Small Business Awards 2021

Small Business Awards 2021 33 Sep21553 Leading Innovators of Sustainable Construction 2021 Ingenuity, experience, knowledge, and the own urge to do something good for our environment are the main pillars of the company. Unidome undergoes constant optimisation of technology and processes to create outstanding innovations – especially with regard to safety, sustainability, and cost efficiency. Sustainability is not just a trend nor is it simply about minimising cultural consumption. Unidome takes a holistic approach towards sustainability by addressing economic, environmental, safety, and social issues. Its development team utilises more than two decades’ experience to develop state-of-the-art concrete shapers – flat, efficient bi-axial slabs with integrated spherical cavities which provide a high degree of robustness and withstand rough impact on the building site, meaning optimal workability and delivering impeccable quality concrete products. Incorporating its concrete shapers in its projects results in an around 30% reduction of concrete and 20% reduction in steel. All Unidome products are made from 100% locally sourced recycled material. These two facts significantly reduce the carbon footprint of Unidome’s developments. Alongside this, the concrete shapers save vast amounts of money and construction time, whilst maximising useable floor areas and ceiling heights. In general, they greatly improve the economic performance of the development. Technically optimised, lightweight, slender and efficient, this allows designers to create buildings that are more flexible and long-lasting. Additionally, concrete shapers are manufactured locally, meaning the added benefit of reduced transportation costs. Unidome also takes safety seriously both during development and production regarding excellent research and quality, and in the long- Established in 2019, but with two decades’ experience, Unidome combines the art of engineering, expertise in product development, and the sustainable endeavour to achieve minimummaterial consumption while manufacturing safe structures. term for those who occupy the finished building; with its concrete shapers being lightweight, this means lighter structures which are – by the way - safer during any seismic activity. Indeed, Unidome is shaping the future of construction, striving to always work on a high scientific level and to exceed expectations. Speaking about Unidome’s success within Corporate Vision’s Small Business Awards 2021, Co-Founder, Dr Karsten Pfeffer said, “A big thanks to everybody who has joined our way and has helped us to reach this point so far. We will do everything to continue with big steps forward. Also a big thanks to Corporate vision for choosing us as Leading Innovators of Sustainable Construction 2021. We are proud to receive this award.” Two Unidome Companies in Germany and UAE with together 16 international sales partners are already working on projects all over the world, Unidome in the future intends to expand its international network and guarantee the availability of its technology at every point. Only through widespread use of its technology can it achieve its maximum possible contribution to protect the environment. International application will also broaden its horizons, preparing it for different building needs locally, and enabling it to develop further Unidome product lines. Company: Unidome Deutschland GmbH Contact: Dr. Karsten Pfeffer Email: [email protected] Website: