Small Business Awards 2021

Award for Excellence in Regional Economic Relief & Recovery – Canada Speaking to Paul Nichol about Community Futures Huron, it is plain to see a business defined by passion, commitment, and assiduous care. Staffed by professionals and assisted with the governance of a volunteer board of directors with knowledge of local communities and economic sectors, Community Futures Huron is truly invested in the success of those within Huron County. Today, it continues to evolve through digitisation to achieve brighter futures for those under the business’s guidance and stewardship. Operating as a non-profit organization with a hyper focus on the success of Huron County, the upkeep of a robust business culture is an essentiality to Community Futures Huron. With only 4 members, one of which is the General Manager, all staff are required to have not only excellent analytical skills, but more importantly, they must be passionate about their jobs. From the outset, it is clear that Paul is full of admiration for his staff and the selfless work ethic they possess in order to drive success throughout the community. Speaking on the mission that motivates this drive, Paul discussed the company’s founding goal: “Our mission is to stimulate and enhance the regional economy of Huron County Ontario by providing business advice and counselling to local entrepreneurs; commercial loans to small and medium enterprises; and support to community-led economic development projects that strengthen the capacity for long-term sustainable growth. In addition to this, Paul, who has been prominently involved with the business since its inception in 1993, believes strongly in the impact that the company has had on Huron County. “The truth is, is that most businesses would not survive without the key funding Community Futures Huron has provided”. Of course, not all credit lies with the business: the business failure rate of less than 20% over the last three decades is a testament to the impressive abilities of local entrepreneurs, their ideas, and their management expertise. With staff living within the community, every decision is taken with the goal of bolstering the quality of life and economy of those that live and work in the region. Furthermore, with the utmost commitment to consistent growth, and superior services that are unmatched by the competition, the business is eager to work with the government of Canada to build upon the track record of “making good things happen” in Paul’s words. All of the recognition above is a testament to not only the staff, but the rising entrepreneurs of the local community, and nothing more can reflect the culture of Huron County, and Community Futures Huron, than the certification of this award. Company: Community Futures Huron Address: 373 Turnberry St. Box 494, Brussels, Ontario, Canada, N0G 1H0 Phone number: 1-519-525-3338 Website: Sep21833 “Our mission is kept purposely broad: “To help entrepreneurs make their futures happen in Huron County.”