Small Business Awards 2021

Leading Providers of EV Charging Management Software - USA EV Connect is a privately held software-as-a-service company that has built the infrastructure to allow EV charging site owners and utilities to deploy quickly, manage, and scale customised EV charging networks by serving EV charging operators, utilities and municipalities, and owners in Asia, Australia, Europe, the U.S., and Canada. Using open-standard protocols, EV Connect offers a powerful software management platform that connects drivers to charging stations, site owners to their ports, utilities to demand data, and service providers to their networks. The EV Connect platform scales from a single-connector charging station to thousands of connectors across hundreds of sites. EV Connect customers have the freedom to choose their charging hardware, which means they can scale their EV charging businesses on their terms. The platform offers capabilities that help optimise EV charging site operations. Owners can use remote diagnostics to monitor station performance in near-real-time and customise alerts to be notified when a charger experiences a fault, loss of communication, or other malfunctions. The platform includes load balancing technology to prevent overdraw and ensure power is consumed most cost-effectively while allowing owners to set their station parameters, and charging access can be regulated or restricted to meet the business needs of station owners. Owners can also select from several pricing schemes, for instance, flat-rate, metered fees, or customised group billing. Additionally, EV Connect offers planning, installation, and maintenance services, including assessing infrastructure needs, identifying and sourcing certified station hardware, and deploying and testing stations. EV Connect offers 24/7 support to drivers and owners to ensure a consistent and high-quality EV charging experience for both. Since its inception in 2010, EV Connect has saved drivers over 765,000 gallons of gasoline, powered over 31 million electric miles, and kept more than 6.8 million kilograms of greenhouse gases from entering the planet’s atmosphere. EV Connect actively manages over 1 million transactions per year across thousands of charging sites, dozens of networks, and it supports nearly 100,000 EV drivers. Among its customers are GM, Avista Utilities, Love’s Travel Stops, Verizon, Marriott, Hilton, Western Digital, Electrify America, ADP, the New York Power Authority, and many other businesses. EV Connect founders and executives lived through the earliest days of the transition to using electricity as transportation fuel. When charging stations required after-sales service, technicians would have to download the diagnostic data and send it to the engineers at headquarters, but this often meant days between detection and resolution due to time zone differences. With fewer charging stations in these closed systems, this process was manageable; it becomes impossible without central, internet- connected management with many hundreds and thousands of charging stations. It’s evident that we’ve come a long way since the beginnings of EV charging, but in order to achieve an electrified future, everyone needs to be involved. The future state of EV charging includes utility support, electric vehicles, and the merging of the automotive and fuelling industries. Ongoing software and charging technology innovation will be foundational for new shared services and infrastructure models and a precursor for autonomous vehicles, respectively. At the core of EV Connect’s identity is the ethos of continuous improvement. The markets in which it competes don’t stand still, and neither does the company. With EV adoptions accelerating at the rate it is, it’s more pressing than ever that EV Connect remains active in its involvement with the current market and stays forward-thinking with its innovations. The transition to EVs at a mass scale requires an ambitious rethinking of the entire vehicle fuelling value chain. The petrochemical fuelling mindset and infrastructure will not work for EV charging. EV Connect is on a mission to build a better plant by enabling electricity as a transportation fuel. Today, there are 7.2 million electric vehicle drivers on the road, and it is estimated that this number will grow to more than 125 million by 2030. With automakers such as Toyota, Ford, GM, and more investing tens of billions of dollars into new EV models, studies indicate that by 2030, as many as one-third of all cars on the road will use electricity as fuel. This exponential growth in EVs on the road demands a corresponding increase in public charging stations available to those EVs drivers. According to a new Wood Mackenzie study, 10.8 million EV charging outlets will be installed in North America to match the EV adoption predicted to take place. Given these growth predictions, EV Connect must be scalable while maintaining a culture that holds small business values around taking great care of its customers. These values have driven its success, and it believes they will continue to fuel its growth. Company: EV Connect Contact: Cassie Layton Email: [email protected] Website: Oct21113