Corporate Vision September 2017

CORPORATE VISION / September 2017 31 competitors. The firm builds with the climate in mind, and provides their customers with lower energy bills, and comfortable homes as an end-product. “Included options in our custom homes are typically considered an upgrade for our competitors. This value is recognized and appreciated by our customers and even though they can continue to upgrade, it’s not necessary to achieve quality in every aspect of the construction. In addition, our buildings are constructed with Arizona’s climate in mind. Every home we build as well as multifamily projects under our ownership are designed and constructed to exceed local energy code criteria by 50%. This provides our customers with lower energy bills, a more comfortable home and an end-product that is good for the environment. Our attention to detail and built- in quality control procedures guarantees an efficient and beautiful home every time. With our in-house design team, drafting team, lending department, and sales teams all under one roof, we can take our customers vision from start to finish. The customizing of a large project is a relatively seamless and simple experience for our customers.” Working within the industry, Evelyn explains what techniques are employed to stay ahead of any emerging developments. Thanks to its high-Energy star rating, Evelyn tells us that the company is continually updated by the power industry, which keeps them abreast of the latest products and procedures. “Always looking to learn, VIP is never satisfied with past performance if it can be improved upon. With so many of the aspects of development, design, lending, construction, and sales under our roof, we enjoy volume discounts from most venders and are able to keep constant communication with our clients as the process moves forward. We attend trade shows and training seminars to keep our attention on market trends which helps us stay abreast of new trends and implement the latest design, methods and technology that keep us fresh and aware of the public’s expectations.” Regarding the internal culture in the company, Evelyn comments on what she does to ensure all staff are equipped to provide Companies: VIP Homes and VIP Commercial Builders AZ Contact: Evelyn Petersen Contact Email: [email protected] Contact Email: evelyn@vipcom- Address: 3048 E. Baseline Rd, Suite #102 Mesa, Arizona 85204, USA Phone: 001 480-892-1654 Website: The Search for Your Affordable Dream Home Has Come to an End g clients with the best possible service. Noting the family atmosphere and friendly working environment, the company also employs a stringent hiring structure, recruiting the very best employees and making sure they are the right fit for the company. “VIP ownership has always strived to create a family type of atmosphere in our building environment. VIP strives to hire the very best employees and quickly evaluates their ability to blend into the co-operative and trusting relationships we have already built. Most of our staff have been here for 10 years with a large number nearing 20 or more years. We would like to have this be a work home for the best in the business that truly love their job and wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. This commitment to a common cause and loyalty to the company is exhibited in what the company produces. Keeping a friendly, productive work environment has proven to be essential in having a very low turnover and keeping productivity high. All of our employees understand that they must adhere to company policies on a daily basis. We quote a part of our Mission Statement: • Deal honestly with all parties • Promise only what they can deliver • Only promise what they are authorized to promise • Hold self and others accountable • Only enter into agreements that benefit both parties – never hurt anyone • Prioritize warranty issues and complete them to the customer’s satisfaction promptly • Be courteous at all times • Accept responsibility for our actions and if something goes wrong, make it right” Looking ahead, Evelyn predicts what the future holds for the firm. She tells us about VIP’s future plans, looking to grow and expand into new markets. The company is well placed to build on its current success as Evelyn points out, particularly with VIP’s ‘Build on your own land’ option. VIP is constantly growing and expanding into new markets. We currently have homes and subdivisions in; Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Buckeye, Queen Creek, and Scottsdale. We also build custom homes on customer owned lots. Our “Build on your own Land” option has become very popular and allows us to build a custom home anywhere.