Corporate Vision September 2017

30 CORPORATE VISION / September 2017 , The Search for Your Affordable DreamHome Has Come to an End VIPHomes provides homes withmany unique floorplans and the ability to enable clients to customize the layout they have always wanted. People’s home will be unique to their tastes and styles. From luxurious finishes to wheelchair accessible areas, the firm’s ability to adapt a client’s home to their needs will make this the last home they will ever buy. We spoke to Evelyn Petersen, to discuss her firm’s winning of the Large Cap Elite Awards - 2017 Large Cap CEO of the Year and discuss more about the company. VIP offers a variety of products and services, quality construction, energy efficiency, and design flexibility which makes VIP homes Arizona’s premiere semi-custom builder. Evelyn starts out by telling us how it feels to win this award within her jurisdiction, attributing the hard work of her firm and the feedback it receives from clients, allowing staff and Evelyn to improve their work. “Firstly, it is a great honor to win this award. Most of all, we appreciate the feedback that lets us know we are on the right track with our mission and company goals. We are striving daily to be one of the top builders in Arizona and for the last 28 years, our hard work and never quit attitude has served us well. VIP was one of a handful out of hundreds of midsized builders who made it through the most difficult market drops in nearly a century of track-able Real Estate history and came out on top with excellent credit and no foreclosed property or bankruptcies.” Part of being a successful company is ensuring that customers and clients receive the best possible service and that the outcome of the project satisfies both the company and the client. Evelyn tells us how VIP approaches new projects, highlighting the fact that they try to align their goals with those of their client. “When undertaking new projects, VIP prefers to get involved with our clients and projects as early as possible to ensure we are aligned with a common vision and common goal. Our necessary pre- construction meetings combined with getting to know our customer on a personal level allows us to manage expectations and costs at the onset of construction. This ensures a smooth project from start to finish and a very satisfied, happy customer.” Regarding how the company reaches goals, Evelyn sets out the firm’s overall mission, listing what steps the team and their staff take in order to reach their goals. Looking to provide superior buildings, the firm takes great pleasure in being part of the community and providing it with quality homes. “Fundamentally, our mission is to provide the Phoenix market with superior buildings on a residential as well as a commercial level. We are community minded and take great satisfaction from our ability to furnish many dozens of small business owners and hundreds of laborers a means of utilizing their 1707CV14 skills in an industry they also take pride in. “Providing great customer service, we are able to continue to accomplish this goal because we excel at guiding our customers through the building process in an accurate and fair manner, while nurturing each relationship with the many people we are working for and with. Our experience has shown that with few exceptions each project results in a repeat client or referral. Our attention to detail and extensive experience when designing and building a custom home or large commercial building allows us to rely on our customer’s reviews, and keeps us listed as a top builder in Arizona.” Successful business comes from attracting the best clients. To do this, the firm must make itself the best possible option for clients, distinguishing itself from its