Small Business Awards 2020

HR consultancy can be compared to a bridge with strong pillars. Humility and a service- based approach sustain a passage way of communication, methodology and professional tools which result in more efficient people management within companies. This is the core belief of Valdus, an award-winning professional human resources organization which provides innovative HR solutions. Following their recent success in Corporate Vision’s Small Business Awards 2020, we profiled Valdus to discover more about how they made a name for themselves as one of the Best HR professional services companies operating in the industry today. Since their inception in 2011, Valdus has grown tremendously over the years and has established a reputation in the industry as a diversified service provider in the field of Human Resource consultancy, recruitment and training. Its high standards and affiliation to international HR Associations and exposure with internationally based consultancy firms also regularly catches the eye of worldwide firms working within the Mauritian jurisdiction. Valdus places timely customer satisfaction as a leading principle. Opting for an honest and realistic approach from their part in regards to potential clients’ needs, Valdus’s Managing Director, Govindah Chinapiel, states that projects are taken up only if full manpower capacity to enable the realisation within the given timeframe can be ensured. What brings the team a genuine sense of pride as an HR Consultancy company, is their ability to bring lasting added value to their clients’ companies, ensuring that they participate in generating a sense of happiness at work for both the employees and the employers. This is evident when you reflect on the past 10 years of the business and see how Valdus have been able to make a difference by delivering the high quality of service to all of their clients with passion and by truly embodying the motto: “Our client’s success, is our success.” Throughout the years, the firm have catered to the needs of companies of every size, with the same depth of respect and humility. Alongside this, they have also cultivated a diverse team to enable them to offer new competencies to their extensive client base. Within the last 10 years, Valdus has grown from three members to a thriving group of experts, technicians and administrative staff, combining permanent staff and freelancers. Having pioneered in consultancy in very complex and sensitive projects with success, Valdus is one of the only HR consultancy companies which offers a unique set of competencies that has enabled them to become a one-stop-shop for all HR solutions in Mauritius. To date, the firm is recognized for its ability to deliver on its promises by seamlessly infusing their services with the right human touch. Valdus is infused with strong Baha’i principles of respect to the person, education in diversity, being committed to the given word and fair payment of a person’s due. This has been the major cause of success over the years. The human approach and commitment greatly facilitates the professional work, which necessitates data collection, data analysis, applying HR metrics and tools and training people. Achieving this aim might sound self-evident as it does require a high standard of professionalism and expertise in the HR field for this to be attained. At Valdus, the expert knowledge comes into play from the very first day, as soon as the team meets the customer. Assessing the Best HR Professional Services Company - Indian Ocean Sep201114 communication style to be applied in the interactions with the stakeholders is in itself a proof of knowhow. A proper profiling allows to adopt the right communication and from this turning point, the rest of the project unfolds. 2021 is already shaping up to be an eventful year for the team at Valdus as the firm will be celebrating 10 years of activity. Up until recently, the firm’s activities have grown in an organic way through customer referrals, returning customers and by word of mouth. As for how one of the Best HR professional services companies plans to celebrate this milestone, Valdus is set to expand their activities within the African region, increase their visibility, and also are now looking into a thorough marketing strategy and a rebranding. The future is certainly looking bright for the team at Valdus as they look set to continue their meteoric rise to success, and we simply cannot wait to see what else lies ahead for this multi-award-winning firm. Contact: Govindah Chinapiel Company: Valdus Email: [email protected] Web Address: