Technology Innovator Awards 2020

Best Indoor Navigation System Developers 2020 The geolocation industry is one that has expanded massively in recent years, with the evolution of sites such as Google Maps and others like it. However, now there is a new player in the industry, focused on revolutionising the geolocation industry. BuzzStreets is a tech start-up whose wayfinding technology navigates users from the outside, whether on foot, or using public or private transportation to the desired location within a building. Discover more about this new industry player as we profile the firm. GPS is notoriously unreliable when indoors. Signage and other physical navigation clues are inflexible and expensive to be implemented, but BuzzStreets uses real-time data to improve the user’s path, making it clearer and more efficient than ever before. A key example of this can be seen when visiting hospitals, or other large and complex environments that present the visitor with navigation and time management issues. In hospitals in particular, this can cause great stress to patients and real costs in terms of missed appointments or delays. In situations such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, this kind of problem may have very serious consequences for those suffering with symptoms. Hospitals must be able to effectively manage the movement of people inside the building, helping to enforce social distancing which has proven to be the most effective combatant against the risk of contagion. In addition to the traditional wayfinding system that BuzzStreets offers to users, the navigation app also includes features such as a communication system, the possibility of scheduling appointments in the app, heat maps, contextual notification, updated and edited locations, appointment reminders, and multilingual voice guidance. All of these features contribute to avoid close contact with others, unnecessary movements, and time wasting. Users are able to check less crowded and safe areas in real time. BuzzStreets also provide tools like data analytics services, and the system helps plan and optimise commercial and public spaces by recording user analytics and provides venue owners with an understanding of user indoor behaviour. Those owners of large and complex environments can transform that data into valuable insights to drive their business forward. BuzzStreets is a managed service, rather than an off-the-shelf solution whose technology can be deployed easily. The result is an accurate wayfinding system that is perfect for anyone who often finds themselves struggling to navigate large and complex indoor environments, such as hospitals and universities. BuzzStreets works closely with all customers and users to understand their requirements, making its application not only a brilliant service, but equally bespoke for each user. The mission to provide industry- leading tools for creating functional, efficient, and affordable navigation solutions for any type of environment has proven a success through innovation and a keen desire to understand users and facility owners alike. The current COVID-19 pandemic has created new and unforeseen challenges that today’s geolocation industry has sought to solve. Today’s pandemic response can be different, in part due to advances in digital technology. Now, during the ongoing pandemic, experts are turning to Bluetooth technologies to take over the contact tracing process entirely. At BuzzStreets, the team have recognised that whilst scale contact tracing is a must have reopening venues and businesses, indoor navigation systems have other merits in the same contexts on a more granular scale. Venues must figured out how to meet social distancing guidelines and regulations, if they want to be ready for when people are allowing May20161 to visit them in large numbers again. BuzzStreets is developing solutions for large and complex venues that can help users and enterprises ensure the recommended distance between visitors and staff is kept up. Technology cannot stop the spread of the virus, but it can educate, warn, and empower those on the ground and those that need to be aware of the situation to significantly reduce the impact. Indoor navigation systems can play a critical role in controlling this pandemic and any future outbreaks. It is hard to imagine a near future without the virus playing a significant role in the daily lives of so many people, but it has not impacted the plans for BuzzStreets to continue innovating. Future plans include acquiring new customers, new markets, increasing the work team, and improving its services to help save lives. In the near future, the indoor navigation system technology will be implemented in five shopping centres of the Canary Wharf complex in London, with plans to also develop and integrate systems for airports and hospitals all over the world. Geolocation technology has never been so important, and BuzzStreets is right at the centre of that importance. Company: BuzzStreets Contact: Joe Fernandez Website: