Technology Innovator Awards 2020

May20142 Most Innovative Global Software Engineering Company 2020 With more than twenty years of experience, teams of highly-trained engineers around the world, deep industry sector knowledge, and ongoing technological research, DataArt is a global software engineering firm that takes a uniquely human approach to solving problems. Drawing on its extensive experience and expertise, DataArt helps clients create custom software that improves their operations and opens new markets. Following the firm’s latest successes, we take a closer look to learn more. Powered and driven by its People First principle, DataArt prides itself on working with its clients at any scale and on any platform, adapting alongside them as they evolve and grow. DataArt integrates its engineering and software building excellence with deeply human values that drive its business and its approach to relationships. These values include curiosity, empathy, trust, honesty, and intuition; values that do not just drive success, but innovation, evolution, and growth in both DataArt and its clients. Not only do these qualities make DataArt the perfect partner for custom software engineering solutions, but they also help the firm deliver high- value, high-quality solutions that clients depend on, as well as lifetime partnerships that they believe in. The Managing Director of DataArt, Mr Alexei Miller, has spoken at length about what the mission of the company has been since it was founded. Alexei has said that the mission of DataArt is to help organizations runmore efficiently by creating innovative, custom-tailored technology for their use, be it internal or commercial. Elaborating further, he shared that the firm is making it happen by connecting smart technologists around the world with clients, arranging them in optimal teams, and giving them the tools, know-how, and capital to work efficiently across borders, time-zones and languages. Evolving at an exponential pace, technology is no long just a regional or national industry; it is perhaps the most global industry there is in the world today. Regardless of where a new piece of technology emerges or is developed, it quickly becomes instantaneously available to everyone in the world and is used in ways that even the original creator could not fathom. Of course, there are regional specifics that exist, such as language, culture, national security, and others, but they do not fundamentally change the global nature of what technology is and what it can do for the world. DataArt is keenly aware of the latest technological advances that are taking place every day across theworld, withmajor developments in cloud technology, artificial intelligence, security and privacy, robotics, and automation playing a key factor in determining how life will change in the future. Yet, for all the technology and innovative brilliance that DataArt displays on a daily basis, it is still the uniquely human approach to solving problems that stands it apart from its competitors. Harking back to how Alexei explained the mission of DataArt, the firm again prides itself on operating in three markets simultaneously: clients, employees and community, and capital, or shareholders, investors, and similar figures. The firm strives to serve all three at the same time, and though it is not an easy balance to strike, it is far more sustainable that many older models. Alexei believes strongly that the model has worked thus far, and it would be hard to argue with him. Whilst keeping current in the world of technology is important, Alexei and the entire team at DataArt know that they create technology not for their own entertainment, for competition, or for museum display. It is not about the race to be first, but rather the desire to build technology that solves client’s problems in the most optimal, cost-efficient, and sustainable manner. Sometimes, that means DataArt makes use of the most bleeding-edge, exciting new technology, but it can also mean that a task can be completed using decidedly older technology. That is the focus of Alexei and everybody working at DataArt. Other than building the largest and most respected technology development and consulting company in the world, the focus remains squarely on how the firm can utilize its distinctly and uniquely human-focused solutions to help clients be the best they can be. Company: DataArt Solutions, Inc. Contact: Anni Tabagua Telephone: +49 (89) 745 390 23 ×1297 Email Address: [email protected] Website: Technology Innovator Awards 2020