath and valuables “ “As far as our service is concerned, we provide so-called off-site guarding services, which sounds unusual in the security world. We have guards watching the actual site or object via cameras, leaving no blind spots or unattended areas. They continuously watch the live feeds. We do not need for alarm system attached to the camera or alarm triggering since our guys watch the live feeds. Our off-site guards monitor up to 32 live feeds for 45 mins each and then rotate as per their rota. This means another guard takes over before the previous guard leaves their position. This way, every guard gets to recover, rest their eyes well enough before resuming their shifts,” states Arpad. Swissguard is continually focused on providing exceptional services and solutions regarding the company’s future in the industry. “Clients may have the best devices, but if there are no proper services attached, the asset investments may be a waste of money,” adds Arpad. For now, Swissguard is focusing its efforts to boost business in international markets while strengthening its positing in the industry. In 2022, the company continues its ambitious journey to further expand on the US market along with its increasing penetration within the UK one. Recognised as Guarding Service Innovator of the Year, Arpad and Swissguard are gradually reinventing the security market – making it better, safer, and efficient than ever before. Company: Swissguard Group Name: Mr. Arpad Rozgonyi – Group COO Email: [email protected] Web Address: / Mar22104 Guarding Service Innovator of the Year - Switzerland

Mar22597 Best Security Alarm Company - Midlands Established nearly four decades ago, Class A Alarms Ltd (now Class A Fire & Security Ltd) has increasingly risen amongst the ranks in the industry and has been accredited as being the Midlands Best Security Alarm Company. Leading in fire and security alarms, Class A offers its comprehensive services throughout six counties such as Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire, and South Yorkshire. Inevitable with its success, Class A has been maintaining and exceeding personal, professional and industry expectations for 35 years, with satisfied clients ranging in the thousands, spread over domestic and commercial sectors. Overall, the company’s fundamental goal is to deliver caring, prompt and effective service that, combined with its unique and expert experience and high-quality workmanship, can give clients exceptional value for money. Approved under the NSI Gold Scheme, Class A is a perfect example of the ‘gold standard.’ It provides to its clients across the nation, concerning the design, installation and maintenance of electronic security systems, including Intruder Alarms, CCTV and door access control systems, in agreement with BSEN ISO 9001:2015 and the NSI Quality Schedule SSQS 101. Due to its exceptional skills and irreplaceable expertise, the company’s clients can be sure that any security requirements will be dealt with with exceptional professional standards, and installations will be done with care and proper consideration. Expanding on the level of standard the company upholds, Managing Director Joe Gurnett states, “Our company focuses on core values. We are caring, committed, considerate, dependable, disciplined, efficient, exceptional, sincere and trustworthy. Overall, our goal is to provide the highest quality fire and security installations and maintain them, adhering to industry standards while providing outstanding customer service and support all year round.” Founded on an everlasting principle of core values, the company can dedicate its time and care to customers, ensuring that they are treated in the same way – equally and up to the greatest standard, receiving the same high level of service. “The core values have remained unchanged since my dad began the company in 1983,” adds Joe. Moreover, to ensure clients receive the best service possible, Class A sales staff regularly attend several exhibitions and seminars throughout the year and constantly contact supplier reps to ensure everything is as up to date as possible from skills, products and service. Expanding on the excellence of its staff, Joe adds to the dynamic of the workplace and the qualities of potential staff members, stating, “My staff are the key to making my company successful. They all have their own part to play in helping to keep the customers as happy as they can be. The biggest factors I look for when recruiting is enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and loyalty. These are values that I can’t teach, and they have to be natural. Moreover, I would like to think that Class A is a great place to work. Our work-life balance is good, and all the staff work well with each other. Teamwork makes the dream work.” Essentially, the company’s priority is its distinct commitment to its values and the defining principles that form the foundation of its business. As mentioned previously, Joe expands on the values of the company and its role in the workplace, stating, “We believe in being considerate and caring, dependable and trustworthy. We also believe in being extremely well-disciplined and providing exceptional work and support. Additionally, we promise to provide robust, technically sound security and fire installations that you can rely on fully to keep you, your family, and your property safe. We back that up with 24-hour support, 365 days of the year.” However, like any successful business encounter, there have been some challenges throughout Class A’s journey within the industry. The most difficult aspect of business for the company has been in recruiting highly skilled engineers. “I would love to employ more apprentices, but unfortunately, there are very limited training academies in the midlands for 16- and 17-year-olds to attend. So one day, I would like to set up my own academy. Not just for my engineers but for other company engineers too,” adds Joe. Concerning the future of Class A, the business has just recently expanded its services, moving into fire installation and maintenance as of 2020. Now, the company is planning to add additional services such as emergency lighting and fire extinguisher maintenance – growing with the modernity of the industry and increasing its reach and reputation. Class A has opened a second brand in Nottingham as of the new year, offering a more local service to those in the area. With several expansions underway, Class A is truly showcasing its devotion, passion and unparalleled expertise, honouring its brand as recipients of The Corporate Vision Award for Best Security Alarm Company in the Midlands Company Name: Class A Fire & Security Contact Name: Joe Gurnett Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Security Awards 2022 13

event review service of the appropriateness of physical security measures in place at the time. Contact: Chris Stevens Company: SIDOS UK Ltd Web Address: Email: [email protected] SIDOS UK Ltd is a leading security consultancy firm that provides security solutions to a range of clients, including rail transport and architectural practices. The company boasts a diverse and highly qualified team, a wealth of knowledge, and decades of experience. In essence, for a premium security consultancy experience, SIDOS UK Ltd is the clear choice. SIDOS UK Ltd is a full-service security firm that offers its services to a multitude of clients across an array of industries. Skilled in a range of specialisms, including combatting threats of terrorism, crime, and antisocial behaviour. Through proficiency, SIDOS endeavours to reduce security vulnerability whilst always ensuring that the overall impact is minimised in the event of an incident. Be it working with architects to integrate security into designs or employing recruits who have been trained at the UK Home Office Centre of Excellence, SIDOS provides a premium security service. Indeed, SIDOS pushes for constant development to cultivate quality. Innovation is the driving force behind the company; its solutions are advanced and have quickly spread as a cause for inspiration throughout the industry. Using an approach now adopted by many, but not all, SIDOS recommendations for security measures always follow the mnemonic JASPAR Justifiable, Achievable, Sustainable, Practical, Affordable, and Reasonable. Consequently, SIDOS has become a specialist within its field, carving a name as a leading security consultancy – especially within the rail transport industry. The company focuses significantly on continued professional development as it is this that allows SIDOS to remain up to date with an ever-changing industry. Moreover, SIDOS benefits from an abundance of knowledge developed over the years, spanning decades of practical experience working in different circumstances. Of course, this then creates a foundation upon which SIDOS can provide informed solutions to its clientele to reduce risk. Furthermore, SIDOS benefits from a highly professional team. Operating as a micro company that performs above its size, SIDOS has built a workforce that strives to supply the highest level of consultancy regardless of the project scale. The team, whose key members boast high-level qualifications and training, thrives upon effective communication, teamwork, and passion. In essence, each member of the team wants to make a difference. In an industry that has transitioned towards prioritising profits rather than clients, this creates a clear divide between SIDOS and the broader security market. Organisations and companies typically take a checklist or generic approach to security recommendations, which often results in solutions being unrealistic and disproportionate to the actual threat. In addition, it is almost effortless for persons to enter the industry, as the checks are minimal, and association membership is easily obtained through the completion of an application form. SIDOS are different. It prides itself on maintaining a highly educated, skilled, and qualified team. The company formulates solutions that guarantee efficacy, taking into consideration scale and the clients’ requirements. Consequently, SIDOS has numerous plans for development in 2022. The company intends honing in its focus upon two key areas – suicide prevention and victims of terrorist incidents. SIDOS has developed an understanding of the impact of suicide and has therefore decided to actively engage in raising the need to consider this risk more during the design of buildings and sites. Additionally, SIDOS has come to a decision that terrorist attack victims are often overlooked and are now offering an expert witness and postMar22780 Best Railway Security Consultancy - Europe

Mar22487 Best Access Control Systems Supply & Installation Company - Ghana A Ghanaian company that both supplies and installs various control systems, Timeware Ghana Limited has made itself one of the most trusted technological solution providers for its region. Fundamentally, its offerings span time and attendance, as well as access control, personnel and asset tracking, document tracking, key tracking, vehicle tracking, CCTV, biometric identification, and data collection systems across a few different data pools and scales. Each of these services have become renowned for a certain quality that is utterly unmatched in the region. Timeware has thus established itself as the number one provider of real time tracking solutions in Ghana. Timeware, alongside the partners it has accrued over the course of its operation, understands the problems faced by large organisations when it comes to data tracking, and the management of various logistical processes. It understands the wide array of different elements that one must consider when running such a large-scale business. Therefore, it delivers the utmost efficiency, enhanced resource utilisation, and complete visibility, helping its clients to achieve a comprehensive view of their businesses. Its current clients – those already benefitting from this – help it to expand its business further through word-of-mouth referral and glowing written review, each of which helps Timeware gain more recognition as the leading authority on automated authentication and tracking in Ghana and the sub-region. Moreover, with the concepts of automated authentication, people tracking, document tracking, and tangible object location in mind, it continually demonstrates its holistic understanding of its field’s most complex concepts from top to bottom. This, nominally, ensures it can identify and deliver world-class automated authentication. Exceeding the expectations of its clients at every turn, it ensures that the growth it achieves is both sustainable and optimal for itself and its clients, resulting in mutually beneficial relationships that create value for customers, employees, and shareholders alike. This is all part of its mission to supply, install, and innovate, with integrated solutions that are delivered by its empathic, charismatic, and knowledgeable staff, each of whom are pillars of great customer service etiquette. Timeware, moving forward towards a bright future, looks forward to continuing to ply this trade, hoping to bring many more clients on board for the imminent technological revolution. Company: Timeware Ghana Limited Contact: Samuel Atakorah Website: As Ghana’s leading expert in products and services from employee tracking to access control, Timeware Ghana Limited helps the region’s largest andmost influential companies to handle their human capital with ease and sophistication. Taking the bloatware out of any process and ensuring that its biometric data collection is amongst the best of the best, it enables the thoroughmanagement of a number of different variables, allowing companies to handle their internal processes quickly and with vastly reduced error. Security Awards 2022 15

Threats to organisations are changing constantly, with the global environment in perpetual flux. This has forced companies to be nimbler in how they move, but this brings its own challenge. Adrian Jolly of A Jolly Consulting Ltd has led his team to success by guiding their clients through this complicated world of compliance and fraud. Their success in Corporate Vision’s Security Awards 2022 is well earned, so we took a closer look to discover more. When it comes to finding internal and external threats, the challenge is keeping up with the innovations that cybercriminals are developing every day. To accurately identify and manage these threats requires the skill of experts in the industry, teams that are committed to holding themselves to the mark. A Jolly Consulting has made its name in the field of security, breaking down complex areas such as Fraud, Compliance, Cyber, Risk, Resilience and GDPR into a more manageable form for business. Doing so involved exploring the specific requirements for each industry, then identifying the solutions and implementing programs that will meet the regulations of the industry as well as managing the risk for the organisation. No two businesses are the same, and so the team’s solutions are always unique. Standing at the forefront of threat prevention is no easy task, and involved a great deal of investment from the team in what the challenges of tomorrow will be. The team are constantly talking to leading resilience software providers to discover what difficulties are on the horizon and explore ways of protecting clients from any negative impact. The team’s skillset covers a range of different disciplines, including, but not limited to, fraud, cyber security, data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery. This breadth of skill not only reflects the varied demands of customers, but the awareness of the team that companies need comprehensive support. A Jolly Consulting is made of a team which includes a former director of Eco Risk at Visa, former card scheme compliance officers and those that have worked for renowned organisations both in the UK and on an international stage. These team members are the beating heart of the company, with an approach that prioritises honesty and transparency. The growth in challenges when it comes to guaranteeing a safe place for people to work has generated a great deal of work for the team at A Jolly Consulting. The growth of this impressive firm, however, has not been driven artificially. The decision to rely on organic expansion has paid dividends, allowing the team to continue offering the same impressive standard of service to current and new clients. In the future, the team are looking to explore ways of expanding into many more industry types which will hopefully inspire more companies to turn to the team for support. The world of security is one which may seem uncertain to many, because it brings new challenges to the table which cannot be anticipated. By working with experts like those at A Jolly Consulting, it’s possible to ensure that businesses remain at the forefront of thought leadership. This puts them in a far stronger position from the various challenges that are likely to present themselves over the next few years. Company: A Jolly Consulting Name: Adrian Jolly Email: [email protected] Web Address: Mar22363 Best Threat Prevention & Resilience Consultancy 2022

Feb22100 Most Client-Focused Manned Security Services Provider - UK Providing innovative and trustworthy security services is Fortress Facilities Management Ltd.’s speciality. Indeed, the company is devoted to supplying its clients with a service that is highly professional, reliable, and cost-effective. The security company endeavours to provide a solution for every budget, as it truly prioritises its clients’ needs and requirements. Further, Fortress FM understands the value of keeping its customers’ premises, whether business or personal, safe – thanks to its expertise, it is equipped to provide effective and sustainable solutions. The company has numerous security options available, ranging from manpower to the instillation of security technology, such as CCTV and alarm systems. Of course, Fortress FM is perhaps best known for its security guard service, in which it provides highly-skilled guards to the retail, corporate, industrial, hospitality, and construction sectors. The company also offers a specialist security service. Better known as personal security, specialist security involves the protection of a person or their assets – this is Fortress FM’s strongest area. Through completely deconstructing the client’s wants beforehand, Fortress FM garners a solid awareness as to what the client’s situation is. As no two clients are the same, this step is vital to the company’s process. From security consultations to residential checks, and car checks to GPS tracking, Fortress FM supplies a full-service that ensures that its customer’s do not feel insecure at any point. Consequently, the company works around the clock, creating a premium security experience. Client-centricity is at the core of Fortress FM’s ethos – the company hopes to consistently exceed its clients’ expectations. It promises to handle everything once its help has been enlisted, from arranging guards, to providing security services, and fulfilling its clients’ demands. Henceforth, its services are entirely bespoke. Fortress FM is affordable, devoted, and passionate – it comments, ‘we do not wish to burden our dedicated clients with excessive charges, so we charge what is suitable for them.’ As such, Fortress FM has received numerous positive reviews and testimonials. ‘I’d just like to commend Fortress Facilities Management Ltd. as a whole,’ one customer writes. ‘Fortress has provided immense support during the pandemic situation. This has been the best we could have hoped for. The way the management team have dealt with and are dealing with requests at short notice is seamless. We appreciate all efforts, your proactive response, and actions to assist in our operations.’ It is abundantly clear that Fortress FM is a premium security service – one that focuses on quality. The company excels in a plethora of areas, from client care to the standard of work. Therefore, the title of Most ClientFocused Manned Security Services Provider – UK is incredibly fitting. Contact: Dr Muhammad Waheed Company: Fortress Facilities Management Ltd. Web Address: Good security services are hard to come by – services that are attentive, proactive, and devoted – it’s rare for a company to boast each of these traits. However, Fortress Facilities Management Ltd. is a rarity, it has these elements andmuchmore. Providing security services to both businesses and individuals, the company never fails to create quality solutions. Security Awards 2022 17