Technology Innovator Awards 2018

44 Corporate Vision / Technology Innovator Awards 2018 , Best Solar PV Installer - British Columbia & Award for Innovation in Solar PV Design Swiss Solar Tech Ltd is a leading solar installer and a private held British Columbia company. SusanHuber provides us with a fascinating insight into the firmand the range of innovative solutions it provides to its valued clients. Incorporated in September 2001, Swiss Solar Tech challenges the status quo, by looking beyond what-has- been-done and towards what can be done differently, to offer alternatives and a superior, high quality product. Thanks to its technical knowledge and management skills, Swiss Solar Tech Ltd. creates cost-effective renewable energy and heat recovery solutions with the benefit of having one company oversee the entire project, from planning and design to supplying and installing the equipment. Susan explores how the firm has flourished since inception and how it remains committed to providing clients with the highest possible standards of service and support. “Swiss Solar Tech Ltd. was formed for the purpose of offering solar water heating including solar pool heating, solar PV for electricity and heat recovery systems to the government, institutional and commercial business sector as well as to the private home owners. Our special area of expertise revolves around offering clients the newest technologies available on the market to custom design the most efficient solar systems possible for each project.” Today, our clients range from businesses like hotels, wineries, manufacturing as well as restaurants, stores and storage facilities but also institutional and government buildings. “Supporting this range of clients means that we have to offer a flexible approach, and as we will take on any site-specific obstacles like shading, rough terrain or small budgets and will turn it into viable options for solar energy production in the most cost efficient way possible. We also have experienced roofers on staff that can handle any kind if roof from metal roof to asphalt shingles and from flat roof to very steep roofs including building a solar roof for parking lots and restaurant patios.” Having installed many design-built solar systems for wineries in the Okanagan Valley, including Burrowing Owl, Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery, Monster Vineyards, Howling Bluff, Noble Ridge and Painted Rock Estate Winery, Swiss Solar Tech has vast experience in supporting wineries across the region and providing them with innovative solutions designed specifically to meet their needs. Susan highlights one project in particular and explores how the company adapted its solution to meet the exact requirements of the customer. “In July 2017 we designed and installed a 50 kW solar panel system covering the carport for the Burrowing Owl Winery in Oliver. In the centre of the parking area is a landscaped “island” where 12 cars can park. We designed and installed a protective cover over these 12 parking spaces that consist of a roof that provides shade and protection from rain, and will support 108 solar panels. These panels will generate 50,300 kWh/year and will offset CO2 emissions of 27 tons.” Ultimately, with so many exciting developments in the solar energy market currently, Susan foresees a bright and prosperous future for Swiss Solar Tech. “Currently the solar energy market if the most exciting market to be working in. Energy prices will only go up and solar power is a non- pollution energy source we can install on most buildings or properties as long as it is not shaded. Additionally, in the very near future, new homes and most of the other buildings that are being built will be net zero. With solar technology we can produce the energy on demand at the site, where no transportation of the energy is needed and there is no middle man to mark up the energy costs. We all will be travelling in electric vehicles that leave no carbon footprint and we can charge them with solar electricity we produce at home. As such, moving forward we will need to implement many more solar installation teams in our company, and therefore we are training our current crew, with the hope of enhancing this over the years to come.” TI180026