Technology Innovator Awards 2021

Most Innovative International Fund Management Group 2021 Performing with spectacular efficacy in the crucible of worldwide investment funds, Dominion has made a name for itself in its stunning returns on such investments. This, recently emboldened by its growing international reach, allows it to work with family offices, portfolio managers, independent finance advisors, banks, and brokers, roundly impressing every one of its diverse and myriad clients. A Fund Management company that was founded in 2004, Dominion has become a worldwide voice in its industry, now with nearly two decades of excellence under its belt. This firm has built itself up from a foundation of solid entrepreneurial qualities and is determined to fulfil its vision – creating value for its investors, one client at a time. Fundamentally, its specialisms are international equities, the capture of investment opportunities, and keeping abreast of changing paradigms in a diverse and dynamic world, ensuring that it can remain competitive and its clients can remain ahead of the curve. It is an independent company first and foremost, with each one of its Fund Managers working towards a better future, informed by their long track records of consistently robust performance. Moreover, this team takes a very personal approach to its business; the staff of Dominion treat each case as though it were something they themselves were going to invest in, and so when Dominion creates its Funds it effortlessly sees them from the client’s perspective. Indicative of the seriousness with which they take this approach, its first investors in its global trends were its own management team. These people all remain stakeholders to this day. With branches in Guernsey, the UK, and Dubai, each licensed by trusted governing bodies, its overall aim is to keep itself at the forefront of the global trends market. Additionally, by working hard to impress its clients, no matter how steep their requirements, Dominion strives to continually deliver mid to long term returns on investments that far surpass expectations every time. Dominion also boasts a deeply comprehensive attitude in predicting the market’s future, both towards its business and the world; by collecting a snapshot of data from the international context around it and projecting the current trends, it can figure out how best to help its clients benefit from them. Its analysis is strictly unbiased, not allowing factors such as geography, industry, or sector to get in the way of data collation. Moreover, in doing so it re-examines the very bones of traditional investment theory in order to challenge the old and build it into something new, something that will be able to help investors to thrive as new status quos and developments make themselves known. Its considerations take a three-pronged approach. Firstly, it pays close attention to the trends of urbanisation – with a steady rate of rural populations moving into urban areas, it gathers data on how such movement boosts economic productivity, raises living standards, and creates wealth. In addition, it improves the economic management of countries worldwide. With many Asian and Latin countries’ economies growing stronger and bolder voices in the international economic field such as India, Brazil, and in particular China, new inflows and outflows of wealth have been created globally that Dominion has been keeping close tabs on. This is further empowered by its demographic research, taking into account age, occupation, and education level of different parts of the world in order to track the impact these elements have on the economy, tracking which sectors and flourishing as a result of changes to these variables. Crucially, each fund that Dominion manages is, first and foremost, a bottom-up equity portfolio. These will focus on a specific theme or collection of trends, creating investment opportunities across multiple different sectors worldwide. By working with investment opportunities born from naturalistically occurring global trends, Dominion allows for a broad range, including the discretionary spending by fast growing numbers of middle class people in emerging countries, online infrastructure for financial transactions, aging populations, an ever-changing healthcare sector, and many more other factors besides. Dominion also holds to a firm belief in investing in growing companies. Easily identifiable by the share prices that reflect their value creation, it picks up on companies that are experiencing notable growth periods, able to predict how their shares will out-perform the market in the long run. Dominion allows its clients and partners to partake in G.A.R.P. investing, buying growth at a reasonable price, and encouraging them to look for growth everywhere; it maintains the idea that investment opportunities can come in all shapes and sizes, which gives it its efficacy when it comes to identifying them. Moreover, it focuses its sights on global companies that are best placed to capture such opportunities for investment, wherever they may be in the world. By using this method – and going beyond the traditional methods common in its sector – it finds itself unconstrained by regional and market cap biases. The exemplary work that this company has proven itself capable of time and time again has allowed it to forge a vast network all of its own. To date, its stock selection system has allowed it to monitor an ecosystem of more than 5000 listed companies, using screening technologies to identify companies trading above or below the sector average when keeping track of the health of investments. It also puts particular emphasis on due diligence in its work, conducting deep fundamental analysis when considering a new opportunity that allows it to take in all necessary factors before it either confirms or rejects it. This is all further emphasised by its proactive nature. Therefore, when it comes to investment management and market exposure, it takes as active a role as possible to reassure clients that the implementation of its proprietary risk management systems is being done effectively, efficiently, and securely. With these factors and many more allowing its clients peace of mind, Dominion is able to promise that its investments will take them to the next level. To drill down a little more closely into the specific global trends it works with, one such trend is the E-commerce fund, launched in 2014. Nowadays, given the prevalence of high-speed internet connection and the impact of the pandemic driving more people to online shopping than ever before, digital payments have become the new normal. They are more convenient, safer, and more efficient, allowing for the exchange of goods and services of all types and scales; Dominion’s E-commerce fund, therefore, capitalises on this growth trend in order to allow its clients to invest in the companies of the future. This being just one of many exemplary global funds – alongside a luxury consumer fund and managed fund, for example – that Dominion offers to its clients, it is easy to see how this company’s investment opportunities have made it a darling of its industry, putting it on a track to further growth that only goes up from here. Company: Dominion Fund Management Limited Contact: Tim Nelson Website: Apr21271