Small Business Awards 2019

, Oct19370 Kanion Group Company Ltd Best Air Conditioning Equipment Supplier 2019 - China When it comes to keeping cool, it’s essential to find the best of the best. In China, the clear first choice in the Kanion Group of Companies, with their exceptional options to suit any situation or circumstances. We profiled this company to find out more about their award-winning work. Based out of South China, the Kanion Group is a specialised, high-tech enterprise focused on the field of home appliances. The aim of the company is to produce high quality products with cutting- edge technology in the production line. The company makes all sorts of air conditioning unit, from window to portable to wall split, each adapted to match the stringent regulations set by different countries. This approach allows Kanion products to be a global range, adapting its products to a country’s specific circumstances. The global nature of Kanion’s products requires a special sort of approach to business. Not only does their superb service team operate 24/7, to reflect the needs of their clients no matter where or when in the world they are, but a great deal of research is done into matching legal requirements and needs. This means that the company have gained useful and in-depth knowledge on the different markets that they deal in. With a department focused on communication and marketing, Kanion can offer clients guidance and wisdom in penetrating specific markets and establishing a presence. This gives Kanion a huge advantage over other companies as it can offer clients more than just a new product. The market analysis team gathers all the information needed to keep Kanion at the top of the international stage, covering every aspect of the marketing machine from new technological advances to the release of the final product. With the market analysis team’s eye on technological advances, it’s no surprise that this too forms the baseline of Kanion’s success in the marketplace. Being thoroughly engaged in the sector, Kanion is a company that has always adopted new things, no matter how costly it appears to be in the beginning. This business savvy has allowed Kanion to be at the forefront of technological thinking, and able to offer the best solutions when the right time comes. Assisted by their established R&D department – run in cooperation with other players in the field – Kanion does not follow the direction of the rest of the industry but takes steps forward whenever possible. This sharing of research reflects the internal culture of the company as a whole. By gathering information and distributing it effectively, success or serendipity, failure or fault, the company can learn from these experiences and grow together. While environmental issues have become more prominent to consumers again, Kanion have already begun the process of refocusing their processes on environmental requirements. Happily exceeding the basic requirements of environmental legislation and aiming for the top end of these regulations, Kanion employ third-party organisations to ensure that their products are as efficient, high-quality and environmentally friendly as possible. This is done to the point of discontinuing products that, while successful, are technologically out of date. For Kanion, the focus is always on looking forward at what will be coming next, not what was successful before. It can be of no surprise that Kanion have earned this award. It is a testament to their forward thinking, their marketing prowess and their technological know-how. As a producer of air-conditioning units, there is none finer, and we are sure that Kanion will use its considerable research and eye to the future to ensure that it remain the best in the business. Contact: Ken Fung Contact number: +86 137 6044 7912 Email: [email protected] Web Address: