Small Business Awards 2022

The population is growing, and so is demand for food. According to studies, the rate at which food is produced doesn’t meet the population’s needs, and it won’t in the future either if we continue as we are. BMH believes a grain saved is a grain produced. It wants to reduce post-harvest losses at farm level by providing its innovative storage solutions to farmers. We got in touch with the company’s founder, Ravindra Dekate to learnmore. Ravindra Dekate began research into grain wastage, and as a result, recognised the huge losses within the agriculture and horticulture industry due to wasted harvest. Thus, he saw an opportunity and designed Bulk Grain Handling Technologies with the aim to reduce massive post-harvest grain losses, at the grass root level. Over time, as he researched more into the issues in agriculture and horticulture post-harvest losses, he realised that there was huge potential to develop storage of all kinds with the aim of reducing the huge scale of losses that occur. Now, BMH has storage models available for grains, pulses, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Ravindra tells us, “Covering all fields will help in saving farmers’ hard work at all levels. Having storage nearby will give farmers an opportunity to hold their harvest and sell when it’s required, without wastage. Also, as a society, we can achieve the aim of serving people in need, who don’t get food on a regular basis and are malnourished.” Indeed, as new clients approach the company with loss issues in other fields, rather than saying it doesn’t have a solution, it proceeds to research and invent the storage. Ravindra explains, “We will research the issue, find out if a solution can be made, and then revert the client. This has been our success mantra. It’s not only a win for the client, but for us at BMH, as we get to expand our services and gain more insight into the needs of our clients.” On paper, there is no storage like BMH’s, but it has indirect competition with traditional storage systems – silos and godowns, which are used as a default for storing grains. Nevertheless, BMH has the advantage of its storage solutions being portable, as they can be moved to on-spot locations, whereas with silos, the grains have to be moved instead, resulting in more losses over time. Ravindra comments, “Initially, it’s hard to change the mindset and deviate the industry to changing the standard procedures. However, by showing our results and success of our systems, slowly, we have begun to implement our storage systems.” Indeed, BMH is a company that is all about being open to change and innovation, striving to change the status quo if it has benefits for the industry. It also believes in giving opportunities to young talent, to build on their skills, and also gain from their fresh perspective. Therefore, it has many young trainees recruited to work with it at all levels of product research, development, and manufacturing. Its experienced members guide and train the new recruits to utilise its technology and learn the foundation of the company. Ravindra tells us what he looks for in new talent: “In new talent, we look for hunger to learn and also have the ability to come up with new ideas. They should be able to not only follow instructions, but also lead when required. We are constantly looking for opportunities to expand our range of systems. If the new talent Best Bulk Material Handling Company - India has the ability to help us with research and develop these new areas, it helps us grow as a company.” While BMH is proud of its innovations, it believes that it still has a long way to go. In the future, it wants to develop more storage systems for different fields within agriculture and horticulture. Already developing for certain kinds of flowers and fruits, it is learning its way into the field. Other than developing new storage, it also wants to work its way into expanding its reach and implementing its storage more and more by the day. By the end of 2022, the company hopes to acquire more clients and projects, gaining the team opportunities to learn from experience and keep providing the best possible solutions. Company: BMH Transmotion Contact: Ravindra Dekate Email: [email protected] Website: