Technology Innovator Awards 2021

Web Design & SEO Company of the Year - Netherlands Proficient in helping a client carve out their online niche, Pink Sun is working with businesses to create online identities that boost end-user engagement and help them secure their place in a remote world. Proficient in web design, brand image, and search engine optimisation, its work puts the client and their needs front and centre. Pink Sun is a company that makes clear the efficacy of its work from the beautiful design of its own landing page. Uncluttered, effective, and visually striking, it puts its best foot forward in order to show prospective clients what it can offer them in terms of branding, exclusive and unique website design, graphic design, UX design, strategy, SEO, copywriting and/or editing, marketing, translation, and advice on business operations, as well as maintenance of the website it creates. It takes great pride in being able to consistently deliver quality work and works with clients who wish to invest in creating a brilliant online identity. In this way, its work will be able to help its clients carve out the perfect online niche that will get them noticed by their market segment; it even offers free YouTube tutorials for clients who like to adjust website content themselves. Overall, its mission is to create artistic, clear, and clean websites that reach the client’s customers and secure their business, fostering increased engagement and higher likelihood of customer retention. Its trademark, in this manner, is Company Image Building. To do so it will funnel significant effort into truly getting to know a client and their business in order to create an image that accurately represents them, one that fits the current demands on their services and goals of the enterprise. It gets the feel of the company, collects details, and then builds its websites completely from scratch. Consequentially, its work is totally unique, with text and additional content that allows an enduser an informative and intuitive experience – it also includes profound search engine optimisation. SEO is vital for the survival of an online business. Pink Sun makes it so end-users can easily navigate their way to a client’s page in this way, ensuring the correct keywords and techniques are utilised, and offering tonnes of tips and tricks for the client to keep this up once the website goes live. These tips also cover how to further expand on the image building it begins, even covering the use of social media, or other marketing tools. Whatever the case, Pink Sun’s work will always be backed by the principles of sincerity, reflected by the independent reviews that speak to the brilliance of its work and how it can make an online brand truly come to life. In addition, Pink Sun keeps a finger on the pulse of recent trends and paradigms in order to best serve its clientele. Recently, this has meant adapting to the new world focus on video calling and screen sharing as the best means through which to communicate during a pandemic, which turned out to be an excellent method of client interaction. This, alongside its new open-air chats in the commons, is something it intends to continue even after the pandemic – after all, both it and its clients both have appreciated the renewed ease of interaction. Pioneering is for Pink Sun an intrinsic aspect of its business model; design, technology, and innovation are integral parts of its vision and things about which it is openly passionate. Furthermore, it often arranges meeting to discuss findings and feedback, dedicated to continuous improvement and development that reflects the wider world, networking with other professionals to consult and create. It also gives warranty on its website, showing its dedication to exemplary client care and its focus on their satisfaction alone. Internally, its healthy attitude towards its customers and hope to forge solid longterm relationships, have made it the go-to website and identity design business for its clients, propelling it towards new avenues such as design craftsmanship and creative digital technology. Fundamentally, as it moves towards the future, it looks forward to showing its love of design, image building, and SEO to many more clients going forward. Company: Pink Sun Contact: Renee Verberne Website: Apr21264