Technology Innovator Awards 2021

Technology Innovator Awards 2021 15 Best Ocean-Friendly Technology SPAIN - EU Water pollution affects human health, sea biodiversity, fishery, tourism and recreation. Marine litter affects all the oceans of the world and generates costs associated with coastal and beach cleaning across Europe of €630 million a year. It is estimated that more than 150 million tons of plastics are accumulated in the oceans and between 4.6 and 12.7 million tons are added each and every year. Meanwhile, large oil spills are major, dangerous disasters whose devastating consequences to ecosystems and economies can be felt for many decades after. The major source of water pollution in ports is oil spills, coming from port run-off, normal activities or accidents whilst refuelling a ship. In addition, harmful microalgae and algal bloom caused by climate change pose further ecosystem disruptions and environmental problems which affect the ecosystems, water quality, aquaculture, and tourism. Yet the greatest challenge of all these environmental catastrophes is their unpredictability. It is impossible to say when an accident is going to occur, making it very challenging to prepare for prevention. Thus, pollution control equipment must be permanently available, while being put to profitable use among clean-up operations. Ocean Cleaner Technology (OC-Tech®) cleaning multitask vessels can optimise output rate in extracted mass of pollution and combine multipurpose focus that enables other port-related operations. The OC-Tech® vessel is versatile on the open sea, in port (inter and extra), inshore and in river situations and can work and clean as effectively as swiss army knives as a work boat, as a cleaning vessel and as an Emergency Response and Recovery Vessel (ERRV). OC-Tech® is an innovative cleaning multitask catamaran fighting against any marine pollution, capable of recovering hydrocarbon spills, microalgae, harmful and algal blooms, and dealing with marine debris, plastics and microplastics in open and confined waters at 2-4 knots speed. Without chemical products, the OC-Tech cleaning systems (placed under the deck of the vessels), can separately clean solid marine litter from spill in a continuous non-stop process (>8h/day), with an efficient waste and spill output rate of several tons an hour. OCT’s vessels (OC-Tech class T, OC-Tech Rapid, OC-Tech class S, OC-Tech Dredge) perform the full range of port, oil industry or ocean-going tasks and outcompetes through its fast response. Now is the right time for Ocean Cleaner Technology because this technology will help with the coastal preservation and restoration of the ecosystems and the biodiversity as it is being designed to allow a “blue economy” by improving the use of aquatic and marine resources and fostering a circular economy by recycling raw material and floating marine debris. Company: Ocean Cleaner Technology Contact: Santiago Miranda Website: Email: [email protected] Apr21261 Ocean Cleaner Technology is one of the best cleaning multitask harbour vessels in the world. We take a look at just what it can do in the aftermath of the firm winning a Technology Innovator Award 2021. It is estimated that more than 150 million tons of plastics are accumulated in the oceans and between 4.6 and 12.7 million tons are added each and every year.