Technology Innovator Awards 2021

Most Innovative Smart Radiator Ventilator 2021 Corporate Vision’s Technology Innovator Awards presents some of the brightest and best thinkers in the world today. Many use small innovative ideas to have an enormous impact on how we live our lives. This is certainly true of the team behind SpeedComfort BV, who have developed new ways of using radiators. We take a look at this talented team in the light of their incredible success. To many, the humble radiator does not need improvement, but to the team at SpeedComfort, the changes they had in mind would make an incredible impact on how people lived their lives. Through the use of the latest technology, the team have been able to massively improve the heat output of these systems while reducing the flow temperature in the central heating system. The result is a more efficient boiler and rooms that can be heated in half the time. The impact that the team has had on those who buy their products is incredible. Households and companies alike are able to reap the rewards of both saving on gas consumption, and the associated CO2 emissions, while also having access to a more comfortable way of living. While the team is focusing on households through their online shop, they are working with larger partners to ensure that their vital products are able to reach those organisations with more reach. It’s easy to understand why SpeedComfort’s radiators fans have become one of the leading products on the market. The team have committed to an approach which only uses top-quality parts and allows the team to offer a 10-year guarantee on what they offer. Often, customers can see the benefits within two heating seasons as a SpeedComfort fan saves money from the second that it is installed. While the firm have achieved great things in a short space of time, the team are still exploring exciting new opportunities which will allow them to grow as providers of leading technology. Nowhere is this clearer than in the development of a new smart sensor which is planned to enter the market in the last quarter of 2021. This will make it possible for an app to be used to set the temperature for switch-on and switch-off, as well as to adjust the speed of the fan. Innovation, of course, is not limited to the development of new technologies and the team at SpeedComfort have tried their hardest to explore different methods of production that bring capacity back to the Netherlands. All of their radiator fans are put together there, by people with a disadvantage in the labour market. The firm has made a commitment to trying to work with companies from within the Netherlands or Europe where possible. With such a strong commitment to innovation, however it’s clear that there’s still plenty of potential in what the team at SpeedComfort have to offer. Their sensor will be expanded over time to include CO2 detection within its offering, which will provide the user with an early warning of poor air quality in a room. As smart houses become more commonplace, this useful addition will enable SpeedComfort products to communicate with smart home installations via a wireless connection. With such an intelligent approach to design and development, it’s little wonder that SpeedComfort has achieved such incredible success. These exciting times for the company look set to see them double their turnover by the end of 2021. The firm’s success within the Netherlands has ensured their ability to reach into new territories, and the UK is the next region being targeted for growth. This will no doubt be assisted by strong partnerships within the energy and retail sector who share the team’s aims of lower CO2 emissions and more efficient heating techniques. The world is constantly changing, but through the use of clever technology, it’s entirely possible that it will change for the better. We celebrate the success of the team at SpeedComfort, and look forward to seeing their practical innovative approach spread across Europe and beyond. Company: SpeedComfort BV Name: Pieter van der Ploeg Email: [email protected] Apr21478