Small Business Awards 2023

Oct23104 SeeDevice Inc. is a fabless quantum-based CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) SWIR (short-wave infrared) image sensor developer. With its customized sensing solution, the business offers clients a cost-effective, high-performance sensor in the semiconductor marketplace. It is the mission of SeeDevice to pioneer the CMOS-SWIR image sensor industry with its revolutionary quantum sensing technology. SeeDevice Inc. has received a Small Business Award for this year’s Most Innovative Image Technology Company – USA. Founded in 2017 by Dr. Hoon Kim, SeeDevice was established to solve SWIR vision problems and deliver its advanced technology to clients worldwide. Their clients work across numerous industries including agriculture, automotive, biomedical, consumer electronics, machine vision, and many more. With a wide array of applications, SeeDevice collaborates with clients to create a sensor that successfully exceeds their expectations. Backed by over 60 patents, SeeDevice’s innovative QMOS™ (quantum effect CMOS) SWIR image sensor utilizes the concepts of plasmonic and quantum tunneling to achieve its sensing solution. QMOS™ was created to improve the capabilities of pure CMOS sensors using quantum mechanics to sense beyond visible light into the SWIR region of the light spectrum. This sensor provides a broader range of data which results in a faster, higher-quality image. SeeDevice aims to provide a more cost-effective method than competing sensors that rely on exotic materials to improve performance. SeeDevice has become a valuable prospect for clients and investors due to its technological ingenuity and lower costs. The team at SeeDevice collaborates closely with clients throughout the development process to ensure that the final product exceeds their high expectations. Sensors undergo rigorous testing and demonstrations to ensure the business consistently produces exceptional high-quality products. Driven by a strong desire for advancement, SeeDevice’s commitment to excellence and vigilant processes have placed the business at the forefront of the image sensor industry. SeeDevice has positioned itself between the CMOS and SWIR imaging markets. The applications of traditional CMOS image sensors include electronics such as smartphones and cameras. These personal electronics utilize silicon for its light-absorbing properties and low production costs; however, silicon image sensors are unable to sense beyond visible light, which is necessary for other sensor applications. Technologies now incorporate exotic materials such as indium, gallium, and germanium to reach broader light spectrums in the SWIR region. While these sensors can detect things invisible to the human eye, their manufacturing costs are extremely expensive. QMOS™ technology combines the benefits of CMOS and SWIR imaging, resulting in high-quality visual data and low production costs. SeeDevice’s pure CMOS sensor is the first of its kind to cover UV, visible, NIR (near-infrared), and SWIR wavelengths (200–1650 nm). SeeDevice’s core values of collaboration, diversity, and passion provide the foundation for its success. The business is dedicated to building strong relationships between itself and its valued clients. SeeDevice seeks to employ individuals driven by the desire to continuously innovate and create superior products. With cross-team collaboration, SeeDevice aims to nurture an interconnected workplace where all voices matter and everyone receives the resources necessary for growth. Priding itself on its commitment to diversity, the company believes that a diverse team fosters a more creative and efficient working culture. As SeeDevice moves towards mass production, it has begun to expand its team to receive more projects. The remainder of the year will focus on strengthening its collaborative partnerships with industry leaders and completing existing projects. SeeDevice has recently discovered a new application for its sensing solution and is currently testing a user-friendly non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring (NI-CGM) system. The device will provide a non-invasive method of glucose measurement, removing the need for traditional finger-pricking methods. SeeDevice aims to provide its groundbreaking, affordable NI-CGM system to diabetics around the world. Looking to the future, SeeDevice aspires to position itself amongst the key players in the CMOS and SWIR imaging industries. The company is passionate about revolutionizing the image sensor industry with a new market for quantum-enabled CMOS-SWIR sensors. With its cost-effective and high-quality sensing solution, we are excited to see how SeeDevice will continue to transform the future of imaging technology. For its pioneering work, SeeDevice has received our award for this year’s Most Innovative Image Technology Company – USA. Contact: Reesoo Park Company: SeeDevice Inc. Web Address: Founder and CEO, Dr. Hoon Kim Most Innovative Image Technology Company 2023 - USA