Small Business Awards 2021

Small Business Awards 2021 29 Most Innovative Privacy- Aware AI-Based Video Analytics Solution: C2RO PERCEIVE™ C2RO is a leading provider of cutting-edge privacy-aware AI video analytics for physical spaces using proprietary edge-cloud AI and computer vision technologies. In light of the company’s revolutionary product, C2RO PERCEIVE™ being recognised in the Corporate Vision Small Business Awards 2021, we take a closer look at that which has been defined as the next generation of privacy-aware AI video analytics. C2RO’s product offering towards AI video analytics mission is to raise the bar for data accuracy and data privacy via AI-powered mission- critical software solutions that increase business efficiencies, safety, and quality of lives. In retail, its flagship product, C2RO PERCEIVE™ reuses existing surveillance cameras to analyse customer behaviour and develop demographically classified journeys, even in large physical spaces where there are significant gaps in coverage. C2RO™ is the only company whose bio-metric free AI Video Analytics Stack is, by design, built to ensure that the identity and data privacy rights of individuals are protected, they do this by ensuring that any of the uniquely identifiable personal information is never or at any time captured, kept, or transformed. Their biometric-free solution, C2RO PERCEIVE™ is compliant with the most restrictive data privacy regulations in the world, such as GDPR. C2RO PERCEIVE™ enables data-driven decision making, optimisation of operations, and transformation of physical activities into safe, engaging, and immersive environments for visitors. This means that retailers can monitor customer traffic, average time spent in certain departments and in the store overall, as well as efficiently allocate staff to serve customers. The aim is to enhance the customer experience and prevent loss of sales by reducing waiting times. C2RO™ is transforming human behaviour and attributes into data for the enterprise. Its 360-degree analysis capability provides highly accurate insights, that are data-driven, and based on an organization’s Oct21832 KPIs. Retailers are able to understand how product placement, staff allocations, instore promotions, marketing campaigns, and new store technologies affect sales and conversion rates by connecting the visitor data with inventory and sales data, ultimately driving more efficient staff allocations, store layout, and inventory management. These insights are critical for A/B testing and analysing trends across traffic, sales, and conversion metrics. Retailers also have the ability to boost revenue performance by capturing visitor behaviour to demographics. This can be done by linking brand, product engagement, and sales/inventory data to visitors’ socio-demographic classes, producing data that is critical for maximising ROI of instore promotions and aligning product inventory with regional trends. Additionally, by using C2RO PERCEIVE™, retailers can automatically control their store occupancy and observe whether their staff and visitors are wearing facemasks to proactively keep everyone in the store safe, return to full functionality, and build trust between the brand and customers. Meanwhile, another industry which has found great use in C2RO PERCEIVE™ is transportation, with networks using the product to improve subway train and bus terminal planning. The number of people boarding and leaving trains is observed across different times and days to see when peak travel times are, as well to see which direction they are headed, enabling alleviation of traffic overload. Vehicle dispatch times can be aligned to passenger traffic flows to reduce wasted trips, overcrowded buses and trains, and the number of people waiting a long time in the cold. Sports and entertainment venues can also see a benefit from C2RO PERCEIVE™, with the ability to observe popularity of events and when people take food and drink breaks to avoid crowds at the refreshment stand. Ultimately, C2RO PERCEIVE™ is meeting the need for industries that are now demanding smarter solutions to understand space management and visitor behaviours. AI-powered intelligence is revealing a whole other side of the customer journey, achieving results where no business has gone before. Company: C2RO Inc. Contact: Erika Vano Newman Email: [email protected] Website: