Small Business Awards 2020

Butin PR is a hardworking and successful PR agency that have made an incredible difference to the business of their clients. Focussing on providing a “big agency” service to brands of all sizes, their determination and success continues to impress. Butin PR is a mid-sized PR digital and communications agency that specialise in three key industries; food and beverage, travel and leisure, lifestyle and technology. Their goal is to help their clients “Be Remarkable.” For the past 15 years, the agency has been doing business with uncompromising integrity and excellence. The team at Butin PR is a group of creative, entrepreneurial thinkers that value excellence, service and hard work. They do whatever it takes to make sure their clients’ stories are heard. The team’s belief in the power of positivity and the way they genuinely enjoy helping others are core to the agency’s success. The strategies they employ are flexible and allow for quick pivots when necessary. Furthermore, each and every client that they work with is treated as a unique individual, as each brand has its own personality. Butin PR tailor their strategies to align with each clients’ individual vision and goals. The agency makes the best use of modern PR services, including earned media relations, influencer marketing, social media marketing, online community management, crisis communications, internal communications and strategic communications planning. Butin PR’s service is rooted in big agency tenets, but their culture is grounded in people. The company is results-driven, striving to be better, not bigger. As such, they consistently deliver award- winning work and push the limits of success. Because of this, Butin PR represent a limited number of accounts. Kelly Marolt of Butin PR explained, “we’re at our best when we act as members of our clients’ internal teams. We like to think that our unique approach is working, since 100% of our existing business is referral- based. As a privately held, family-owned business, client relationships are our top priority. Currently, Butin PR’s client roster includes 17 retainer clients with an average client tenure of 5.2 years.” Truly, Butin PR’s success comes from providing Big Agency thinking to brands of all sizes, giving even the smallest of companies marketing boosts that rival their largest competitors. Their goal is the success of their clients and prioritising long-term success over short-term profits. One client said that “Butin PR isn’t made up of showhorses, they’re workhorses.” Best Public Relations Agency - South Atlantic USA Sep20290 During the current health crisis, Butin PR have sought to add as much value to their services as possible. Another client described their efforts as a “much-needed bright light in a dark time.” Kelly added: “We consider ourselves to be an agency that is built on relationships, honesty and excellence. Our choice to only service a limited number of accounts comes from our desire to maintain the highest levels of customer service across the agency. “Additionally, we also aim to provide the best industry compensation, benefits and perks to our associates, because we want our team to Be Remarkable, as well. Some of our most notable employee initiatives include majority paid health and dental plans, short-and-long-term disability, 3% retirement matching, work-from- home flexibility, generous paid time off and Summer Fridays.” The agency is growing more rapidly now than ever before. Throughout the pandemic, they have seen an increased appreciation for the work they do, and an increased value on PR services. Their number of referrals and the demand for their services has only increased throughout the pandemic. As for the Butin PR’s plan for the future, they are aiming for steady growth and to continue to expand their footprint within the various industries they serve. As they grow, it is vital that they don’t lose the personal and tailored flair to their services, instead continuing to provide high-end quality work to their clients. By fully utilising the skill and sheer determination that Butin PR’s team has in excess, they have repeatedly created success and wins for their clients. As a PR agency, they give each project the required time, dedication and expertise to create the most impact. Contact: Kelly Marolt Company: Butin PR Website: Small Business Awards 2020 45