Small Business Awards 2021

Small Business Awards 2021 19 Best Real Estate Investment Management Provider - Texas NoteRehabber’s goal is to strengthen its network by providing assets and opportunities at every level within the real estate community – providing performing investment opportunities to lenders, REO purchasing opportunities to wholesalers and flippers, property rehab opportunities to local contractors, listings to realtors, owner financing opportunities to homeowners, and remodelled properties to communities across the US. Foremost, it aims to help homeowners and business owners alike to avoid foreclosure, credit damage, and other legal and financial ramifications associated with non-payment of their debts. Recognising that sometimes things just don’t go as planned, the team at NoteRehabber strives to understand the individual situation of each borrower so that they can then create a successful plan to move forward with flexibility and custom-tailored solutions. They aim to enable each borrower they encounter to “get back on track” with their debt, or become freed from their debt burden as painlessly as possible, all while maintaining strong returns for investors. The team at NoteRehabber focuses on forming personal relationships with their investors to identify goals that ensure mutual success and growth. Personal interactions continue through the education of investing partners to give a complete picture of the investment opportunities and strategies available. This enables the investors to see different options and gives them the confidence that they are making informed decisions. Importantly, NoteRehabber embraces the fact that their in-house team hasn’t seen everything, and the experiences of their investors and network can provide immeasurable value to the projects. Sharing knowledge and experiences throughout each project creates a fluid and open-minded environment designed for success. Sep21609 NoteRehabber is an investment firm specialising in “rehabbing” non-performing notes (loans), in both the residential and commercial space. By focusing on the unique situation for each borrower and property, NoteRehabber is able to consistently create win-win opportunities for those involved. While NoteRehabber works in a competitive market, its team maintains an abundance mindset. They focus on the belief that by supporting those around you, opportunities for growth and success will continue to arise. By focusing on what can be done to ensure the success of clients, investors, service providers, and communities, it builds on a relationship that will foster repeat business instead of transactional, one-off agreements. The company nurtures its staff in the form of transparency and education. It makes efforts for its entire team to be broadly educated in the industry in addition to achieving specialty knowledge for their particular position. This way, team members can understand a variety of questions that come up, and approach them from a knowledgeable perspective. This approach generates “out of the box” suggestions while still maintaining the ability to forward an issue to an expert to be handled in detail. NoteRehabber expects the business to grow in the coming years, but takes pride in providing services that big banks and hedge funds cannot. The team always wants to be able to provide individual attention to the people behind each investment, and not allow themselves to get lost in the mass of numbers. Controlled growth will ensure that NoteRehabber can continue to offer custom-tailored solutions to more people without sacrificing quality of service and relationships. Company: NoteRehabber Email: [email protected] Website: