Technology Innovator Awards 2018

, Best Employee Engagement Solution: Applauz The KLF Group is a Canadian-based company specializing in software development and logistics for employee recognition and customer loyalty programs. Francois Fortier, CEOand Founder tells usmore about the firmand the range of innovations it offers to its valued clients. The KLF story began in 2005 with Loyalty Source ( l ) , a rewards fulfillment service provider for Canadian- based employee recognition and customer loyalty programs. With the release of Loyalty Source, KLF discovered the need to provide recognition and rewards services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), which, were historically neglected. This led KLF to conceive Applauz Recognition, the first truly self- serve and easy-to-use, free employee recognition solution. Every company struggles with employee engagement, however, prior to Applauz, only the large corporations had the resources and budget to implement expensive recognition software. KLF intrinsically understands the value provided by a strategic and measurable employee recognition program, moreover how it positively affects productivity and improves employee morale and overall happiness. As such, Applauz was conceived to ‘level the playing field’, by offering enterprise-level recognition tools at no charge to all businesses, large and small. Francois explores how this has transformed into the firm’s mission and how it works to achieve this. “At KLF, our mission is to ‘Build an Extraordinary Workplace’, and therefore we have focused all of our efforts and expertise on this singular goal. For us, it is not enough simply to provide software tools, we want to deeply partner with our clients to help them improve their company’s “Employee Value Proposition” (EVP) overall. “This means we help organizations be great at rewarding, recognizing and retaining their star employees. We built Applauz Recognition Software with this in mind, and that is why we chose to make the service free to use. No matter the size of the company, the budget should not be the limiting factor to creating awesome places to work.” Looking to the future, KLF will be building upon its current success as it prepares to offer its unique solution to clients around the world, as Francois is excited to conclude. “Over the coming months, Applauz Recognition is releasing amazing new features such as advanced business analytics offering detailed and measured employee engagement reports, Free tools such as Pulse Surveys along with Slack and Google Chrome apps and a host of new features supporting positive human engagement in the workplace. We are also working on a partnership allowing us to expand our market reach into the US.” TI180028 Company: KLF Group INC. Contact: Sandro Mezzacappa Address: 8010 Devonshire, Mount-Royal, Québec, H4P 2K3, Canada Phone: 001 514 805 8951 Website: