Technology Innovator Awards 2018

26 Corporate Vision / Technology Innovator Awards 2018 , Best Media Brand Advertising Agency - Los Angeles FastRock is a Los Angeles based creative agencywhich aims to create innovative campaigns thatmeet the needs of its clients. Creative Director Chris Anderson talks us through the firm and the services it offers. Established in 2014, today the team at FastRock is very proud of the balance that they have created between their boutique agency and some of the world’s most renowned and revered brands. Chris provides us with an insight into the firm’s work and how it has achieved this exceptional success. “At FastRock, we have a breadth of knowledge across print, digital, outdoor and video, focusing on the areas of, Editorial, Creative Solutions and Brand Partnerships. Our work covers a wide area within the industry; creating campaigns for The World Wildlife Fund, working brand- side for some of the largest Hollywood film franchises at Universal Pictures and creating bespoke partnership creatives for music giant, Universal Music Group. “Fundamentally, we are graphic designers by trade, but we are involved in all areas of the creative process, from copywriting to shoot production and everything in between. Our goal is to deliver the perfect balance between speed and quality, understanding and ingenuity, editorial edge and advertising polish as well as creativity and craftsmanship, ensuring our clients’ messages meet their audiences in unforgettable ways. Thanks to the excellence of our work we are recognized within the industry as a creative force for our multi-disciplined skill sets and broad perspective when it comes to campaign pitching, implementation and delivery.” Looking to the future, the agency looks set for even greater success as it continues its journey into the heart of LA’s advertising market as it seeks to offer clients truly cutting edge solutions that will continue to meet their ever evolving needs, as Chris concludes. “Going forward, it is undeniable that VR/AR campaigns will become more prominent in 2018, now that larger tech giants such as Intel are participating in the space. To support this market development, at FastRock we will continue researching suitable cloud-based solutions that meet our needs and, most importantly, those of our valued clients.” Company: FastRock LLC Contact: Chris Anderson | [email protected] Address: 11601 Wilshire Blvd, ste 1840, Los Angeles, California, 90025, USA Website: TI180017 Image courtesy of © WWF ( ), Some rights reserved. Photography: Jim Naughten.