Technology Innovator Awards 2018

, Best in Migration Technology 2018 - Germany fme AG is an innovative German technology provider that has developedmigration-center, a full function, out-of-the-box product for highly automated, large volume content and data migrations.We profile this unique solution and the firmwhich provides it, to explore how they achieve itsmission: helping customers to reduce cost, manage risk, increase productivity and fasten the go live of ECMapplications by deliveringmigration products and services for complexmigration scenarios. migration-center is not only a product but rather a content migration platform, which carries out highly automated, large volume migrations without system downtime. It is a 100 % out-of-the-box software, fully documented, easy to deploy and needs no additional programming or scripting effort. The product, which is on the market since 2005, has been certified by leading ECM platform vendors and has proven its quality in thousands of projects at hundreds of customers worldwide, even in highly regulated environments. Together with its international partners, the firm offers a global service presence to support clients with their migration project or simply train them on how to use it. Clients can save 60 % in costs and 80 % in project duration time when using migration-center, compared to developing their own scripts and frameworks. Ultimately, a careful look at current products on the market reveals that most do no more than simply importing documents. Any metadata transformation or document reclassification is either absent or of such rudimentary nature, which will severely limit the scope of projects or leading to additional programming at prohibitive costs. Independent experts confirm that fme offers the most highly developed migration software available anywhere. Its solution is an absolute power tool designed to handle any migration challenge with ease, which has the power to efficiently classify information objects through extensible algorithms with no additional programming or scripting effort needed. Moving forward, the firm will continue to drive innovation in the market and expand upon its unique solution to better benefit clients. TI180015 Company: fme AG - migration-center Contact: Florian Piaszyk-Hensen Address: Wolfenbütteler Str. 33 City: Braunschweig, 38102, Germany Phone: +49-531-23854-0 Website: