Technology Innovator Awards 2018

and manages $20 billion in new business premiums SE2’s unmatched record of success speaks for itself. A great example of how life insurers leverage SE2 was seen when after acquiring a life insurance company few years ago to expand sales of its life and retirement products, the new parent company set out on an ambitious effort to stand up 10-plus life, annuities and long-term care benefits products simultaneously. SE2 implemented and launched all products in a short amount of time and with the company’s help, the insurer was fully prepared to sell products immediately, translating into explosive sales growth. Overall, these are very exciting times for the industry as life and annuity insurers begin to unshackle from the legacy challenges holding them back and refocus on their core differentiators of risk pooling, risk pricing and product innovation to meet customer needs and look to offload operations of closed blocks of business and seek to begin a move to the cloud through innovative business partners that provide SaaS, BPaaS and PaaS service models. To adapt around these developments, SE2 continues to make considerable capital investments in its innovative technology platform and the firm’s operations are leading the industry in its adoption and progress to digital operations. Its technology framework is evolving through automation (robotics and back office), contextualized omni-channel access, machine learning and insights driven cognitive computing, predictive and prescriptive analytics, API/service enablement, blockchain, increased configurability and expansion of its partner ecosystem, and is enabling this journey to digital operations. Driving change in the market on an ongoing basis, SE2 is pioneering the use of robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and prescriptive analytics to transform life and annuity insurance operations of our clients as well as enhancing how end customers experience the services and brand of its valued clients. The firm’s advanced technology is tailored and applied to solving the unique and ever evolving challenges of life and annuity carriers, and this will remain SE2’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright and prosperous future filled with invigorating opportunities. Company: SE2 Website: Most Innovative Insurance Business Process as a Service Provider 2018 g