Small Business Awards 2021

Small Business Awards 2021 13 Best Management Consulting Service Boutique - Switzerland Established in 2005, and as more than a neutral consultant, Advisory Group AG works with its clients to reach their value and returns goals by implementing solid solutions that will change the way clients’ businesses work overall. By being so actively involved in its clients’ business, AG is able to help them to develop and expand through the use of its -experienced senior advisor teams and management competencies. Managing Partner Dr. Wladimir Kovacic says, “We provide a wide range of transformation related services (Strategic Change, Process Optimization, Compliance Alignments, Organisational Change and IT- Operations Improvements).” AG has a large portfolio of clients that all benefit from its intricate advisory and project related services. Its three main values are Customer Orientation, Professionalism and Integrity, and Trust. Because the clients’ vision has top priority, AG focuses on everything they can do to work towards that goal. By providing respectful and professional services that go above and beyond, AG has forged sturdy relationships with clients across the world. With its tenacious nature, AG provides the client with endless support and a fiery attitude where anything is possible. Wladimir tells us, “Our ACE (Analyse, Conceptualise, and Execute) Methodology is the guiding path to successfully complete every client project. We do not stop until we successfully implement and reach our project goals.” Its staff are all carefully selected members of a team that offer the best service to a wide variety of clients everywhere. Wladimir shares, “We take risks and commit ourselves to every client project engagement. We look back to our exceptional track record with over 150 national and international business critical and successfully delivered project engagements within the last 15 years we are satisfied and proud that we accomplished some of the most challenging and critical business transformation initiatives for some of our clients within the Swiss financial services industry. Hereby, we are still committed to our management consulting boutique DNA to continue to continuously improve our exceptional advisory services, challenge our proven methodologies and improve our skill sets which are delivered through our people in our daily client work to surpass our customer expectations in every client engagement.” When looking to take on new talent, AG looks for people who want to become entrepreneurs that are constantly learning and adapting to each client. “Training and coaching is a substantial part of our working culture,” Wladimir says. He adds, “We balance our work-life experience and provide different social events during the year”. This is important for team morale, the company’s DNA and connections between everyone who works for AG. When it comes to its staff members, its three pillars of knowledge are Material Independence, Intellectual Independence, and Health Sep21635 A fool proof, well-designed plan with endless support and professionalism can be hard to come by. Advisory Group AG has been helping people everywhere to exceed expectations with its professional advice. It is able to increase corporate value and returns for all of its clients. Here we talk to Managing Partner Dr. Wladimir Kovacic to find out how it’s done. Independence. Wladimir and all of AG’s team strongly believe that this is something that sets it apart from the rest, as he takes a moment to comment on. “We fundamentally believe in these three pillars when it comes to nurturing the company’s culture. In this we absolutely believe that performance and quality work needs to be honoured and paid properly (Material Independence). That our client engagements should give our people the freedom to employ, train and learn constantly as well as become a partner and entrepreneur (Intellectual Independence). And, finally, that our company DNA – the fundamental building blocks of it - should overall generate a positive impact on our people to avoid health issues and the like (Health Independence). “We help our clients to shine. We want to continue to advise organisations and institutions in complex, transformational questions, how to approach those topics and succeed the necessary transformation to gain the desired benefits” Wladimir concludes. He understands that this is where AG’s strengths lie and, for all of its hard work, it has now won Best Management Consulting Service Boutique. AG will now continue on its path towards a brighter future, for itself and each of its clients. Contact: Dr. Wladimir Kovacic Company: Advisory Group AG Web Address: