Small Business Awards 2023

Small Business Awards 2023 37 Oct23013 Based in Kenya, Let’s Create Africa is a B-Corp Certified Entrepreneur Support Organisation (ESO) that leverages the power of communications, media, PR, and advocacy to co-create social enterprises that aim to drive change in low-income communities. Here, we dive into the company’s work and the success of Waihiga K. Muturi, Rtn., Africa Digital Communications, Media, and Innovations Director, in winning the title of Marketing & Communications Specialist of the Year. In 2014, Let’s Create Africa was established with the goal of promoting creativity and innovation, two factors that it believes continuously play an integral role in solving the continent’s most significant challenges. Using its skills and talents, the company aims to empower others and create a better future for one and all. Let’s Create Africa envisions a self-sufficient, prosperous, and equitable Africa that celebrates its unique diversity through art. To transform this dream into reality, the company is working tirelessly to reduce unemployment, contribute towards ending poverty, and promote sustainable social innovation. To do this, it focuses on providing a platform that empowers creative people to participate in the ever-growing creative economy. Fuelled by both creativity and innovation, Let’s Create Africa views entrepreneurship as a powerful tool for driving positive change. The company offers a range of services designed to support young entrepreneurs, the next generation of leaders in Africa, by providing them with peer-to-peer training, mentorship, market linkages, and micro-funding. Firstly, as part of its business development training services, Let’s Create Africa provides young people with education on topics like business planning, marketing, finance, and customer service, aiming to equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to establish their businesses and grow them over time. Secondly, Let’s Create Africa offers mentoring and coaching services, as part of which it connects young entrepreneurs with experienced mentors, including successful businesspeople and other professionals, who can provide them with guidance and support. It also offers them invaluable networking opportunities, empowering them to forge relationships with fellow entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in their field. On top of this, Let’s Create Africa is able to connect young entrepreneurs with investors, banks, and other financial institutions, helping them to secure the funding they need to achieve growth. Lastly, Let’s Create Africa offers incubation and acceleration programmes designed to provide young entrepreneurs with comprehensive access to the office space, mentorship, training, and funding they need to grow their businesses. Equipped with a team of passionate and committed individuals, Let’s Create Africa believes that its internal culture is one of its greatest strengths. The company’s employees are highly collaborative, creative, and always willing to go the extra mile to deliver excellence. By creating a positive and supportive work environment, Let’s Create Africa is able to attract and retain the best possible talent, which plays an integral role in its ability to deliver high-quality services. On top of this, the company is committed to training its staff members through a variety of focused programmes as well as ongoing coaching and mentoring. It also encourages them to take on new challenges to develop and enhance their skills. Since July 2014, Waihiga K. Muturi, Rtn. has served as Africa Digital Communications, Media, and Innovations Director at Let’s Create Africa. During his time in this role, he has built an impressive list of achievements. He is a firm believer that Africa MUST change the way it tackles Poverty! For example, Waihiga has spearheaded more than 63 successful roundtables, led a number of fundraising and resource mobilisation events with a focus on sustainability, and raised $25 million for entrepreneur support as well as early-stage projects and organisations focused on social entrepreneurship. He has also served as a brand ambassador and primary spokesperson, using his strong skills in communications to increase clients’ positive brand recognition by 82% and enhance the impact of their projects. As a result of his work over the years, Waihiga has garnered an excellent reputation and a successful track record in the incubator/accelerator ecosystem, specifically in advocacy, PR, communications, media, marketing, and ICT4D. He is a renowned serial social entrepreneur, community leader, youth policy champion, and advocate for internet governance and digital rights. Considering his impressive career thus far, it is no surprise that Waihiga has been awarded this year’s Marketing & Communications Specialist of the Year, Kenya, in the Small Business Awards 2023. With his expertise at its disposal, there is no doubt that Let’s Create Africa and all its partners looks towards an immensely bright future as it works to make a difference in the world. Contact: Waihiga K. Muturi, Rtn. Company: Let’s Create Africa Web Address: Email: [email protected] Marketing & Communications Specialist of the Year 2023 (Kenya): Waihiga K. Muturi, Rtn.