2019 Technology Innovator Awards

16 Corporate Vision 2019 Technology Innovator Awards , Triad Group Plc Triad Group Plc: Best Digital Transformation Consultancy 2019 - UK Apr19264 Triad Group Plc is an innovative and dynamic digital transformation consultancyworking alongside a variety of clients to understand the business and the technology challenges they are trying to overcome. Through this approach the firmhas achieved incredible success, as we found out whenwe profiled themas part of our showcase of a selection of winners from the 2019 Technology Innovator Awards. in which they have developed a suite of geospatial products on the Zubed platform, providing fresh insights to clients by using geo-location as a new dimension. Such comprehensive, wide-reaching expertise is what sets Triad apart from its competitors in the market. While there are other companies that offer technology resourcing solutions, Triad consultants sit at the heart of the teams that the firm places into organisations, and they have the expertise and knowledge to support clients on their digital transformation journeys. These skilled specialists quickly create teams with the right technical skills, at each stage of a project, and are fully invested in ensuring projects arrive within budgets and timescales. They take the success of a project personally, ensuring excellence on every project they undertake. The firm also research key industry challenges such as the digital skills shortage and legacy transformation to try to build up their knowledge and offer clients the support and expertise they need. To underpin Triad’s reputation for introducing innovation to its clients, recently the firm has established its own unique Innovation Hub. A cross-section of Triad’s consultants participate regularly in workshops and discussions that lead to focused research and development projects designed to improve our clients’ return on their technology investments. As part of this process, Triad uses external and internal data sources to develop a view of key trends that the firm then processes through a structured discovery and design approach. With an emphasis on speed and quality, the firm then quickly establishes whether these trends are applicable to their clients, ensuring that clients receive cutting-edge support that is relevant and innovative. Current candidates on Triad’s Innovation Hub programme include robotic process automation, AI and machine learning, and data virtualisation. Rather than view these in isolation, the firm is looking at connecting themes. The team is also innovating around its own service model with, for example, a revolutionary approach to management consulting in its sights. Looking to the future, Triad will draw on its existing success and wide range of digital skills to drive itself further forward. The firm will continue to deliver outstanding projects for clients, leveraging the digital transformation expertise and insights it has gained to date for projects across both the public and private sectors. Triad’s consultants are also empowered and highly skilled, so they are able to act autonomously for the good of the client in order to ensure that their objectives are met. CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Triad Group Plc Name: Adrian Leer, Managing Director Address: Huxley House, Weyside Park, Catteshall Lane, Godalming, GU7 1XE Telephone Number: 01908 278450 Web Address: www.triad.co.uk Drawing on over 30 years’ experience operating in some of the toughest corporate environments, Triad is able to define, design and deliver digital solutions for companies in the public, private and third sectors. Since inception Triad has gained a reputation for expertise, and flexibility, with an unbroken track record of successful delivery across Agile and waterfall projects. The firm has achieved this by quickly delivering specialist teams ranging from one to a hundred consultants, from DevOps Engineers to Agile trainers, ensuring that clients receive the support they need to turn their business into a true success. Whether the clients’ focus is on reducing cost, improving service or introducing innovation, Triad has an impressive track record in making our clients more competitive in their field. Each assignment gives the firm’s expert team the opportunity to enrich the digital skills of both its clients and their teams. This is something that the firm is deeply passionate about, and as such over the years the Triad team has mastered the art of thinking big and acting fast, focusing its clients on early and continuous ROI. This innovative approach is borne out by the software and products that Triad helps to design and deliver. The firm understands what it takes to turn code into product and has developed its own Blockchain implementation, designed to accelerate the assessment and development of Blockchain as a platform. The company’s expert teams also have particular expertise in the Geospatial and GIS area,