Technology Innovator Awards 2021

Technology Innovator Awards 2021 In this issue: Best Industrial & Data Center Solutions Provider - USA Rittal North America Best AI-Powered Hiring Solution – UK Elevatus Inc. Most Innovative International FundManagement Group 2021 Dominion Fund Management Limited Best Insurance Policy &Claims System (North America): Quick Silver Systems Quick Silver Systems, Inc.

Corporate Vision is honoured to host the Technology Innovator Awards for its sixth consecutive year. Encompassing a spectrum of markets, from software and hardware development to communications and manufacturing, the technology industry continues to pave the way for economic growth and provide businesses and individuals with necessary tools to ensure the efficient operation of day-to-day activities within various business settings. Innovation and advancements in technology are crucial for ensuring that new products and services, capable of facilitating the advancement of economies and business, can be developed and utilised. The Technology Innovator Awards 2021 will therefore place emphasis on applauding innovation and seek to reward those have proven themselves to be tech pioneers capable of providing solutions to meet a vast array of demands. We will also seek to commend those who remain committed to demonstrating an outstanding level of excellence within this vital and constantly evolving industry. Alex Abraham, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Laura Brookes, Senior Editor | Alex Abraham, Editor Daniel Long, Writer | Rebecca Scotland, Writer El Muers, Writer | Design Team Emma Hunt, Senior Designer | Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer

Contents 4. Dominion Fund Management Limited: Most Innovative International Fund Management Group 2021 6. Quick Silver Systems, Inc.: Best Insurance Policy & Claims System (North America): Quick Silver Systems 8. Elevatus Inc.: Best AI-Powered Hiring Solution - UK 10. Rittal North America: Best Industrial & Data Center Solutions Provider - USA 12. Mycondolink: Best Condominium IT & Security Products Company North America and Most Innovative Building Operations & Security Solution: Virtual Concierge 13. Virtual Artworks: Virtual Artworks Best VirtualWorld Gaming Products Development Company 2021 14. Tranistics Data Technologies Pvt. Ltd: Best Transportation & Logistics Business Support Service - India 15. Ocean Cleaner Technology: Best Ocean-Friendly Technology SPAIN - EU 16. ID4me a.i.s.b.l.: Best Privacy-Friendly Identity Management Services – Brussels Region 17. Zoomd Technologies ltd: Best Marketing App Growth Solutions Platform 2021: Zoomd 18. Schomberg Investments (Pty) Ltd: Hull Cleaning Technology Company of the Year 2021 19. Beeta Tech Limited: Best Full-Stack Digital Solutions Provider - Manchester 20. OBW Technologies: Best Gas Detection Supply Service Provider - UK & Ireland 21. Coadjute: Most Innovative PropTech Business - UK 22. Pink Sun: Web Design & SEO Company of the Year - Netherlands 23. Rafay Systems: Leading Experts in Computer App Deployment Management Systems 2021 25. ANY.RUN: Leading Innovators in Malware Monitoring & Analysis 2021 26. Creative Ideaz UK Ltd: Best Digital Marketing Agency - West Midlands 27. FUSE AI: Best Medical Reports Automation Specialists - Europe 28. Gemstar: Best Tech-Focused Business Growth Partner 2021 – Asia Pacific 29. MILANAMOS: Best Aviation Travel Data & Analytics Provider 2021 30. Procesio: Best Power and Gas ERP/CRM Software Company 2021 & Most Advanced Business Process Automation Platform 2021 31. DigiDumpling Ltd: Best UX Design Consultancy 2021 – Hong Kong 32. Hasytec Electronics GmbH: Best Biological Fouling Prevention Ultrasound Systems Manufacturer 2021 33. SKYLECT: Best Immersive Education Technology Company 2021 34. SpeedComfort BV: Most Innovative Smart Radiator Ventilator 2021 35. ThinkLP: Leading Innovators of Loss Prevention Software 2021 36. Qualifast: Best Software Developer for Start-Ups 2021 - Bulgaria 37. Optimized Supply Chain Solutions: Supply Chain Systems Innovator of the Year - UK 38. XABET: Digital Transformation Experts of the Year - Spain

Most Innovative International Fund Management Group 2021 Performing with spectacular efficacy in the crucible of worldwide investment funds, Dominion has made a name for itself in its stunning returns on such investments. This, recently emboldened by its growing international reach, allows it to work with family offices, portfolio managers, independent finance advisors, banks, and brokers, roundly impressing every one of its diverse and myriad clients. A Fund Management company that was founded in 2004, Dominion has become a worldwide voice in its industry, now with nearly two decades of excellence under its belt. This firm has built itself up from a foundation of solid entrepreneurial qualities and is determined to fulfil its vision – creating value for its investors, one client at a time. Fundamentally, its specialisms are international equities, the capture of investment opportunities, and keeping abreast of changing paradigms in a diverse and dynamic world, ensuring that it can remain competitive and its clients can remain ahead of the curve. It is an independent company first and foremost, with each one of its Fund Managers working towards a better future, informed by their long track records of consistently robust performance. Moreover, this team takes a very personal approach to its business; the staff of Dominion treat each case as though it were something they themselves were going to invest in, and so when Dominion creates its Funds it effortlessly sees them from the client’s perspective. Indicative of the seriousness with which they take this approach, its first investors in its global trends were its own management team. These people all remain stakeholders to this day. With branches in Guernsey, the UK, and Dubai, each licensed by trusted governing bodies, its overall aim is to keep itself at the forefront of the global trends market. Additionally, by working hard to impress its clients, no matter how steep their requirements, Dominion strives to continually deliver mid to long term returns on investments that far surpass expectations every time. Dominion also boasts a deeply comprehensive attitude in predicting the market’s future, both towards its business and the world; by collecting a snapshot of data from the international context around it and projecting the current trends, it can figure out how best to help its clients benefit from them. Its analysis is strictly unbiased, not allowing factors such as geography, industry, or sector to get in the way of data collation. Moreover, in doing so it re-examines the very bones of traditional investment theory in order to challenge the old and build it into something new, something that will be able to help investors to thrive as new status quos and developments make themselves known. Its considerations take a three-pronged approach. Firstly, it pays close attention to the trends of urbanisation – with a steady rate of rural populations moving into urban areas, it gathers data on how such movement boosts economic productivity, raises living standards, and creates wealth. In addition, it improves the economic management of countries worldwide. With many Asian and Latin countries’ economies growing stronger and bolder voices in the international economic field such as India, Brazil, and in particular China, new inflows and outflows of wealth have been created globally that Dominion has been keeping close tabs on. This is further empowered by its demographic research, taking into account age, occupation, and education level of different parts of the world in order to track the impact these elements have on the economy, tracking which sectors and flourishing as a result of changes to these variables. Crucially, each fund that Dominion manages is, first and foremost, a bottom-up equity portfolio. These will focus on a specific theme or collection of trends, creating investment opportunities across multiple different sectors worldwide. By working with investment opportunities born from naturalistically occurring global trends, Dominion allows for a broad range, including the discretionary spending by fast growing numbers of middle class people in emerging countries, online infrastructure for financial transactions, aging populations, an ever-changing healthcare sector, and many more other factors besides. Dominion also holds to a firm belief in investing in growing companies. Easily identifiable by the share prices that reflect their value creation, it picks up on companies that are experiencing notable growth periods, able to predict how their shares will out-perform the market in the long run. Dominion allows its clients and partners to partake in G.A.R.P. investing, buying growth at a reasonable price, and encouraging them to look for growth everywhere; it maintains the idea that investment opportunities can come in all shapes and sizes, which gives it its efficacy when it comes to identifying them. Moreover, it focuses its sights on global companies that are best placed to capture such opportunities for investment, wherever they may be in the world. By using this method – and going beyond the traditional methods common in its sector – it finds itself unconstrained by regional and market cap biases. The exemplary work that this company has proven itself capable of time and time again has allowed it to forge a vast network all of its own. To date, its stock selection system has allowed it to monitor an ecosystem of more than 5000 listed companies, using screening technologies to identify companies trading above or below the sector average when keeping track of the health of investments. It also puts particular emphasis on due diligence in its work, conducting deep fundamental analysis when considering a new opportunity that allows it to take in all necessary factors before it either confirms or rejects it. This is all further emphasised by its proactive nature. Therefore, when it comes to investment management and market exposure, it takes as active a role as possible to reassure clients that the implementation of its proprietary risk management systems is being done effectively, efficiently, and securely. With these factors and many more allowing its clients peace of mind, Dominion is able to promise that its investments will take them to the next level. To drill down a little more closely into the specific global trends it works with, one such trend is the E-commerce fund, launched in 2014. Nowadays, given the prevalence of high-speed internet connection and the impact of the pandemic driving more people to online shopping than ever before, digital payments have become the new normal. They are more convenient, safer, and more efficient, allowing for the exchange of goods and services of all types and scales; Dominion’s E-commerce fund, therefore, capitalises on this growth trend in order to allow its clients to invest in the companies of the future. This being just one of many exemplary global funds – alongside a luxury consumer fund and managed fund, for example – that Dominion offers to its clients, it is easy to see how this company’s investment opportunities have made it a darling of its industry, putting it on a track to further growth that only goes up from here. Company: Dominion Fund Management Limited Contact: Tim Nelson Website: Apr21271

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Apr21077 Best Insurance Policy & Claims System (North America): Quick Silver Systems Providing insurance underwriting software solutions, Quick Silver Systems may only be a relatively young company, but its founder has a history of success within the industry. We speak to Sean Pitcher about what makes the firm stand tall above the rest. Quick Silver Systems is a software developer that provides the Mercury Policy and Claims Administration System, is an end-to-end policy and claims offering for the P&C Insurance Industry. Company founder, Sean Pitcher, brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge, having been in the insurance industry for more 25 years and having held a producers’ license in NC. In 2000, he found himself working for an insurance company in St. Petersburg, Florida as the VP of Information Technology where he had inherited various systems supporting the carrier he worked for. Through using the technology first-hand on the carrier side, he saw the need for vastly improved systems and much needed automation. With no one committed to using any new system, Sean decided to take his life savings, including a 401k that he cashed in, and he started a software company out of the back bedroom of his house with one other employee. By 2016, that business had more than 125 employees in the USA and 28 insurance installations in everything from small five person MGAs to a billion dollar company. Then, in 2016, as the majority owner, Sean decided to sell that software company to a publicly traded company and he initially retired. However, within just a few months, Sean found that he missed the challenges of building a business and great software so he started a new company and eventually that led him back into the insurance business. Taking his years of experience, as well as many lessons learned through building a successful insurance software system, Sean built the Mercury Policy and Claims System from the ground up to be a 100% web based modular solution specifically geared for the small to mid-sized insurance carrier, MGA, or TPA. The company’s focus is in Property and Casualty and from the start it has automated everything from code testing to delivery with sophisticated CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery) processes. These processes allow Quick Silver to deliver code from developer to a live test site with 100% automation utilising over 600 functional tests as well as ensuring that at least 80% of the core code being tested passes with 100% a success rate in about 30 minutes. “Our goal is to allow the small to medium-sized carrier or start-up to compete with the largest industry players for a fraction of the cost,” Sean embellishes. “We have geared our process to automate many of the tedious tasks which improves quality and reduces our costs so much that these savings are being passed on to our clients. In addition, we offer modular solutions with zero license costs that include every feature we have, so even carriers on a beer budget can implement a system with a fine wine taste.” Sean’s mission now is to make Quick Silver a one-stop-shop to fully automate an insurance carrier through the use of modular components and an API for both inbound and outbound access to the system and its components. The Quick Silver offering is vast, and includes: Rate, Quote, Bind, and Issuance, Comparative Rating, Microservices, Document Imaging, Workflow, SMS Text Messaging, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Check Writing, Every form of payment collection including Credit Cards, Debit Cards, ACH, EFT, Electronic Checks, Billing, General Ledger, Forms, Letters and Documents, a Rules Engine, VIN lookup, FEIN Lookup, Phone Lookup, Custom Search, First Notice of Loss, Tracking of Reserves by feature for Indemnity and Expense, Diary and Notes, Various levels of access control and Full Audit features as well as full Underwriting, Claims, Customer Service Portals and much more. So, what is it that distinguishes Quick Silver from others operating in this fiercely competitive sector? While there are many systems already out there, a lot of them are also extremely cost prohibitive for the small to medium-sized carrier, MGA, TPA, or insurance startup. Until the Mercury System came along the choices were often limited to spending at least a million dollars for a new system OR selecting from less than ideal “half solutions” and trying to compete with subpar solutions. In addition, the software industry has had its fair share of expensive and failed implementations so being able to get into a system at $0 license cost is extremely attractive from a risk standpoint. “We believe that we have a perfect solution specifically geared for our customer niche in both the breadth of our feature set and an attractive price point,” says Sean. “We offer all of the system’s modules and features in one fully configurable system with the ability to pay zero license costs and time and materials for implementation. In addition, we have a fully functional screen building system to WYSIWYG the screen design with drag and drop functionality.” This means that Quick Silver designers can create new screens and edit the existing screens with ease, reducing the time to facilitate changes and allowing companies to truly customise their system however they want. Sean and the team strongly believe in full documentation and prior to any code or system implementation, Quick Silver will create documentation and share it via the internet, so clients have continual input very early on in the development process, long before the actual screen is in production. This helps to reduce timelines and allows for a fully customised solution that fits the clients processes rather than the need for an insurance carrier to change their process for the sake of the system. Finally, all bug fixes are free, so if the system isn’t doing what it is supposed to do and the company has already delivered that feature, it will be fixed with no additional cost to the client. Many vendors are on strict time and materials billing so clients pay for the time involved even if it is fixing a mistake – that’s actually one of the frustrations that made Sean want to create new software more than 20 years ago – he grew tired of paying for fixes at another vendor that continually needed additional fixes for things that broke because of seemingly unrelated changes! All of this is coupled with the fact that the firm has years of experience in the insurance industry, plus all of its developers are

Technology Innovator Awards 2021 7 here in the United States, thus reducing communication barriers and domain knowledge issues, making Quick Silver a clear leader in the market. As for the pandemic – now more than ever insurance carriers need the ability to perform remotely. Since Quick Silver’s system is 100% web based it was already the perfect solution for a remote workforce and is ready to quickly respond to catastrophic events where workers may need to suddenly be in the field or work from less-than-ideal locations. “As long as a system user has an internet connection and a computer, laptop, tablet, or cell phone they can use the Mercury Policy and Claims System from anywhere in the world with all the same functionality as they would have sitting at their desk in an office.” With Quick Silver growing and adding clients at an even pace there is no real need to quickly grow as Sean prefers measured success and to run a company known for great customer service with an excellent system. “We continually strive to find and automate anything that is repetitive and we are always looking for new and better data to make our decisions,” he says. “One big push for us will be in the area of AI as we want to use AI in new and exciting ways within the system. “From a technology standpoint we think we have chosen a platform that will define the curve for years to come. As for the system functionality, we are continually expanding not only the features and functions but also the availability for outside access to data and APIs which continually offer all of our clients new and ever-increasing ways to look at their markets, rates, and the ability to continually improve their products so we have no plans on slowing down.” Contact: Sean Pitcher Company: Quick Silver Systems, Inc. Web address: l I t r r

Apr21403 Best AIPowered Hiring Solution – UK ELEVATUS Wins Best AI Powered Hiring Solution in the United Kingdom at the 2021 Technology Innovator Awards Elevatus has been applauded for its innovation by winning a highly acclaimed award that recognized its AI hiring solution for its major advancements in technology and outstanding level of excellence in HR. UNITED KINGDOM, London / April, 2021 – Elevatus, the AI solution provider, is leveling the playing field for HR with its hiring solution EVA-REC, which was presented with the award “The Best AI Powered Hiring Solution” in the highly coveted 6th annual Technology Innovator Awards. The awards will take place on the Corporate Vision website in June, where 50 other nominees specializing in AI solutions from all around the globe were also nominated for their exemplary success in the technology sphere. This award recognizes EVA-REC’s success in utilizing innovative technology to accelerate the evolution of HR processes for companies worldwide. From automating processes, centralizing data, shortlisting candidates, filtering resumes, identifying top talent to instilling a memorable candidate experience; EVA-REC is a comprehensive solution that has mastered the balance of transformation, innovation, and scalability. “Elevatus is incredibly pleased to have received this esteemed award. This award is truly a testament to EVA-REC’s ability to redefine the hiring process with incredible AI technology,” shared Yara Burgan, CEO of Elevatus. “We work rigorously hard to expand, grow, and enhance our AI solutions to positively impact the way businesses operate. Achieving such special recognition inspires us to continuously strive to ease the burden of HR professionals and help many more businesses develop and grow with our distinctive hiring solution.” 900 nominees from various organizations, nations and industries were virtually evaluated in this year’s competition. EVA-REC was selected amongst the judging panel based on Elevatus’ exemplary business performance, longevity, business growth, market reputation, innovations and feedback from stakeholders. EVA-REC’s award signifies its extensive expertise in the HR industry, its dedication to customer experience, and commitment to innovation. With innovation as its true driver, EVA-REC is inevitably transforming the HR industry and delivering a real change with its cutting-edge technology. Elevatus has been working full force to provide AI solutions that flawlessly transform the way businesses operate. By helping worldwide clients see lucrative results, EVA-REC is democratising the hiring process and arming companies with much-needed innovative tools to win the war for top talent. Company: Elevatus Inc. Email: [email protected] Website:

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Apr21868 Best Industrial & Data Center Solutions Provider - USA As a widely accredited and hugely trusted company in the world of IT enclosures and accessories, Rittal North America – and indeed, Rittal DmbH as a global corporation – has made itself an invaluable part of the industry’s infrastructure. Optimising support to the highest levels of resilience and making itself a business partner to its clients, it works with heightened diligence and efficiency in everything it does. The U.S. based subsidiary of Rittal DmbH & Co KG, Rittal Corporation, is part of the largest manufacturer of enclosures and accessories, incorporating climate control and power management into products for industrial data centres, outdoor servers, and hybrid applications. Started in 1961 and rebranding to the company as it stands today in 1969, it was founded on the principle of ‘enclosures off the shelf, immediately’. Fundamentally, this kickstarted a rich and storied business enterprise, and Rittal quickly became a champion of a new global standard of enclosure – an accolade it still holds to this day. Its products have been recognised on a global scale for efficacy and excellence, including modified standard and custom-engineered products that have gained notoriety for high quality both on and off of the plant floor. Furthermore, it is a sector agnostic answer to enclosures. No matter the industry or complexity of the equipment and applications, Rittal’s work will be able to fit seamlessly into it; its vast amounts of offerings interact well both with each other and with the components they protect. The enclosures make use of accessory options and power distribution that also makes them highly efficient to run, allowing whatever the client uses them to protect to function effectively in any environment, even in significantly challenging ones. In short, Rittel has worked hard to make itself the company supporting the widest range of end users in the global enterprise IT community – from customers to colocation, managed service providers, public agencies, and the emerging Edge market. Additionally, Rittal products are tested and certified across UL, CSA, IEC, and ATEX standards. First and foremost, the mission upheld by Rittal across all of its considerable operations is one of engineering and manufacturing completely full-range, highly modular enclosures and IT infrastructure components. This is a goal that has become mission critical to its industry. With more complex IT technologies and systems being produced across the globe, the businesses investing in these systems are becoming an increasingly demanding market that requires ever-more intricate solutions. Rittal’s people, products, and processes therefore all take this very seriously, dedicated to exemplary work and outstanding customer service. Rittal also takes great pride in being able to provide the ‘best in class’ products across a global platform with an emphasis on flexibility. When new cycles of technological innovation crop up, Rittal is always at the head of the curve, ensuring to keep itself heavily competitive by looking ahead to the needs of not just the current IT deployment, but the one after that. For instance – space, power, and cooling are now not the only variables worth concern. Currently, physical and cybersecurity challenges to the IT industry are proving tough hurdles to jump across the board, threatening the security, reliability, and accessibility of information on a global scale. Moreover, Covid-19 has made for necessary pivots and adaptations across the board as more companies than ever scramble to make their businesses able to function totally remotely. In this way, and many others, Rittal has been keen to step up and help companies with the constant challenge of keeping up with the changing demands of end users – it wishes to work in tandem with its customers, helping them to identify, prioritise, and solve their installation parameters effectively. It is also important to note that even throughout these big changes, Rittal will pay attention to the small things. Landmark changes are one side of the coin, but in a dynamic global environment, the small developments that are somewhat insular are important too, especially within certain industries that must respond quickly. Crucially, Rittal promises it will learn from these as much as it does the macro scale challenges. It also knows that for many of its customers around the globe, it is pivotal to be careful of a highly changeable physical environment that could potentially be prone to extreme risks – hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, and the like – in such cases, it helps with the provision of enclosures designed with this in mind. Working from ‘hyper local to hyper scale’, its first priority will always be its customers. With the impressive capabilities and the impeccable team focus of its staff, it has cultivated an impeccable internal culture that it can project outwards towards clients. This is empowered by its recognition of skills and knowledge development, as it applauds the existing talent of its staff whilst encouraging them always down paths of personal and professional growth, offering them the courses, training, and resources to be able to do so. Additionally, each member of staff at Rittal is an excellent problem solver. They are people who view their customers as partners to the business, determined to help in every way possible in order to attain mutual success and betterment, always keen to hear from clients in feedback or reviews – Rittal has a company-wide core belief that its customers are what will shape its future, and thus its products and services are continuously worked on so they can better suit the needs of the market. As a result, it keeps the pressure on itself to consistently prove why it is worth its client’s time and money. This dedication to remaining staunchly competitive and actively beneficial to its clients’ business pushes it towards further inspiration and creativity, with a drive towards perfect mastery of daily business and a committed attitude towards long term and meaningful relationships with its clients and suppliers both. Rittal takes nothing about its position for granted. Its strategic outlook on its business, forged by quality, impeccable service delivery, and co-operative problem solving, have each contributed to it cementing itself as an invaluable part of the IT global network. It is also keenly aware of the responsibility that comes hand in hand with being an enterprise level, highly lucrative business. Importantly, Rittal sees itself as having an unshakable duty to both the environment and society. By empowering systems across the globe and working to improve the technological environments of businesses, it gives the modern world a shot in the arm that will encourage further international success stories – and it is glad that it can make itself a part of those. Thus, in the future it will be funnelling further effort into doing this by integrating into the world of IoT, as well as IIoT and Edge. Company: Rittal North America Contact: Christy Behnke Website:

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Best Condominium IT & Security Products Company North America and Most Innovative Building Operations & Security Solution: Virtual Concierge Mycondolink is dedicated to supporting its partners by offering affordable, complete end-to-end technology solutions, and it aims to be the most advanced provider of IT and Security products by investing heavily and continually in research and development. “Our core is to bring products and services to the market that enable our partners to offer seamless and intuitive products to their clients and ultimately grow their business and product portfolios,” explains Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Millington. Offering a comprehensive range of affordable custom IT solutions, innovative security technologies and proprietary condominium security management software, Mycondolink’s fully integrated holistic service offering is designed to increase productivity and support its clients’ overall business performance. “We are constantly looking at the future needs of our clients and ensuring we react swiftly to their needs,” Daniel continues, underpinning what it is that sets the firm aside from others. “We specialise in condos and high-rise buildings only – most of our competitors service many industries. Condos and high-rise buildings are unique in their complexity and having specialists in this field is incredibly important.” Keeping on top of modern technologies, Mycondolink was one of the first to develop a communication and security software – AQUARIUS. Aquarius was developed to enhance communication between staff, property management and residents of the building. It provides for the logging of vital information in a searchable database, efficiently coordinates all facility bookings, creates and posts building memos, and provides detailed emergency procedures. Being centred in Toronto, one of the major technology hubs in the world and home to many incubators and start-ups, also helps to give Mycondolink the edge over competitors. Staying ahead of the curve is incredibly important at this time when technology has changed drastically in the past 18 months due to the pandemic, and with consumers now focusing on virtual and online services to support what was retail and customer service. “The pandemic has seen a huge demand for IT products and services with a thirst for embracing technology solutions to help reduce costs,” says Daniel, who has witnessed 300% growth over the past two quarters, which shows no signs of letting up just yet. “Our virtual concierge solution has enabled security providers to increase margins, pay staff more and reduce cost for their clients. More and more are seeing the value and we see this in particular as a major growth area as everyone looks for efficiencies.” Teamwork is the name of the game at Mycondolink and the dedicated staff base all works towards the same common cause. “Being on top of what’s next it’s just part of our DNA,” he enthuses. “We get a kick out of being first in bring to market new and innovative products and services.” Contact: Daniel Millington Company: Mycondolink Web Address: Apr21074 Mycondolink specialises in providing technology, IT services and security management software to high-end residential condominiums. In the wake of it being awarded a double-whammy of accolades, including Best Condominium IT & Security Products Company North America and Most Innovative Building Operations & Security Solution: Virtual Concierge, we speak to CEO Daniel Millington about how the firm has fared during the pandemic.

Technology Innovator Awards 2021 13 Virtual Artworks Best Virtual World Gaming Products Development Company 2021 With the increase in online activity over the last 12 months brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have flourished. Virtual Artworks is no exception. We speak to the team to find out what it is that keeps this creator of virtual products at the top of the ladder. Established in 2006, Virtual Artworks specialises in creating and developing virtual products, operating mainly in virtual worlds and with clients from all over the world. The firm’s priority is to produce high quality products and to deliver flawless after sales support, with the aim of earning its customers’ trust and appreciation in every way possible. The dedicated team at Virtual Artworks always tries to make time to personally listen to customers’ feedback and the company is constantly releasing updates and improvements to meet and, hopefully, surpass their expectations. “It is absolutely critical to listen to people’s demands,” explains Rene, the founder of Virtual Artworks. “Although some of those demands cannot be technically met today and may not yet be available for another decade, it is still of vital importance to listen to what people have to say.” When it comes to differentiating itself from others in this highly competitive industry, it is the firm’s close attention to detail that really sets it apart. As its products are comprised of various different elements, such as programming, graphic design, 3D animations and 3D modelling, it is important that all elements meet the high QA standards and the final end product is of the highest quality each and every time. There is no doubt that the current situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on many sectors worldwide, with the retail and transportation sectors being two of the worst hit. However the information technology sector has fared much better than most. As more people are obliged to stay home and work from home, this has prompted a rise in demand for alternative means to conduct their everyday activities, such as work, shopping, entertainment and more. This shift in paradigm has greatly benefited online businesses such as Amazon, Netflix and Zoom to name a few. Virtual worlds such as Second Life are no different as it has recently seen rapid growth in new user sign-ups due to becoming the best choice to socially interact with others from the comfort of your own home, with no masks or social distancing necessary. When it comes to staying abreast of new technology and new industry developments, Virtual Artworks cannot afford to rest on its laurels, especially following the Covid-19 pandemic when the whole world is trying to up its online game. “This is one of the hardest domains to be in, in my opinion,” Rene comments. “I believe we wouldn’t still be in business 15 years later if we were not always ahead of the curve. Some of our products released a decade ago have completely been transformed, replacing older technologies with newer ones.” Apr21132 While the team at Virtual Artworks is always exploring new ways to improve, it is clear that continuing to work on current projects and products is the way forward, including making sure that they are kept synchronised with the latest technologies and the demands of the everexpanding client base. “We need to continue business as usual. What was going to happen gradually overtime, has already been initiated. More and more people are working from home, shopping online, socialising in virtual worlds and in virtual realities. The pandemic has only accelerated the inevitable.” Company: Virtual Artworks Web Address: Facebook:

Best Transportation & Logistics Business Support Service - India Tranistics Data Technologies is an end-to-end transportation and logistics business support service provider (BSS), offering companies in the transportation industry a variety of solutions to streamline and enhance their processes, while saving money at the same time. We find out more about the company from Sabyasachi Banerjee. It was in November 2010 that Tranistics Data Technologies (Tranistics) started its journey from Kolkata in India, has since expanded to Nevada (U.S.A), Noida (India), and Cluj (Romania) to better serve the global customers. Currently, it has more than 550 associates working at three global centres, providing continuous support to customers worldwide. “Today, we specialise in data entry services, business analytics services, application development & maintenance, logistics support, EDI services, digital marketing services, and publication services,” explains Managing Director, Sabyasachi Banerjee. “These solutions are designed to meet modern-day requirements, providing the utmost security and a value proposition to customers. “We help you market your products or services through the most powerful marketing methods; social media and the Internet,” he continues. “We understand strategies and trends, which enables us to innovate ideas and plans to expand the coverage based on the marketing expenditures.” Sabyasachi has led the company with his unparalleled organisational strategies since the day Tranistics was founded. He has a graduate degree in Software Application and Development and a post-graduate degree in Business Management. Sabyasachi has an extensive experience of over 17 years in freight audit payment, print and digital publishing, general office management, international business development and customer account management. He has been fundamental in the growth of Tranistics across the globe and he works with the value of benefiting the development of society at large. Another arm of the company is Tranistics Publishing, which has an extensive portfolio offering a wide range of services including editorial services, composition services, illustration, and designing, e-pub conversion, photo permissioning and research, and much more. “Our goal is to provide the most advanced solutions to new businesses’ needs, to innovate to build smarter services and to adapt to new market challenges. Our mission is to transform back-end support services by today’s requirements coupled with digital technological advancements.” Apr21128 With strategically placed operation centres in India, USA and Romania, Tranistics can reach the global market while at the same time providing customers with the comfortability to work with a regional associate. While technology, expertise, and manpower are strengths at Tranistics, Sabyasachi believes that data should be backed with technology and security, thus the firm invests in new software and hardware that delivers accurate data in the most secure environment. “Technology is a powerful driver of both the evolution and proliferation of innovation,” he states. “Technology is changing at an exponential rate, with new software and systems emerging constantly. The fast pace of technological advancements requires businesses in the field to spare no effort in staying up to date with the changes or, indeed, being at the forefront of change, if they want to stand out and be successful.” In response to the Covid pandemic, which saw India set a new global record of 25.5 billion digital payment transactions in 2020, Tranistics updated its services to a cloud-based working environment, which is more secure and provides more feasibility for all employees to work remotely. Regarding the future, Sabyasachi believes that Tranistics will continue to grow and develop. It already provides more than 50 services to global customers and in different business areas, it converts more than 1,200,000 pages into digital format each and every year, and has more than 400 books of composition, as well as an automated tool for 100% journal page composition. It seems the future is very bright indeed. “This year, we are working to build a newer version of software to deliver more accuracy and reduce cost and time. “We are also looking to explore new market opportunities in Europe. Companies in Europe are giving importance to data and its exchange. However, these companies are still looking for a trusted partner that can meet their expectations when it comes to accuracy, time, and cost. “We are committed to provide employee satisfaction, work safety, and stronger team communication to build a great workplace. We, as an enterprise, are filled with zeal and vigour to take on new challenges and strengthen our specialities with time.” Contact: Sabyasachi Banerjee Company: Tranistics Data Technologies Pvt. Ltd Web Address:

Technology Innovator Awards 2021 15 Best Ocean-Friendly Technology SPAIN - EU Water pollution affects human health, sea biodiversity, fishery, tourism and recreation. Marine litter affects all the oceans of the world and generates costs associated with coastal and beach cleaning across Europe of €630 million a year. It is estimated that more than 150 million tons of plastics are accumulated in the oceans and between 4.6 and 12.7 million tons are added each and every year. Meanwhile, large oil spills are major, dangerous disasters whose devastating consequences to ecosystems and economies can be felt for many decades after. The major source of water pollution in ports is oil spills, coming from port run-off, normal activities or accidents whilst refuelling a ship. In addition, harmful microalgae and algal bloom caused by climate change pose further ecosystem disruptions and environmental problems which affect the ecosystems, water quality, aquaculture, and tourism. Yet the greatest challenge of all these environmental catastrophes is their unpredictability. It is impossible to say when an accident is going to occur, making it very challenging to prepare for prevention. Thus, pollution control equipment must be permanently available, while being put to profitable use among clean-up operations. Ocean Cleaner Technology (OC-Tech®) cleaning multitask vessels can optimise output rate in extracted mass of pollution and combine multipurpose focus that enables other port-related operations. The OC-Tech® vessel is versatile on the open sea, in port (inter and extra), inshore and in river situations and can work and clean as effectively as swiss army knives as a work boat, as a cleaning vessel and as an Emergency Response and Recovery Vessel (ERRV). OC-Tech® is an innovative cleaning multitask catamaran fighting against any marine pollution, capable of recovering hydrocarbon spills, microalgae, harmful and algal blooms, and dealing with marine debris, plastics and microplastics in open and confined waters at 2-4 knots speed. Without chemical products, the OC-Tech cleaning systems (placed under the deck of the vessels), can separately clean solid marine litter from spill in a continuous non-stop process (>8h/day), with an efficient waste and spill output rate of several tons an hour. OCT’s vessels (OC-Tech class T, OC-Tech Rapid, OC-Tech class S, OC-Tech Dredge) perform the full range of port, oil industry or ocean-going tasks and outcompetes through its fast response. Now is the right time for Ocean Cleaner Technology because this technology will help with the coastal preservation and restoration of the ecosystems and the biodiversity as it is being designed to allow a “blue economy” by improving the use of aquatic and marine resources and fostering a circular economy by recycling raw material and floating marine debris. Company: Ocean Cleaner Technology Contact: Santiago Miranda Website: Email: [email protected] Apr21261 Ocean Cleaner Technology is one of the best cleaning multitask harbour vessels in the world. We take a look at just what it can do in the aftermath of the firm winning a Technology Innovator Award 2021. It is estimated that more than 150 million tons of plastics are accumulated in the oceans and between 4.6 and 12.7 million tons are added each and every year.

Best Privacy-Friendly Identity Management Services – Brussels Region Based in Brussels, ID4me focuses on providing end-users with open and internationally available identity services that adhere to security and data protection standards, that foster user choice and that avoid identity lock-ins. We find out more about the organisation and its plans for the future. ID4me is a not-for-profit organisation with a federated approach. It consists of an open group of Internet service providers, software developers, and other entities that care about the future of the Internet and want to defend its distributed and federated architecture when it comes to digital identities. Founded in 2018 in Brussels, ID4me’s protocol was designed to allow the federated login and distribution of personal information across the Internet. It was born as a response to the growing centralization of everyday logins and identities into the hands of a few big Internet platforms and of their social media offerings, and it has the decentralization and distribution of identity services, including self-hosted identities, as its core objective. Created with the aim of providing open, self-sovereign digital identity standards providing freedom of choice and ease of use to the users, ID4me’s mission is to provide and distribute an open protocol to every digital identity provider to enable the interoperability of independent, heterogeneous systems. “All systems work together seamlessly in order to exchange data in an efficient, secure and usable manner and with no additional effort for the user,” explains Katja Speck, the organisation’s Managing Director. The organisation’s internal culture reflects its mission as being an open, diverse, international federated organisation which doesn’t just care about the future of the Internet but also about its team members. To use the ID4me protocol, neither individuals nor organisations have to become a member, the protocol is open source available via its website. Working in such a competitive market, it is imperative that ID4me differentiates itself from others operating within the same space. It does this through several factors: TRANSPARENCY: ID4me AISBL is a non-profit organisation that maintains and develops a standard. Since it does not sell a product, there is no reason to make money with the data of the end users. The members of the organisation stand for an open Internet that builds and supports an association of identity providers and is committed to an open, transparent and binding framework of guidelines for the ID4me standard. PRIVACY: by enabling users to decide who to grant access to their personal information, and revoke access if necessary. FREEDOM OF CHOICE: with portability of a user’s identity between ID4me identity providers. INTEROPERABILITY: ID4me does not compete with other digital identity providers or technologies. On the contrary, each of these providers and technologies should be “delegable” via ID4me with little effort, i.e. every provider can use ID4me to provide their users with a broader use of their identity. “We are working within a fast paced technology industry but with our initiative, we are trying to solve a problem for the next decades,” emphasises Katja. “That’s why we are not focusing on pace but instead on sustainability. ID4me builds on existing established standards: OpenID, OAuth and the DNS – that has proven to be scalable globally.” Regarding the future, ID4me has big plans and Katja explains more. “In recent years, another paradigm has been proposed to reach similar objectives as we have: Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). The concept is broad and not univocally defined, but the basic idea is that end-users would create, store and manage their identities directly. We acknowledge and share the objectives of the SSI concept, and we want to make ID4me fit for use in SSI applications. At the same time, we think that, for the average Internet user, a “pure SSI” identity service may be hard to handle; acquiring an identity from an ID4me service provider would be more user-friendly and effective in terms of customer support, security practices, regulatory compliance, recovery of lost credentials and other non-technical issues.” This is why in 2021 ID4me is starting to make its identities usable within an SSI framework to promote the mass adoption of SSIcompatible online identities, by giving Internet users the best of both the SSI and the OIDC worlds. Contact: Katja Speck Company: ID4me a.i.s.b.l. Web Address: Apr21472