Corporate Vision Issue 5

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 5 2018 37 , Manage Damage offers riskmanagement advice, service and expertise and its teamare continuously providing unrivalled results to clients.We profiled the firmand its founder, JillianHamilton as we examinewhat qualities the firmpossesses which has seen it accomplish overwhelming success. A Risk Company with a Difference Founded by Jillian Hamilton, Manage Damage has created a brand-new way to approach Risk adopting the Financial Approach for Non-Financial Risk. Boasting a proven track two year record, Jillian is an executive who has saved millions of dollars of workers’ compensation and associated damage costs for some of the largest companies. Furthermore, Jillian and Manage Damage have been asked to share their expertise again on the world stage for World Safety Day in Pakistan, a key indicator of the firm’s achievements. Utilising her own expertise, Jillian has instilled a hard-working ethos within her company in which she has cultivated a working atmosphere that has led to staff happy to come to work and motivated to produce their best work daily. Typically, Manage Damage works with Boards, CEOs, CFOs and other senior leaders to drive efficiency, productivity and profitability. Operating within the governance space, the team at Manage Damage adopts unique methods in the way it approaches risk. The company takes a holistic perspective from ground roots through to the board/decision makers. Essentially, Manage Damage have taken a fresh new view at safety and risk and made it meaningful, and have made it an essential budget item. Interestingly, Jillian’s extensive experience has led her to activate a philosophy and methodology; Risk Dollarisation™, to bring about transformational change to a sector where there is little incentive for service providers to reduce business costs. This is brand new different and a ground-breaking way to engage the right people to invest in protection of our people. Developing a growing reputation across the globe, the team provides positive impacts and results for a wide range of clients from companies to countries. However, Manage Damage has also provided and effected positive impacts and results for Individual Business Units, Self- Insurers and State/Government Administered Insurers. Ultimately, to keep up with developments in the increasingly dynamic risk space, there a variety of techniques which the company has employed so it can sustain its success. The firm is full of futurist thinkers, planners and doers. As a well-educated firm, employees study the macro environment daily, ensuring the team can keep abreast of new waves of the way we work and how we can best serve our clients. 1805CV02 Contact: Jillian Hamilton Address: 811 Stanley Street, Woolloongabba, Queensland, 4102, Australia Phone: 0061 731728147