Small Business Awards 2021

Best Zero-Carbon Consultancy Company 2021 – Australia Evalue8 Sustainability provides software to empower organisations to lower their carbon emissions and energy costs and demonstrate their progress. In light of the company’s success in Corporate Vision’s Small Business Awards 2021, got in touch with Managing Director, Ilea Buffier to learn more. Evalue8 Sustainability’s web application links to accounting software to draw on the activity data of its clients and automates the calculation of their greenhouse gas emissions. It benchmarks their data so they know how they are tracking relative to others. It also provides suggestion on how its clients can lower their energy spend and reduce their carbon footprint. Evalue8’s value add is that its clients don’t have to become experts to be compliant with relevant domestic and international carbon reporting requirements. There is no need to hunt down invoices or fill out spreadsheets. They can choose how often they want to download reports on how they are tracking and where their emissions are coming from. Evalue8 helps them transform for a zero-carbon future without having to divert attention away from their core functions. Company Managing Director, Ilea Buffier tells us about what sets Evalue8 apart from its competition within the industry. “While we do provide consultancy services, our primary aim is to make these unnecessary for ordinary customers that just want to do their bit to fight climate change and don’t need to be certified as carbon neutral. We aim to give our customers the same answers through our web application as they would get through a carbon consultancy firm but at a much lower cost. That’s our unique selling point. To the best of my knowledge, no other web application in the market is currently providing more than a very rough approximation of the greenhouse gas emissions of a business, based on only a handful of variables.” So, how does Evalue8 go about making sure its product offering is successful? Ilea explains, “Clients are most likely to be unhappy with a web application during the learning curve when they are preparing to use it for the first time. Probably everyone reading this will remember the frustration they’ve felt after sitting down with a new programme, reading the online instruction for the third time and still not being able to work out what to do next! With Evalue8, people (not bots) will help you to use our application successfully.” Ilea goes on to tell us about the internal culture behind the company. “Evalue8 is driven by its mission. At Evalue8, we all want to transform organisations for a zero-carbon future, and we know that the best way we can do that is by making the transformation cheap and easy for them. Small businesses, in particular, can’t afford to devote much thinking time to anything that isn’t earning them money. The better we do our job, the more effective we are at helping to fight climate change.” Regarding what the company looks for when recruiting new members of the team, she said, “We look for people that want to make things better, are good communicators, and see the world from our customers’ perspectives. We recruit for those soft skills and then train them to provide the technical skills they need to serve our clients well.” Lastly, Ilea shares what the future has in store for Evalue8. “We hope to become a multi-national, not for its own sake but because that would enable us to increase our impact and fight climate change more effectively.” Company: Evalue8 Sustainability Pty Ltd Contact: Ilea Buffier Email: [email protected] Website: Oct21110