Small Business Awards 2022

Payroll is an important part of any business, and SWTOOLS d.o.o. is the only company in Slovenia that focuses exclusively on the challenges of payroll. The specialisationmeans the team’s efforts are accurate, reliable and flexible. In the Small Business Awards fromCorporate Vision, the team were recognised for their success. We dig a little deeper to find out more. The success of SWTOOLS comes from their exclusive focus on payroll. Whilst in the past they offered other software development services, the prioritisation of payroll has allowed them to find a niche that sets them apart from the crowd. Their proprietary software is capable of handling every aspect of the payroll outsourcing process including HRM data and safe personal data exchange with clients. Getting the job right, and doing so first time, is a crucial part of how the SWTOOLS team works. People expecting to be paid are not sympathetic to mistakes. The team have developed a comprehensive system that ensures that most human factor errors are avoided and ensures that everyone is kept happy. When a customer joins SWTOOLS, every detail is collected, the setup is tested thoroughly, alongside the various bespoke settings used and then these results are checked with the client. Everything is documented to ensure total satisfaction. A new client means a lot of work on logistics, as the team have separate databases for every client. This is to ensure that no data is mixed or leaked. The SWTOOLS team keep on top of the everchanging landscape of legislation throughout Slovenia and beyond to ensure compliance with the law. Many companies have payroll as a smaller part of an overall offering, which has created the space for SWTOOLS to thrive. It means that any change is quickly noted and swiftly rectified. The growth of SWTOOLS is due, in no small part, to the tireless leadership of Zorica (known more commonly as Zora) Malacko. As one might expect, she has a strong background in the technical aspects of programming, but the lessons she has brought to her company are primarily soft skills. She has a passion for creating a relaxed atmosphere that lies in contrast to the intensive workload Best Payroll Software Solutions Provider - Central Europe that the teams often face. Building this team spirit has been vital to securing success in the long term across the various aspects of the business. Needless to say, the team at SWTOOLS are looking to expand. In fact, slowly but surely, they are! New services, strictly based around payroll, continue to be at the very heart of what they offer. Growth, however, is incredibly challenging to achieve and the team are determined to do so with their own money as opposed to with outside investments. Tempering the speed of expansion in this way means that the firm cannot overreach itself and can ensure that clients continue to receive the same high standards of support they expect. By the end of 2022, one of the team’s most exciting expansion projects will be completed, namely an electronic record of working hours which will be fully integrated in the SWTOOLS payroll system. Instead of using third-party solutions, and the inherent challenges of adapting such a system for these purposes, the team can thrive on a proprietary approach which is second to none. To have payroll well within control is a satisfying thing for any business, but the SWTOOLS team make it easy. We celebrate their remarkable achievement and look forward to the innovative eye they will continue to bring to this vital sector in the months and years to come. Company: SWTOOLS d.o.o. Name: Zora Malacko Email: [email protected] Web Address: