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Small Business Awards 2022 TRPARTS: Best Independent Motor Vehicle & Parts Company - Istanbul Elliniki Agogi: Best Ancient Greek Education Provider 2022 - Southeast Europe

Introducing the Small Business Awards 2022 Often regarded as bringing unmatched levels of innovation and growth to local economies, small businesses remain integral economic prosperity, and continue to prove that bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to the task of providing customers and clients with outstanding services. Over the past few years, businesses owners and employees have faced many challenges that have posed threats to both personal and professional livelihoods, and for smaller business in particular, the strain of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt even more acutely. Despite the difficulties posed, many small businesses continue to thrive and have even adapted their practice to benefit the unique needs of each customer in the aftermath of the global pandemic. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor | Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Writer | Rebecca Scotland, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer | Dontae Jones, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer

Small Business Awards 2022 3 Contents 4. Nawal Global Systems: Best SME Software Development Company – Global 6. CSR Consulting-Asesoría de Sustentabilidad y Economía Circular: Best Management Consulting Provider - Northeastern Mexico 8. Elliniki Agogi: Best Ancient Greek Education Provider 2022- Southeast Europe 10. Flexdata: Best Information & Communications Company - Angola 12. TRPARTS: Best Independent Motor Vehicle & Parts Company - Istanbul 14. Pay4Fun Instituição de Pagamento SA: Best Online Payment Platform 2022 - Brazil 15. Python System Design: Most Impactful ICT Solutions Provider - South Africa 16. DataBench: Best Automated Data Mapping & Privacy Management Solutions - Australasia 17. Zicket: Best Emerging International Event Service Provider - Hong Kong 18. Certified Pool: Best Swimming Pool Safety Compliance Specialists - Australia 19. Modern Gesture Designs: Best Lighting & Homeware Design Business - Western Cape 20. Zapproach Ltd: Most Innovative Fintech Start-Up - Mauritius 21. Prunedge: Best Software Solutions & IoT Development Company 2022 - Nigeria 22. SWTOOLS d.o.o.: Best Payroll Software Solutions Provider - Central Europe 23. Coolied, Inc.: Most Innovative Education IT Developer – Japan 24. GFSC Global: Most Comprehensive Corporate & Administration Service Provider - Cyprus 25. VisionOnset – Creative Multimedia Studio: Best Boutique Multimedia Studio - Portugal 26. BMH Transmotion: Best Bulk Material Handling Company - India 27. Cheshire Woodland Weddings: Best Outdoor Group Activities Company - Cheshire

Best SME Software Development Company – Global Specialists in software, Nawal Global Systems is forever developing newer and better solutions in digital excellence to offer its clients. Since day 1, it has cut its teeth on growing its expertise and ensuring consistent ingenuity across the board, forever improving the developing its processes in order to make itself the best of the best, determined never to rest on its laurels. With its transparent, reliable, and exemplary ways of working, it has been hard at work to change the game in its industry and lead from the front with software development work that keeps it and its clients on the same page. A determined, dedicated, and holistic software developer, Nawal Global Systems is a reliable and empathic digital creator, offering the best of the best in software, website, and application management and creation. Fundamentally, it believes in cultivating trust and transparency between the developer and the person who’s vision it is trying to achieve in the development process, resulting in a passion project between both parties that allows for a more transparent and enjoyable process, and better results consequently. Indeed, as a clintfirst sort of firm, its main mission is to deliver such projects on time and within budget, without hidden boasts of overly bloated deadlines. Operating this way reliably has allows it to cultivate a good amount of trust and respect within its industry and market segment, and its customers always note how it strives to go above and beyond the call of duty at every turn in order to get to know the client and their goals inside and out. This, in shorts, allows for a comprehensive answer to software development that centres the people the software is being created for. With the consequence of this being a programme that reflects exactly what the client needs in a way that is user intuitive and impeccably organized, it has become widely lauded as one of the most diligent and truly caring digital creators in the game. Ostensibly, it strives to get to know people as well as companies – after all, the people are what drive any company’s goals – ensuring a level of friendliness is achieved as part of its professionalism. Indeed, by doing this, it secures itself as a lifelong friend to its clients’ businesses and to the professionals who work within it, as Nawal Global Systems’ efforts always keep the needs of those who will be using the systems it creates in mind in order to ensure their personal comfort and happiness with the resulting product. With clients always able to reach Nawal Global Systems through WhatsApp and a myriad of other channels, it promises that it will always be on hand to help. Moreover, striving to keep empathy and understanding at the core of itself at all times, when a customer reaches out to it with a complaint, comment, query, or concern, it will work hard to resolve it to a satisfying conclusion within the shortest possible time frame and to the highest degree of excellence. This is part of its standard expectation of customer service quality, something that its clients consistently laud as exemplary. Its ability to set budget and timescales in a reliable manner is also something that has achieved it significant renown. After all, a huge part of the trust its’ clientele hold in this business is the quality of its work, but another aspect of this is its total transparency when it comes to telling clients what to expect in terms of monetary and time commitments. Nominally, each product is always developed to fit client requirements, and it doesn’t ever use the word ‘impossible’ when it discusses things with its clients; in essence, it will never turn down a challenging project, big or small, and is invigorated by the idea of hard work. This is because Nawal Global Systems’ team is one of determined and innovative people who support and inspire one another to greater success daily, each one of them bringing a unique background and perspective to the broad swathe of capabilities within the company’s ranks, securing its place as a complete software house. With products being totally tailorable to client needs, it promises to always adapt itself to fit its clients’ needs, not the other way around. Nominally, it also boasts 24-hour support 7 days a week in order to achieve this; no matter the comment or query, it will always be fast and effective in resolving it for a client, and promises that when it comes to developing their bespoke software solution, they can rely on its excellence. The Nawal Global Systems family grows daily thanks to this, with more clients coming aboard thanks to reading the many glowing reviews that its past customers have left, or having been given a word-of-mouth referral that sent them its way; for this it is truly proud, and hopes to see the trend continue as it moves forward in the coming years. Even through this company has a definitive owner and structure, Nawal Global Systems is truly a familial business. In every way that matters, the staff support and encourage one another to be the best they can be, striving for personal betterment and team development consistently during the service of the clients who rely on them for the best software solutions in the business. Happy, healthy, and well supported, it repays its staff for their hard work with skill enhancing training and personal development help, looking forward to expanding this team further as it prepares for its growth in the UK, USA, and Portugal with new offices opening soon. Company: Nawal Global Systems Contact: Usman Awais Website: NGS CTO Office: 1 Bridge Plaza North Central Road, Fort Lee, NJ 07024, United States Tel/WhatsApp: +1-551-344-0258 NGS DEV Office: NGS House Park Road, Islamabad WhatsApp: +92-300-5538773

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With several socio-environmental strategies under its belt, CSR Consulting has created and implemented relevant socio-economic models in response to the world’s need for better environmentally conscious corporate processes. Indeed, its services include consulting and strategy development, submission work on reporting standards, and guidance towards certification; the latter can help its clients achieve accreditation on international initiatives such as CDP, SMETA, and EcoVadis, as well as providing support to achieve recognition on the Socially Responsible Company (ESR) Award and admission in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. CSR Consulting also creates KPIs for environment, health, quality and safety in the workplace and diagnostic reports on a client’s internal sustainability practices. This covers both environmental and social factors, allowing companies to reflect on their team’s wellbeing and their impact on the wider world. CSR Consulting also implement management systems such as ISO14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018, perform circular economy diagnostic tests that have led to the development of actionable solutions and offset GHG emissions, prepare sustainability events, and offer improvement training to their teams. Critically, its mission throughout all of this work is to help guide their clients towards the overall achievement of their sustainability goals. Passionate about quality consulting services that delivers on a reliable basis, developing roadmaps to success, lined with actionable goals – focused on a holistic sense of responsibility – CSR’s clients often find that their ability to compete in their market is hugely increased, benefitting in positioning and creating a rising tide that lifts all ships. Moreover, its values of commitment, integrity, efficiency, and respect are consistently displayed throughout its interactions with its clients, allowing it to accumulate and maintain good will. CSR works hard to become their partner to the business, getting to know each client on a comprehensive level and developing bespoke solutions that will help achieve the sustainability goals set jointly, resulting in a mutual and prosperous relationship. Through the process of committing 100% to a client and their success, CSR has complemented itself with a wide range of different industries and their verticals, giving every client personalised attention and taking away the lessons it learns from the service of each of them to continually improving. Thus, right from the initial business interview, it begins the process of empathic understanding of a client’s operations. From there, it carries out its analysis and proceeds to craft its action plan, working with the client to ensure that each element of the plan is clear, objective, and effective. Offering an excellent service that sets it head and shoulders above the rest is, after all, something CSR Consulting takes great pride in; its excellence is also shown by first hand with the clients, and new Best Management Consulting Provider - Northeastern Mexico Having found its footing in September of 2018, CSR Consulting hit the ground running with sustainability consultation. With the aim of making this a more healthy, dynamic, and competitive market, its clients are companies equally committed to making the future of the world’s corporate ecosystem a more sustainable one, spanning companies from large to small. Its clients are also diverse in terms of the industries they operate within, allowing CSR to boast a sector-agnostic approach to sustainability consultation. clients are often brought in through word-of-mouth referrals or by reading glowing client reviews in the ‘customers’ section of its website. Additionally, such reviews are testament to how well it keeps the promises it makes to its clients when it begins working with them. Such promises place always the client at the centre of its activity and its priorities – something that has allowed CSR to develop impeccable long-lasting relationships on an international level – as well as the promotion of clear and concise language and the championing of practices and policies that adapt to fit the client. Ostensibly, when talking of ‘best fit’ policies, the main thing that CSR Consulting is trying to fit is in the culture within a client’s business. It has no interest in telling a client how to run their business, or dictating how to manage their own enterprise, but it does wish to fit itself seamlessly within a client’s context, and existing processes and infrastructure so that it can help to improve what is already there. Also, CSR is committed to hiring its associates based on recognition and merit, it has a talented pool of staff who are each given the respect they deserve for their contributions, as each person within the company drives it towards further growth. Through this, it’s clear CSR doesn’t just wish to promote good social responsibility on its clients only, but it strives to ensure its own staff can benefit from the rigorous social ethics that it champions elsewhere as well. Indeed, its dedication to diversity and equal opportunity is promoting a healthy work/life balance, a well-rounded business culture, and an atmosphere of shared values that keep each member of staff on the same page, equally privy to the organisation’s wider goals. The result of this is a positive, healthy, well supported team who have the tools, time, and passion to go above and beyond, knowing the clients have the full CSR Consulting family behind all the way. As it keeps expanding, growing, and developing, CSR is growing in international repute, enough that it has been fostering more business partners as well as gaining more staff and clients. Thus, in recent years, it has taken up work under Becompliance’s umbrella in the creation of compliant channels, privacy, data protection, criminal liability, and more, allowing it to work further afield and gain footholds across even more borders, securing its position as an international company. Having won a variety of awards for its efforts, this zeroemissions, maximum empathy company has been adhering to the UN Global Compact guidance to impeccable effect and looks forward to continuing to lead by example in making the global corporate community a better and more responsible place. Company: CSR Consulting-Asesoría de Sustentabilidad y Economía Circular Contact: Carmelo Santillán Ramos Website:

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Elliniki Agogi’s educational efforts encourage the learning of the Ancient Greek language, history and philosophy in order to empower oneself in the modern world. Indeed, it is the belief of this educational institution for children and adults that knowledge of the past helps to give oneself better footing in the contemporary world, as pupils can see a throughline of development from ancient times to the 21st century. This is especially true when it comes to Ancient Greece. With so much of its language, culture, values, texts, and infrastructure influencing modern Greece – and the modern world in the macro scale – Elliniki Agogi hopes to foster a sense of appreciation and renewed wonder in its pupils for the ancient wisdom that shaped the Western World. With the principles of integrity, patience, care, and endless passion fuelling the creation of its curriculum, it will always strive for the utmost honesty towards its clients. Critically, it is not here to upsell or promote, but simply to educate. It doesn’t promote anything in products or classes that it doesn’t believe in, and constantly challenges itself to be better, something it is pleased to say has been hugely directed by its incredible student body. Indeed, having collaborated with Professors from Cambridge and Oxford University, as well as the Academy Vivarium Novum in Italy, its founder’ s mantra is ‘ever to excel, to do better than others’, following Glaucus’ words in Homer’s Iliad. Thus, all its people champion this attitude as the core driving force behind the institute. These impeccable educators share their knowledge with enthusiasm. With student focused classes, they make sure that each individual student is treated according to his/her learning ability. Elliniki Agogi’s good name has been secured by the hard work of its people. Additionally, having been open for three decades as of next year and now with almost 500 students learning in its physical facility and through its online platform, it is proud to have cultivated such an extended network of Ancient Greek language and culture aficionados that growing even more is a one-way street. Planning to transfer the Classical Greek language and culture to the students of the Greek diaspora in the US and Canada, Elliniki Agogi promises to ‘keep flying high’, taking itself and its students to ever greater heights. Company: Elliniki Agogi Contact: Eugenia Manolidou Website: Best Ancient Greek Education Provider 2022 - Southeast Europe Being a small private school, Elliniki Agogi has developed a reputation as an exemplary provider of personable, empathic, and holistic education for children and adults. Having been in operation since the early 90s, this establishment has been built on the pillars of cultivating curiosity, fostering cultural appreciation and generating a respect for history, allowing the shaping of young people’s minds towards classical education. Photo credit: Lefteris Partsalis - XINHUA

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With a true dedication to each client and their goals, Flexdata uses Datacentre to provide IT consultation and project management, with a firm belief that no job is too big or too small. Nominally, it takes on board the processes and procedures that a client’s team are either unprepared for or are too busy to handle, allowing a client to rest assured that such things will be handled with the utmost attention to detail and the most upright zeal. Having branched into the internet of things recently – as well as into photovoltaic energy, to great success – it has been able to bolster its reputation in public administration and take itself to greater heights over the years, resulting in securing the loyalty of old clients and earning the interest of new leads, too. With the founders having come together to start the business in 2017 in Angola, it has come leaps and bounds since. Thus, despite the relative youth of the business, its growth has been exponential, with a growth year on year of that has allowed it to now number at a solid 30 employees, all of whom it trusts implicitly to handle the wishes and needs of its clients, with each person proving themselves time and again. When hiring these people, it looked for experienced, empathic, and sensitive people who will help it to provide the personable approach it wishes to deliver. Thus, nowadays, it can guarantee the most down-to-earth, flexibly minded, and empathetic staff will be handling a client’s case at every turn, granting them peace of mind by way of the inherent competence of the staff and the open lines of dialogue they keep open between Flexdata and the client. Interacting closely with clients and partners, its team work hard to notice details that its peers may overlook, and the staff are each driven by an intrinsic determination to reach for greater heights of excellence that allow for the delivery of projects on time, within budget, and to specification. Moreover, its diversified team cover a prodigious variety of different core competencies in data management and IT consultation more broadly. This allows it to consistently outperform its peers, as its solutions are truly holistic, not pigeonholed by overt specificity and instead able to be an impeccable all-rounder that delivers breadth as well as depth during a project. This innovation that is standard fare for Flexdata as a result is thanks to this team. Each of them bring new perspectives, ideas, and background to the table, contributing ideas that push Flexdata as a company and communications as an industry to the next level; whether these innovation are bettering its products directly or bettering itself internally so that it can deliver better customer service, it promises it is always evolving for the better. Much like the digital age itself, Flexdata is consistently adapting to the boldest new movements in this way. A business-casual Best Information & Communications Company - Angola Operating on all industry verticals across both information technology and communications, Flexdata as a company has been giving the best of itself to its clients in a reliably and outstanding show of customer service. After all, such things are in its DNA. From training all of its employees to be market leaders in and of themselves to delivering structured projects to customers as a result, its core business is in IT consultation and project management, both of which it had become famous for. company that truly gives its all to its employees, it gives them the comfort and space they need to be themselves, feeling no need to foist unnecessary levels of closeness upon them that they aren’t comfortable with in order to let those relationships grow naturally. And, indeed, they do. Having gathered around it a team of people who each strive for success and share similar mindsets towards the work and the client, it has found that the internal culture is a resultingly very healthy one, full of people who aren’t afraid of a challenge as they know that the other professionals in their team has got their back. It is this that has set it on its current trajectory towards great levels of further growth, after all. In the field of innovation, information, and technological infrastructure, one must always be ready to shift and refocus, as – especially in a world where the pandemic has ushered in a global boom in the importance of technology – things can rapidly shift the sands beneath a company’s feet without warning if they’re not paying attention. With a presence in Portugal, Angola, Brazil, and Mozambique, it highlights its honesty and tenacity when it comes to showing its clients why they should put their faith in its efforts. Indeed, it acts with the utmost competence and a well-earned confidence when it serves its clients, alleviating the stress that can sometimes go hand in hand with outsourcing one’s IT services by acting with every inch of the excellence it claims to. This is proven again and again through the glowing reviews and referrals its clients leave, touting the outstanding results of its work across the board. From its information systems efforts such as system admin and system counselling, to structured telecommunications network services like optical fibre help and structure cabling – and even hardware, software, cooling systems, network management, and security – its clients will never be disappointed when it comes to receiving the best IT services with the most dependable results. As the company strives to better the delivery of its vastly differentiated services without every compromising on quality, corporate ethics, or effectiveness, its basic principles are credibility, compromise, integrity, ethics, and transparency, and each of these have formed a solid foundation for it to build on in the future. Thus, it is always searching for fresh young professionals looking to kickstart their career by joining a firm where the growth never stops, and the commitment to personal and corporate development benefits everyone. Company: Flexdata Contact: Joao Pelicano Website:

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The automotive industry has changed significantly over the years, with manufacturing techniques meaning that it is often difficult to find the spares that keep modern cars going, or the features that some drivers crave. It is the job of specialists in the field to not only source these parts, but to make them available to the market at large. In a field that covers numerous premium manufacturers, the team at TRPARTS stand apart as a premier provider of services to the industry at large. TRPARTS has built its reputation around the import and export of Independent Aftermarket (IAM), Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Equipment Supplier (OES) spare parts. With a range that covers a host of different brands, and enormous variety in vehicles, it’s little wonder that so many people are turning to the team at TRPARTS. They have a proven track record of being able to deliver the after-market products that are in such high demand. At the core of what the TRPARTS team offer is an eye for quality that quite simply is without parallel anywhere else in the world. Parts that are so consistently produced and of such high reliability give their customers an essential edge over the rest of the competition. It goes without saying that these products cover the whole suite of what car specialists might want, including electrical and body parts for various vehicles, both premium and of volume production. The team’s extensive range is carefully matched to the complete range that manufacturers have produced over the years. The team has worked with many high-profile brands including Mini, 3M, Peugeot, Ford, Fiat, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Volkswagon to name but a few. These partner organisations have been crucial to the continued success of TRPARTS, and their success has been key to many keeping their vehicles. This means that when businesses turn to the team, they can quickly and easily see precisely what is available to them. Over the years, the TRPARTS team have made it their mission to supply precisely what their customers, and their customers’ customers, want to see in as straightforward a manner as possible. Of course, with new technologies at play in every industry, this has not been achieved by relying on old-fashioned ways of working, however. Instead, the team have leveraged the many disruptive innovations that have hit industries around the world. TRPARTS has thrived thanks to using Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) information technology-based applications to make their company a force to be reckoned with on the international stage. The team have a host of tariffs that are constantly updated and improved, with ultra-wholesale prices integrated into the very system itself. Actively buying clients can easily find these through the teams’ proprietary solution, PARTS HUB B2B. Other enquires can be directly towards to the team for a quick quotation if needed, no matter how Best Independent Motor Vehicle & Parts Company - Istanbul Finding spare parts is no easy task, especially in the automotive industry. There’s an international audience for these products, particularly from Turkey. The team at TRPARTS is the gateway to these products. In Corporate Vision’s Small Business Awards 2022, the team’s incredible efforts were justly recognised. We dig a little deeper into this impressive organisation to uncover more. many references are required. It goes without saying that timing is everything in this industry, and the TRPARTS team are eager to advise their clients on when is best to make their decisions. The team’s eye for technology has also guided the high standard of customer service which they are proud to champion. Finding new ways to constantly challenge the workforce means that the TRPARTS team are never satisfied settling for second best. As such, this is a team that is easily accessible, and happy to communicate with clients through English, German, French, Greek and Bulgarian. These European languages have given the team incredible range in their dealings which has brought them much success since opening their doors. Turning to the TRPARTS team means that you not only have access to their stunning products and exceptional sales team, but a group of professionals who have experience exporting their products to customers all over the world. Their commitment to quality in every respect means they have built useful relationships with qualified Bulgarian agents. They can provide all of the necessary paperwork and documentation to guarantee smooth passage of your items with ease. For those who require transport of items as opposed to collecting them from TRPARTS directly, a choice of forwarders is available. Each is chosen because they not only offer a range of different services, but also because they have a host of different packages to propose to customers. It’s not enough to provide the highest quality, because so many people have so many different needs from shipping agencies. Before any shipping decisions are made, however, clients are offered the chance to consolidate their orders once everything has been safely packed in order to improve their profit margins. As an Incoterms 2010 complying company, the TRPARTS team provides EX-WORKS, CPT, CIP, FCA, CIF and container quotations for customers to compare. With a service that is dedicatedly end-to-end, they are not only experts when it comes to finding the right products, but pioneers when it comes to ensuring that they are delivered safely to their final destinations. Whether items are being transported, by land or sea or air, the team behind TRPARTS goes above and beyond each and every time to guarantee the best possible service for their clients. Few can doubt the incredible quality of what the TRPARTS team have to offer the car industry at large, with their items being amongst some of the finest the world over. It goes without saying that their tremendous success is because they have set themselves apart from the competition, striving to push the boundaries of how effective spare parts really can be. We can’t wait to see where this forward-thinking innovator goes next! Company: TRPARTS Name: Furkan Atilgan Email: [email protected]

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into next year, Pay4Fun will be entering markets in Peru, Chile, and Mexico, with other markets in planning stages. In addition, the company has had several products enter the development phase, which it hopes will soon lead to exciting news for both its customers and its merchants! Contact: Leonardo Baptista Company: Pay4Fun Instituição de Pagamento SA Web Address: Sep22205 Best Online Payment Platform 2022 - Brazil It is imperative that online payments are conducted and processed securely – which means that in the Brazilian market, there is only one premium option. Indeed, Pay4Fun has changed the landscape of the entire online payment platformmarket, introducing services that have not only been recognised by, but also provided licenses by Brazil’s Central Bank. Pay4Fun is the only company of its kind to have been awarded such authorisations in Brazil. Revolutionising the iGaming market in Brazil, Pay4Fun offers users an easy and secure payment solution, both for the end user and for its merchant. Over the past three years of operating, the company has grown exponentially, with much of this success being attributed to the excellence of the services provided, the ground-breaking technology platform, and its adherence to regulations imposed by the Central Bank of Brazil. Of course, it could be said that an even greater portion of this success stems from Pay4Fun’s unwavering devotion to excellence, both in terms of the platform and in the services it provides its partners and end customers. In terms of its strategy, Pay4Fun notes that it provides ‘full attention to our corporate client, first by sending all the technical documentation, after that, our team monitors all the steps of the integration to our platform, helping the technical area with matters related to it, general tests until the final process of approval for our services to be officially placed on the client’s website .We also regularly check all the clients that we have integrated, in order to ensure that everyone is properly using our solution and we suggest improvements when necessary.’ Through doing so, Pay4Fun has established a loyal clientele, with customers flocking to the site in order to use a safe payment platform. In essence, the company guarantees that its platform is of the highest quality and is operating smoothly in order for customers to use it without a hitch. Client-centricity is – and has always been – the company’s fundamental priority, as without the customers, Pay4Fun would not have garnered the success that it has. It is this that truly defines Pay4Fun in an oversaturated market, as since its genesis, it has been concerned with adequately serving its B2B and B2C clients. One significant aspect in the company’s devotion to quality has been its compliance with Central Bank regulations, which, unfortunately for consumers, is something that much of its competition has failed to do. In fact, Pay4Fun has done this so effectively that, in June 2022, it was awarded a license by the Central Bank, and it is the first company in the Brazilian industry to have been awarded this authorisation. The company prides itself on following all KYC and anti-money laundering policies, and it carries out all its financial operations correctly and transparently. Most recently, for example, the company recently had a European group come on board as a shareholder, which has further strengthened its position and presence within the market. Pay4Fun confirms, ‘now, on the eve of the regulation of our market, all our competitors are trying to do what we did four years ago. This gave us credibility and brought us an important advantage, because everything we have implemented, the market is currently racing to catch up with us.’ The future of Pay4Fun is, therefore, centred around expansion and the domination of the local market. It is currently in a full expansion phase to other Latin American countries, and over the end of 2022

Sep22275 Most Impactful ICT Solutions Provider - South Africa Having been established in 1991, Python SystemDesign has built its reputation on hardware and software expertise for the defence industry. Indeed, the focus has gradually shifted to the field of information technology over the time it has been in operation, responding to the changing needs of its market segment with diligence and enthusiasm. Such pivots have given it a pedigree of dependability and reliability, as it has ensured that throughout its developments, its quality of service has remained consistent. Providing the best of outsourced IT services to its corporate clientele throughout South Arica, Python System Design’s offices in Cape Town and Centurion allow it to give its customers access to the best solutions through its established business partner relationships. Alongside the network of experts that it has cultivated, through which it can make itself an invaluable friend to its clients’ businesses, its own expertise and experience has set it apart from its peers to make it a technology solutions one-stop-shop. Nominally, giving access to expert guidance that is both actionable and cost-effective, it hopes that its services will help its clients to meet their business objectives. All of this helps Python to achieve its mission of cultivating the best, most dynamic, and most holistic outsourced IT support service models, tailored to fit the requirements of each client by making itself the one point of contact they need to successfully set up their new technology infrastructure. When it comes to the client’s IT environment, Python streamlines the processes involved by ensuring the client can find all their needed support in one place. Indeed, this cultivates a better relationship between technology provider and business, ensuring that quality, communication, and personalised solutions remain its foremost priorities along the way, and allowing even the strictest of requirements to be met. Initially, when taking on a client, the first task is the in-depth assessment of their existing IT environment. This, in essence, allows Python to build something that will fit seamlessly around their existing processes, trimming fat, and streamlining workload, documenting this the whole time so that its support team has a full understanding of the new environment they’re supporting. The resultingly well-tailored solutions have become well known amongst the SME market throughout South Africa, allowing it to incorporate third party relationship management into its processes thanks to its huge network of partners, building up a community of businesses who boast great communication and long-term business relationships. Such operations have allowed it to thrive despite recent global challenges, and it is excited to keep this up by hiring the freshest and boldest new voices in the industry, setting itself up for huge further expansion. Company: Python System Design Contact: Philip de Kock Website: Small Business Awards 2022 15

All great businesses begin with an idea, as a start-up, and with the need to find their relevance and what makes themdifferent from the competition, so they can bring to the market their unique propositions, intellectual property, and knowledge. DataBench is exactly on this journey. It has done its research, it has stepped up its technology platforms, and is now driving into boardrooms across Australia and New Zealand the importance of data privacy fromboth compliance requirements and from a positive brand experience by consumers. Founded in 2018, DataBench’s earliest days were focused on assessing the global wave of data privacy compliance and how the world’s vendor market was responding to a new global industry. It became clear that most businesses don’t know the full extent of applications and systems they have running across their organisations, so they don’t really know where all the personal data sits within their business. The other core underlying finding was organisations choosing to address the changing landscape with manual solutions where they were applying, on average, up to six extra staff to deal with the increased workloads. Despite this, they still found themselves falling behind on mandated timeframes as they still needed signoff from 6-8 departments to release information and failing their legislation obligations. On the other hand, organisations that choose to address privacy legislation with automated solutions were reducing workload so it could be managed by just one staff member who is able to turn workflow around within 1-3 days. DataBench knew that helping businesses across Australia and New Zealand to automate their respective privacy and personal data landscapes was the best place to start, so it designed a leading automated data privacy platform called DataBench. As the company’s founder, David Christmas notes, “It needs to be a local Australian solution tailored for local conditions and ultimately for local companies.” DataBench has designed a solution that puts the topic of personal data compliance programmes back onto the boardroom agenda throughout Australia and New Zealand, coupled with an automated solution. CEO of DataBench, Paul Muller says, “This is a new industry and one that DataBench is well-positioned in to lead across our markets.” In order to provide the best possible solution, the company believes in investing in the right technologies in order to bring about scalability and allow for growth as it expands as a business. It believes in developing quality solutions that allow its customers to gain the biggest benefits available to them and wrap that with skilled resources to support rapid adoption of its solutions and the ongoing support to ensure customers are always operational with its solutions. It also believes in ensuring that its solutions are always up-to-date with data privacy regulations and compliance, and as these change on the global stage that its solutions reflect the latest in Federal and State Legislation and Acts. DataBench also sees smart technology as important in automating business processes so it can help organisations to easily scan and find traces of personal information and privacy data across all their data sources and then automate consumer subject requests (such as Show Me My Data, Remove Me requests) to provide significant time, cost, and compliance savings to customers. Consistency is also key. DataBench is a small and dedicated team that works for its customers’ outcomes and they never give up. Their passion for quality and deliverable outcomes makes the company a trusted partner of choice. This comes with openness, honesty, and transparency. They take ownership, deliver results by being accountable for those results. They enjoy balance in their lives and treat all people, customers, partners, and suppliers as they would like to be treated. Clearly a team highly deserving of their success, Paul speaks on behalf of them when he says, “We are absolutely delighted to have been selected for this Small Business Award and we thank the editors at Corporate Vision for including us in the process.” Ultimately, DataBench may be a small business, but it is tackling new and emerging challenges for all businesses across Australia and New Zealand dealing in data privacy and compliance to ever-changing regulations. It plans to grow annually, with Paul telling us, “We are proud of our achievements to date. We have really only just stated our journey and the future is very promising for DataBench.” Company: DataBench Contact: Paul Muller Email: [email protected] Website: Sep22141 Best Automated Data Mapping & Privacy Management Solutions - Australasia

Sep22178 Best Emerging International Event Service Provider - Hong Kong Zicket empowers clients by delivering best-in-class solutions for event management, event operations, and marketing. It provides integrated ticketing, access control, RFID, digital marketing, and event services, all tailored for use at a number of Asia’s largest family events and attractions, including The AIA Great European Carnival, Hong Kong; The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, Singapore; The Hong Kong Observation Wheel; The AIA Vitality Hub, Hong Kong; and The Grounds, Hong Kong. Four years into its journey, Zicket has sold 6.25 million tickets to clients, and over HK$600 million has been processed via its systems. But it is so much more than just a ticketing company. Ticketing has changed, the event industry has evolved, and Zicket adapts with it. In an industry where services are extremely fragmented, Zicket has become a streamlined one-stop-shop for event organisers. The team decided it was no longer enough for clients to only be able to sell tickets via Zicket. They knew its offering could be improved on, and while they have done just that, they have also leveraged their expertise and added even more to the resources clients can take advantage of, including ticketing, digital marketing, payments and RFID, and indeed other event services. This now enables Zicket to offer the most complete and efficient set of digital event services in Hong Kong. Data-driven, outcome-focused, and believing in end-to-end results, Zicket’s colleagues work closely together and with their clients, listening to problems and working to overcome them to create innovative, flexible, and bespoke solutions for events of all sizes. The company is well positioned to work with clients all over the world, with a wide scope and understanding the need to remain at the cutting-edge in order to service clients in such a fast-paced and ever-changing industry. The level of customer service the Zicket team provides to all stakeholders is something they pride themselves on and it goes a long way in this industry. They have worked with a number of different event operators from a selection of event genres and have a catalogue of testimonials and case studies to back up their triumphs. Simon Wilson, Managing Director of The Grounds, Hong Kong has this to say about Zicket’s services: “Zicket are best-in-class operators and an invaluable resource when it comes to planning and executing a new event concept. They brought years of collective events and technology experience to the project and acted as an extension of our own team. “When devising completely new event tools for the ‘new normal’, it was very reassuring to have a technology and ticketing partner that not only had a deep understanding of planning and executing a ticketing campaign, but also had their finger on the pulse of global trends and developments in COVID-responsible best practice for large format events. “When a solution was not readily available, they helped create or retrofit something to meet our needs, taking account of timeline and budget and always proposing sensible solutions. Zicket has helped us redefine the standard for COVID-responsible event experiences and we are proud to partner with them going forward as our exclusive ticketing and technology provider.” Now, the Zicket team is extremely excited about the next chapter of the company. They will continue to develop their services and knowledge as they go to aid the success of group clients, Great Entertainment Group, Hong Kong Observation Wheel & AIA Vitality Park, and Greater Bay Media Entertainment (GBME), as well as the 80+ clients they now also service throughout Hong Kong and beyond. Zicket definitely plans to grow. The new slick zicket. co website was launched in August and will act as an event discovery hub and what’s on guide. The site harnesses the power of the Eventbrite API as well as allows the listing of events that Zicket isn’t ticketing, opening up a whole new realm of opportunities for editorial and offers sections. The remaining months of 2022 are shaping up to be very busy and enjoyable for the team. They are about to launch a second season of The Grounds, Hong Kong’s ultimate socially distanced entertainment experience incorporating a giant LED screen, state-of-the-art sound system and hi-tech stage. Last year, The Grounds allowed Zicket to engage existing partner audiences in live sports, wellness, live music, game shows, outdoor cinema, and more. Without the space and extensive health and safety measures that were maintained including its toolkit, these offerings would not have been possible in a year of ongoing restrictions. Zicket hosted over 150 sessions, sold over 50,000 tickets, reached over 1.4 million page views, gained nearly HK$5 million in media value, and generated 1.98 billion media impressions, with stories picked up by worldwide media, from the New York Times to Forbes. Working so closely on an event that received such worldwide acclaim is an honour for Zicket, and its team is ready to play their part in evolving further. Alongside that, there is a host of exciting events coming up with external partners and they are excited to see them all benefit from Zicket’s enhanced and diversified service offering! Company: Zicket Contact: Aidan Pawson Email: [email protected] Website: & Small Business Awards 2022 17

The majority of people – old and young – enjoy a dip in a pool, be it for exercise, fun, or cooling off in the summer. Therefore, its vital that such pools are compliant with safety regulations. Certified Pool is a company that knows the ins and outs of swimming pool safety, and as a result, it can ensure that your pool is safe and sound. It’s imperative that a pool – public or private – is safe and compliant with local and national legislation. Certified Pool can provide a great amount of assistance in this area. Indeed, the New South Wales-based company specialises in swimming pool and spa safety compliance services, providing them to homeowners and the real estate industry, with such services being essential to a ‘contract for sale’ or a ‘rental agreement’ of a property with a swimming pool and/ or a spa. Henceforth, Certified Pool is on a mission to provide exceptional swimming pool and spa compliance services to its clients across the Northern and Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Established just over five years ago, Certified Pool is a member of both the Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA) and the Association of Accredited Certifiers (AAC). In this time, Certified Pool has also been recognised as Gold Winners of Best Pool & Spa Barrier Inspector NSW & ACT 2019 and Silver Winners (Highly Commended) for Best Pool & Spa Barrier Inspector National 2019. It is with these awards in mind that the quality of Certified Pool’s work becomes clear; the company strives for perfection within each job it performs, and it truly prioritises client-centricity. For example, when working with a new client, Certified Pool has a number of personal contact points after their initial inquiry, as this system has been designed to help clients through a simple threestep process. Moreover, if the client is an estate agent, Certified Pool offers an additional Barrier Safety and Regulations Compliance training to their sales team, which then benefits the agency as they can guide their clients through the process. Through working in such close proximity to its clients, Certified Pool has developed a comprehensive understanding of its clients needs and wants and how to adapt its services for every unique project. Consequently, this approach is infused within the team, which is built on a client-centric, solutions, and outcomes-based culture. The company boasts an exceptionally experienced and talented team who have a strong local presence and understanding of Certified Pool’s clients’ environments. Certified Pool strives to benefit the community, following along with local trends, as this enables it to build an immediate report. Communication, efficiency, and professionalism is also key to the team’s operations, and therefore, Certified Pool has built a team renowned for being the best of the best. Certified Pool believes that going forward, it can grow through the increased used of technology, without compromising on its core value of personalised service. Its name and reputation are crucially important, and it plans to be mindful to protect this with any new introduction of technology or change to its systems. In essence, technology can only take you so far. The company places an enormous emphasis on customer service, and it is honoured to be seen as its clients’ certifier of choice. Contact: Granville Harris Company: Certified Pool Web Address: Dec21465 Best Swimming Pool Safety Compliance Specialists - Australia