Small Business Awards 2019

34 Corporate Vision - Small Business Awards 2019 , Reciprocity ROI: With roots in theMarine Corps, it’s no wonder that this successful consultancy firmdelivers exceptional service to all its clients. The lean-but-keen teamat Reciprocity ROI provide a well- designed and innovative approach to ensuring that every aspect of a business is operating at maximum efficiency. We took a closer look at their award-winning success to see what we could glean from their exciting approach to business. Reciprocity ROI: Best Management Consultancy Firm - Minnesota seeing enough revenue, Reciprocity can build on that revenue, executing a marketing strategy. Running the sales and marketing efforts of a business allows companies to focus on providing their best possible core services. This is crucial to business success, especially in a competitive industry like technology. Companies not only need to create an innovative product, it must be better than the market alternative. Always keeping at the forefront of the industry, Reciprocity has participated in a number of panels alongside high-profile organizations like the FBI and Fortune 500 companies like Land O’ Lakes. This builds on the belief that the best experts are constantly educating, with team members required to pursue education or PR opportunities like panels and podcasts. It helps to expand an already considerable network and praises the company’s profile. The continuous innovation that sets Reciprocity apart from the rest is only possible thanks to continuous learning followed by continuous application. A great help to businesses is the incredibly lean nature of Reciprocity, allowing for low overheads and cost-competitive revenue solutions in very short periods of time. All vemployees are expected to participate like leaders taking full responsibility for any action or inaction. Ensuring that the staff at Reci- procity are equipped with all the necessary There’s a lot in a name, and Reciprocity ROI makes it incredibly clear to potential clients what they consider important. Without reciprocity, relationships cannot exist. Without a return on investment, a business cannot survive. This belief drives every decision at Reciprocity. Since 2016, this technology firm has specialized in creating and executing revenue generation, operational efficiencies and product development and strategy. For this talented team who advise numerous businesses, the necessity and value of strong and effective partnerships cannot be overstated. At Reciprocity, the first step with any new client is to understand intimately the business they are managing. While dedicated to generating revenue, this can only be done if the basis of the business is fit-for-purpose. Focusing on the areas of technology, sales, finance and administrative affairs, the Reciprocity team can quickly get up to speed with where a business really is strategically and operationally. Once this has been done, Reciprocity can begin its work in earnest, setting expectations and mapping out recommendations to meet them. Working across the tech industry has given Reciprocity a tremendous amount of experience growing concept businesses, some going from zero revenues to running at a profit within a month of engagement. Once skills to achieve at the highest level is also critical to this business’ success. Currently, Reciprocity is a partner company with two other divisional firms. When operating alongside these firms – the Valerity Group and Cugini Engineering – clients are able to access a full-suite of technical services in software engineering, cyber security, systems integra- tions and product hardware. In the future, the firm intends to expand geographically, already building relationships in Europe, Mexico, Canada and Western USA. Built on good business practice and strong relationships, it’s not surprising that Reciprocity has been able to craft such a successful corner in the market of business management consultancy. Offering strong relationships, bespoke advice and a complete service to clients when combined with partner companies, there’s clearly more than one reason to employ the services of Reciprocity. Contact: Paul Claxton Company: Reciprocity ROI Web Address: Telephone: 0017633074269