6 Signs Your Digital Advertising Campaigns Are Underperforming and What to Do About It

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By Gez McGuire MCG Digital Media & Lead Accelerator founder

Poorly performing paid search campaigns could be costing businesses tens of thousands of pounds every month.

Pay-per-click is often a victim of its own success. With even the most basic of setups delivering results, marketing managers and agencies can see it as a fit and forget solution. A closer look however, will often reveal significant wastage.  

Lead Accelerator founder and AI marketing expert, Gez McGuire, reveals six of the most common issues and how to address them. 


1. You struggle to maintain consistent results

Often businesses find that the amount of traffic driven by digital marketing is inconsistent, or in gradual decline. One of the key factors affecting this is a much too simplistic campaign structure. Having just one ad running for a given search term is rarely if ever the best approach. Multiple ads optimised for different times of the day, different devices and locations provide much more oversight on exactly what is and isn’t working. In this way each campaign can be assessed, tested, optimised and scaled to achieve consistent results. 


2. PPC visitors aren’t converting into enough enquiries

In some instances, businesses can be seeing good or even high levels of traffic to their website through PPC, but visitors are simply failing to take the next step to get in touch. In this case it is often where potential customers are being driven to rather than the advert itself that is at fault. A poorly optimised landing page will be costing businesses £1,000s in lost revenue. 

In the past, addressing this issue meant creating a single landing page with a clear and direct call to action. While this principle remains correct, there are now a series of advanced features that can supercharge conversions. Taking advantage of the latest advances in AI and machine learning, it’s now possible to quickly and effectively create intelligent landing pages that use multiple multi-step forms. Geared a lot more towards website visitors taking immediate action, we’ve adopted this approach across all of our clients and are seeing conversions increase to as much as 30 to 40 per cent.     

Introducing AI and machine learning eliminates the need for a “one-page-fits-all” approach to conversion optimisation by delivering the most relevant content to each visitor. Through analysis and learning AI powered landing pages send visitors to a landing page variant where they are most likely to convert. 


3. Your competitors seem to be everywhere and are stealing your share of voice

Smart businesses make sure that they have multiple touchpoints with their prospective customers. Engagement in the form of conversions or enquiries often happen after the 9th or 10th time that a prospect sees a relevant and timely ad.

One effective way to do this is through remarketing. Incorporating a tracking pixel onto a website or landing page allows businesses to retarget prospective customers across digital platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. 

There will soon be a shift in the way that digital marketing is carried out when the use of third-party cookies is phased out, impacting the way thousands of advertisers use platforms such as Facebook to target their desired audiences. One way advertisers can stay ahead of this change is to gather as much first-party data as possible, through the implementation of remarketing pixels and data collection, from lead generation.

Creating your own multi-touchpoint campaign funnel will be important and ultimately, rewarding.


4. You cannot identify how and where to scale your campaign reach

Many companies with sizeable digital marketing budgets still have very limited ability to leverage their campaigns as a result of a poorly thought-out strategic approach from the offset.

Time and again we have re-structured clients’ digital campaigns to allow for greater transparency in terms of understanding where the greatest engagement and opportunity lies in terms of campaigns / devices / time segments and many other factors.

This leads to being able to be data driven when making key decisions in terms of where to spend budget as being informed by results is far more effective than anything else.

As a result, we can easily identify where to reduce ad spend and where to scale it up and the results are always impressive, with an average reduction in waste of approximately 25% and an increase in productivity of 20% – 30% in terms of increased conversion rates and lower cost per enquiry / sale.

The main takeaway here – do not take your in-house marketing manager or incumbent agency’s word when they say that nothing more can be done to improve your digital campaigns. We’ve heard that and within 30 days turned things around in a big way.


5. You do not have full autonomy or ownership of your digital strategy

All too often the ownership of many companies’ digital marketing lies with either one person in their marketing department or with the incumbent agency that manages it.

This is very dangerous as we’ve seen accounts spending £30,000 per month where the main people in the business don’t know how to even access it to view performance.

In these situations, a company can be given very bad advice by their in-house staff or by their incumbent agency. Meaning that not only could they be missing out on opportunities to streamline and increase the efficiency of the campaign, but they could also be wasting a significant portion of their ad spend.

Companies that find themselves in this situation often have to play a difficult game to get a fresh perspective from someone else but it’s ultimately worth it. If this describes you then act today to start putting things right.


6. Your marketplace is just too expensive to advertise in and you don’t know a way around it.

Sometimes it’s just too expensive to advertise in an online auction, such as Google Ads, for certain sectors as the click costs can run very high. This is due to advertisers in those sectors ramping up their bids in order to dominate the paid search results.

This may seem strange but we’ve seen this happen when a company receives venture capital investment, for example, and one of their marketing strategies is to play the long game, as they can afford to do this. They can therefore pay high costs to get enquiries as they know most of their competition cannot afford to do this.

However, there are multiple advanced bidding strategies that can allow advertisers to compete in very expensive markets without paying the inflated costs that their competitors have created.

Take a look at all of the smart bidding options that allows advertisers to set goals in terms of target cost per acquisition, return on ad spend or even to target by impression share. The suite of bidding options available allow advertisers to test and measure different campaigns in the same auction until you find one that works for you and your sector, and your budget.

Advertising vs Organic Interaction: Influencers Are Having to Address Their Content

Illistrated graphic or an influencer sitting on a speaker, with likes, comments, and other information coming out of it

For many years now, social media influencers and online content creators have been somewhat forced to disclose whether the posts they are sharing are in fact a paid-for advertorial or not. Just as we see on television and in magazines, it is clear what is an ad, and what is not – so why should things be different across social media?


In today’s world, many would say that social media influencers and the content they share is much more impactful than that of more traditional forms, and so the need to honestly disclose ads becomes even more important. Which is where the Advertising Standards Authority, also known as the ASA, comes into play.


The ASA is the UK’s advertising regulator, ensuring that ads across UK media stick to the rules put in place. From influencer marketing, to print and broadcast, the ASA monitor it all and everything in between.


And Amelia Neate, senior manager of Midlands-based influencer marketing agency Influencer Matchmaker uncovers why the enforcement of such disclosure is now important as a new era of ‘genuinfluencer’ has arrived.


With the arrival and accessibility of platforms like TikTok and the expansion of content creation from the everyday social media user, there has been a collective shift for generation Z in particular, who have become bored with the celebrity show boater and are more focused on the authenticity and human behind the screen.


Cultural conversations via influencers have caused movements such a Black Lives Mater, MeToo and even more recently the #FreeBritney campaign that set out to understand and remove the conservatorship that Britney Spears was under post her mental health struggle in 2008. While other media platforms like LadBible and ArchBishopofBanterbury have prided themselves on redefining entertainment – often taking ordinary people with relatable circumstances and making them part of the conversation.


Like the above outlets, while they are able to monetise with paid for advertisement ahead of videos, it is imperative that the authenticity still comes across in their storytelling and therefore content from real people, addressing real life situations is imperative to the success of the viewership.


Whilst many popular influencers take pride in appropriately labelling their paid for content, the ASA recently threatened to name and shame influencers failing to stick to the guidelines.


These days, the GenZ demographic are more sustainable, more ethical and more educated. They want full transparency from brands and from social media, with recent research stating that 82% of followers agreed the importance of influencers disclosing their personal use history with the product they are promoting. But with ASA guidelines being regularly updated, some influencers have struggled to keep up.


And, with it not just being a paid-for advertorial or post that needs to be disclosed influencers must consider how the rules can vary dependant on a typical sponsored post vs integrated videos on YouTube, affiliate links, PR products and press discounts.


Previously, when the industry was in its infancy, brands would send out products to their favourite influencers in the hopes that they would be authentically mentioned on their platforms. Whilst this is still the case, such products must be disclosed as ‘PR product’.


To some, this may seem slightly overboard, however in this industry, influencers must be conscious to make their audiences aware of what might qualify as a means of payment in order for the consumer to make an educated decision about the purchase of a product based on that influencers testimonial of a brand. If this is backed by a true and genuine story that equally connects their recommendation, then it will clearly better connect with its audience.


For example, health and fitness influencer Carly Rowena made her mark on the industry because of her love for fitness and nutrition. And, after many years of being recognised for her easy-to-follow workout videos, Instagram posts and blog posts, Carly has teamed up with Halo Fitness to create her very own range of activewear. Because of her genuine love and passion for finding the perfect workout gear for many years, it seemed a natural and obvious choice for Carly to launch such a collection.


In the next year, 63% of marketers intend to increase their influencer marketing budget. Instagram is also extending its shopping features, testing its Shop tab, which will allow users to click and view extra product details quicker.


The introduction of these features will certainly be the becoming of new sponsored ad additions for the ASA guidelines and with more consumers demanding such transparency influencers must keep ahead of the curve when it comes to genuine and purposeful content in order to reach a profit.

The Great Digital Overhaul(age)

Blaack HGV with green tech bianry code on it

Digitalisation has transformed every sector in recent years. The implementation of technologies like artificial intelligence and automation have streamlined processes, improved data accuracy, and allowed businesses in every industry to become more efficient.

One sector that has been slow in its adoption of technology is logistics and haulage. In a pre-pandemic PwC survey, only 28% of transport and logistics providers rated themselves as digitally advanced.

However, digitisation is picking up in the sector. In its whitepaper, Using Digital to Drive Your Transport Business Forward, Mandata found that digital adoption is a priority for two-thirds of hauliers in 2021.

Here, we discuss how digital technologies are transforming the logistics sector in 2021 and beyond.

Back-office digitisation increases productivity

When we think of innovative technologies, we might focus on virtual assistants and robotics, but sometimes the best digital solutions are the less glamorous ones. For many years, hauliers and logistics firms relied on manual or paper-based processes to manage planning, jobs, and invoices.

Gone are the days of using spreadsheets, or even easily misplaced sheets of paper, to carry out your operations. Now, transport management software allows you to manage your processes, from order right through to invoice, in one fully integrated system. Not only does this allow you to be more time-efficient, because it eliminates duplicate data entry, but it also offers real-time visibility on reporting or job status updates for key stakeholders like customers and colleagues.


Route planning software makes journeys more efficient

In days gone by, your drivers’ deliveries could be impacted by a poor route choice or unexpected traffic. One late delivery can have a knock-on effect on the rest of the day’s deliveries, which can impact profit made on each job, your customer satisfaction, and potentially your customer retention rate.

Route inefficiencies can also cost your business a lot of money – and in a sector with already razor-thin margins, this is the last thing you need.

With real-time status updates and ETAs available, your transport planners will be able to see if there’s anything holding up your drivers and, if necessary, divert them. A live arrivals board will allow you to easily spot any journeys encountering issues and view delivery countdowns.


Mobile apps for drivers improve accuracy

Drivers are also benefitting from the technological innovations driving change in the sector. In recent times, many planners would send their drivers a list of jobs via WhatsApp, SMS or even phone calls, which was difficult to track and follow. Prior to that, many relied on paper sheets handed to them at the start of the workday. Paper proof of deliveries also presented a lot of issues for drivers.

Mobile apps for drivers are making their day-to-day tasks easier, allowing them to carry out essential parts of their work in one place and paper-free. They can access their jobs for the day within the app and update them when they’re complete.

One of the most powerful tools for hauliers in these apps is electronic proof of delivery (ePOD). Paper-based PODs were the standard until recent years, but they were prone to being misplaced, lost, or even illegible. Electronic PODs allow drivers to easily capture confirmation of their delivery, whether that’s via a photo or a digital signature. The ePOD will automatically match back to the correct job and when the jobs are ready to be invoiced, the ePODs will automatically be attached. This results in less duplication of work while also providing the ability to complete invoicing in a few clicks, cutting down on hours of manual work.

Many sectors have reaped the benefits of digital innovation, but until recently, haulage and logistics companies have been left behind. We know the industry struggled with the impact of COVID-19, with 73% of hauliers reporting that their cash flow significantly reduced in the first UK lockdown. However, we’ve also seen priorities change as a result of these extraordinary circumstances, as many hauliers are choosing to focus on digital adoption this year.

7 Ways to Boost SEO in the Fall

Man outside in the autumn checking his phone

People find new businesses in many different ways. Some get a referral from a friend. Others see a shirt they like and ask a stranger on the street where they bought it. While these can help your business grow, one of the most effective options is to leverage search engine optimization. People are searching for services and products online every day. They use their smartphones and computers to find exactly what they are looking for. With the right SEO, your business can rise to the top of the list. Here are some of the best ways to boost your SEO this fall and in the months to come.


Create Seasonal Content

A great way to engage your audience is to use seasonal content in your SEO. Discover what keywords are trending and how it relates to your business and create content around that. You’d be amazed at how many people want to find seasonal sales on things like home décor, clothing, and even technology. Maybe you aren’t launching an orange tablet this season, but you have cases that can be customized with fall messages. The important thing is to consider your products and your audiences to find the best SEO keywords to use.


Use Internal Links

If you aren’t using internal links in your blog content you are missing out on a big SEO opportunity. When you want to get found for certain keywords, and you have relevant content, link back to it from your blog. It’ll tell the search engines that you have something valuable to offer with those keywords and make you jump closer to the top of the list when people search those words. It’s a great way to build your SEO and connect with new customers who are searching for products like yours.


Compete for Relevant Keywords

Keyword research is boring. Let’s face it. Searching for what keywords are popular and which ones relate to your business isn’t the fun part. But when you can tag along with trending searches, you can easily start competing for those relevant keywords. You’ll have more success in the fall for instance if you create content around those trending fall searches. Take some time to learn about what your customers like and what they are searching for in this season. Use what you discover to compete for those keywords.


Add New Products

The fresher your portfolio, the more interesting your content is to the big search engines. When you add new products, it gives the search engines even more reasons to pull your content to the top of a relevant search. With a great product description, a good photograph, and an excellent title, your products will get found by just the right people. Creating relevant and new products helps your SEO in the fall and all year long.


Get Creative With Your Marketing

It’s easy to get stuck in a marketing rut. If it’s working for you, then keep doing it. But find ways to get creative with how you connect with new clients. Marketing for accounting firms, tech companies, and even healthcare may seem unnecessary, but it’s critical to leverage creative methods of finding new business. The best marketers use a combination of data and unique ideas to help reach their target market year-round. This time of year is all about pumpkin spice, apple cider, and cozy sweaters, so think about how to incorporate those into your fall SEO campaigns.

Your website should not be static all year long. By adding fresh marketing campaigns, new products, and even regular blog posts, you can be sure your business will be near the top of the list for search engines. A fall marketing campaign on your site makes it fresh, fun, and applicable to the season we are in. It’s in your best interests to use your creative team to write content, make graphics, and direct a marketing campaign to encourage new sales in the fall months.


Use 3rd Party Review Sites

This strategy is two-fold. It gives your company credibility when there are good reviews. It also adds another location to put your website link. During different seasons, you can add in fresh content to help people know what’s happening in the fall and other seasons. Third-party review sites are an excellent part of a good SEO strategy no matter what industry you are in.

Unlimited Video Editing Service Unveiled by Nottingham-Based Agency

Mick Walker from Boxset Media

Nottingham-based video production agency Boxset Media has launched a brand new editing service titled Edit Unlimited – giving businesses access to an unlimited number of video revisions on a monthly basis.


About Boxset Media

Established in 2009 by Creative Director Mick Walker, Boxset Media is a highly regarded video production agency situated in Nottingham – working with a wide range of clients across the UK including the NHS, BBC, Santander, Barclays and Furniture Village. The team brings together experts in project management, script writing, casting, film-making, editing and animation to produce extraordinary films in a collaborative way.

Offering corporate, promotional, event videos and more, Boxset Media have so much to help SMEs or larger businesses.

Boxset works with an established team of experienced video marketing professionals. The agency has won many notable awards throughout its 12 years in business including accolades at the Innovation and Excellence Awards, the UK Enterprise Awards and the Corporate Excellence Awards, where they won the title of Best For Corporate Video Production Services.

The agency has always operated using a more traditional project-by-project model – quoting and completing work on an ad-hoc basis. After speaking to a number of clients and partners about the growing hunger that exists for regular editing services, Mick realised that there was a gap in the market for an agency to offer an unlimited monthly editing package which makes creating engaging content that’s ready to share, easy for brands.


Creative Director Mick Walker

“Many brands find video editing quite a laborious and time consuming process, so it’s often pushed to the bottom of the priority pile,” explains Mick. “As a result, there’s a lot of bulging libraries of footage which have been captured, but are not being maximised,”

“Video content is one of the most popular ways for consumers to digest information,” adds Mick. “YouTube and social media channels are incredibly popular ways for brands to get their messages in front of the right audiences through very targeted snippets. Not investing time and resource into editing a library of engaging video content really is a trick missed,”

“We wanted to take the leg work out of the process and provide clients with access to unlimited edits of their video content within an affordable monthly retainer. Edit Unlimited does just that. It doesn’t include filming, creating content or bespoke services such as voiceovers or animation,” he adds, “it’s purely about editing the content provided to us,”

“The benefit for brands who take up Edit Unlimited is that through our combined in-house experience, we remove the hassle of editing and very quickly, give them sharable content that’s ready to go. There’s no contract and clients can enjoy unlimited revisions with quick turnaround times. It really is that simple!”


Edit Unlimited

Boxset has launched two packages of Edit Unlimited, including its standard package with one edit per month with unlimited amendments, as well as a premium service with unlimited projects and unlimited amendments.


Those looking to find out more and register for the service can do so by visiting the Boxset Media site.

How To Effectively Hire Creatives To Plug Into Your Expanding Project Needs

Four fingers with faces on them, each with a speech bubble saying

As the demands for your company grow and your work needs expand, you may consider opening up your employee and contract work to people from all around the world. When hiring creatives to meet your increasing demand for content, it takes the prospect more than just simply understanding how to be creative.


They should also understand the potential audience, the region that audience lives in, and the types of idioms, slang, and images that the audience will understand. These points are especially critical while working with individuals in remote and virtual capacities.


As we all know, the benefits of working virtually allow for individuals to collaborate and work together, often from different parts of the world and at other times of the day. Therefore, when screening potential contractors and employees, especially when considering hiring international employees, you should first set up a formal screening process.


Between language barriers and different idiomatic expressions, native English speakers will speak and spell words differently depending on their nation of origin. These variances can create confusion or misunderstandings, so establishing clear screening procedures is crucial whether hiring for creative projects, marketing,  logistics, or otherwise.


Regional Understanding And Interests Are Critical


In creative industries, having a regional understanding is critical in crafting the right message and tone for your project in creative industries. The only way to guarantee that your newly hired individual(s) can match that tone and intonation is through proper pre-hiring screening.


For your Human Resources (HR) department to conduct a screening that matches your exact needs, you should establish a screening process that includes:

  • Understanding the idiom of the area they apply
  • Video chat or pre-recorded answers
  • Virtual skills
  • And working a paid trial to determine comprehension and feasibility


When hiring a creative position for content needs (such as copywriter, content marketer, or technical writer), a simple writing test that emphasizes the type of terms and “slang” needed for your readership should be a simple first question to answer.


It takes more than just understanding how differences in spelling may be in different regions of the world to be an effective marketing and technical writer. For example, the difference between American and English words, such as “behavior” (American) and “behaviour” (English), can impact both readership and your SEO strategy based on search results your prospects may be querying.


These differences may seem trivial at first glance, but to readers and SERPs alike, they can profoundly affect the outcomes of searches and understanding of the content you’re trying to promote. Other creative positions such as photography and graphic arts have less impact based on regionality. However, even during the hiring process, these positions should still come with a pre-screening process.


The possible impact on your content may not be as detrimental as having words and sentences written for a different audience than your target. However, it could still have some impact, either positively or negatively.


With visual creatives, taking a picture of a couple in front of a building or landmark that is exotic or well-known may be distracting for your audience. For example, if you’re writing content for a traditional brick-and-mortar shop in Austin, Texas, but the images you’re trying to use are of a couple in Paris, France, the disconnection may be too distracting for your readers.


Whereas with creatives such as copywriting, it’s crucial that they pass a regional language comprehension “test,” with visual creatives, it’s more critical for them to understand the region that pictures must be sourced. A good alternative is to have visual creatives use neutral, evergreen backdrops for their photos, which can be resourced for multiple regions and areas.


As your business grows, your employee and contractor needs will expand with those demands. How your organization hires out for those expanding roles can be a delicate balancing act of finding qualified applicants and individuals that can meet your creative content needs specific to your audience.


The balancing act between qualified individuals and those that can provide content specific to your audience is one of the benefits of working with a decentralized, remote workforce. But to do so effectively, you need to build in some safeguards during the screening process that will help you evaluate the talent so that you can plug them into the roles you need for each project you have.

Amping Up The Marvellous Marketing

Businessman with a tablet creating a digital marketing plan for real estate

In a world that is increasingly digital and where the right marketing can make a world of difference, Amped Lead Generation might just be one of the most valuable firms around for those involved in real estate. After the firm was named the Most Influential Leader in Real Estate Marketing 2020 – Texas, we profiled it to find out more about what it offers, and what makes it such an outstanding option for those working in real estate marketing.

The Amped brand is a far-reaching conglomerate, made of many pieces that come together to form a marketing puzzle of sorts. Chief among them is Amped Lead Generation, which takes the lead with more than 5,400 websites that generate mortgage and real estate leads. There are a handful of other parts of the conglomerate, which includes Amped Database Management, a CRM system that managed the incoming leads with automated triggers to maximise the ROI on incoming leads for the marketing partners. Amped Rescue is a distressed property software that tracks the properties and owners to assist with a refinance, or cash offer to help them sell the distressed property very quickly. There is also an India-based facet to the company, Amped Digital Solutions, which is a website design, software, and mobile app design company. The Manila-based Amped Business Solutions, which is the business development arm of the Amped brand, handles customer service and virtual assistance service for the Amped brand, as well as other small business companies that require assistance. Amped Finance Solutions is a real estate finance company for owner finance transactions, and Amped Insurance Group is a property and casualty, and life insurance and annuity company that assists with insurance and investment needs.

It’s safe to say that the Amped brand has grown a lot over the last three years, and is now in a position where it can assist clients with all facets of the mortgage and real estate industry. One of the reasons that the Amped brand has been so highly successful is that it has found a way to place a website or advertisement in just about every crack, crevice, and part of the industry. With more than seven thousand websites being created and perfectly placed in the top two hundred cities of the United States, the Amped brand has taken each market captive. It is a behind-the-scenes company, and works tirelessly on behalf of its clients to provide a simple, yet highly effective service for the marketing partners so that they can be successful and grow their platform. Amped is focused on making its partners shine, and works on its SEO and social media marketing platform to make itself better every single day.

As the flagship of the company, Amped Lead Generation is responsible for working primarily with mortgage banks that are seeking leads for purchase transactions. With over seventeen years in the mortgage industry as an executive, it has been the privilege of the firm’s own executive-level staff to meet with many other mortgage executives and help them achieve their professional goals. This has made finding mortgage partners rather easy, given that the staff know how the industry works and where strengths and weaknesses lie for every single company. The weakest link for every single company is that they rely on realtor partners to provide all their business. The Loan Officers may be the ones to bring the realtor relationship with them, but the main problem is the high turnover in the industry. When a Loan Officer leaves, therefore, they take all the business with them.

This demand constant recruitment to replace lost revenue, which can be rather expensive. Businesses such as this simply have the wrong blueprint for continued success and growth, with the cost of recruiting fees, sign-on bonuses, shopping expenses, new and old leases, HR expenses, and large amounts of training all amounting to quite an expensive decision. Companies like Quicken primarily attain their business via advertisements, but it is 99% refinance transactions, and it is proven that the revenue us smaller on refinance transactions due to rate compression and rate competition. This is where Amped comes in. Amped is the first and the largest business in the country that generates purchase transactions as its primary focus. This provides an opportunity for the marketing partners to not only control and train the business should a Loan Officer leave, but it also solidifies the realtor relationships as Amped is the only platform consistently handing business back to them. The fact is that the current leadership does not understand the cost of lead generation will actually cut expenses by making it very difficult for Loan Officers to leave, thereby cutting corporate expenses.

Changing the course in this way will force the hand of every mortgage company to do the same, or they risk losing their realtor partners to a company that provides business in return. Again, this should force many companies to seek out the services of Amped and the Amped brand, especially given that Amped has already purchased the best domains available in the top two hundred cities of the United States. Now, the Amped brand is in a place where it can roll out hundreds of new websites each month to solidify its presence and position at the top of the food chain within the world of real estate marketing. It will become almost impossible for competitors to even get close to what the firm has built over the last three years. Amped has spent three years learning and perfecting the algorithms in each city, and it has certainly paid off.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the staff that make Amped so outstanding in the first place. The staff are everything when it comes to sealing the deal on the success that the brand has built for itself. The leadership has provided the blueprint and the capital that has allowed the team to build the machine; the vision has been provided, and the staff have turned it into a masterful realization. Now, the Amped machine is preparing to move into new arenas in 2021. The firm will aim to enter the insurance industry and auto industry, and is also building a personal injury law platform. It will likely roll out in 2022, but it is possible that the team will get over the line in the last quarter of 2021.

There can be little growth without challenge, and that has certainly proven to be the case for the team at Amped. The biggest challenge currently is the mass refinance boom. When mortgage companies are dealing with mass volume, and pipelines are backed up, they are not looking to market for more business. Marketing shut down completely for four months, and it was a swift sucker punch for Amped. Yet, the leadership regrouped and attained new contracts, despite it being hard to keep paying staff with no revenue. Though this will likely continue as COVID-19 continues to be present in our lives, Amped will find a way to continue delivering excellence for itself and its clients.

Armed with the experience and expertise of its leadership, 2021 should be a banner year for the Amped brand. It has taken the downtime forced by COVID-19 to fix errors and build out more sites to maintain its position at the forefront of what the industry has to offer. Taking its place on the pedestal, Amped is refreshed and ready to go achieve more growth and more success than ever before.

For business enquires contact Rick Orozco at Amped Lead Generation via https://www.ampedleadgen.com/

3 Types of Writers and How They Benefit Your Business


With the surge in technology in the past 30 years, it seems that tech-related jobs are becoming more highly valued, and the writer is falling by the wayside. Finding good writers for businesses often feels like an afterthought instead of an intentional choice. Writing often feels more like a soft skill, but the truth is, having good writers is vital for your business. Whether you are writing internal documentation or creating marketing briefs, writers are essential. And while developers are important for a tech business, writers help out everything together.

There are many different types of writers. While you may think of writing as poetry and stories, writing is also instructional and helpful. Good writers help businesses communicate important facts both internally and externally. You need a variety of writers to help your business succeed. Here are three types of writers who can benefit your business starting today.


Technical Writers

If you have the most brilliant developer in the world creating apps behind the scenes, it doesn’t help you if you have no documentation behind what they create. Technical writers use a variety of tools including technical writing software  to break down complex information to make it more usable. They create how-to guides, instructional manuals, documentation for clients, and so much more. They are skilled at taking a process and creating easy to follow directions that help almost anyone complete the task. They make information more useful and usable.

The implications are endless with how a technical writer can benefit your business. They can create internal documentation that helps to train new employees. They create user guides for customers. Technical writers can bridge the tech and non-tech parts of our business. Want to teach your marketing team to use a new process or technology? You can have your technical writer create the documentation. If you need to create a course that teaches staff about new company policies, a technical writer will benefit you greatly.



Got a product to sell? It’s not going to sell itself. A skilled and talented copywriter can help you transform your product into money. They are the sales writing part of the writing engine in your business. The best copywriters make customers excited to spend their money with you. The customer shouldn’t feel like you’re some sleazy car salesman, but they should feel like your product meets their needs. Copywriters work with the marketing team to write copy that gets used in promotional materials. These written pieces can be in your online store, social media, your company website, mailers, emails, and more.

A good copywriter understands the audience, what makes them tic, and how to use words to help get a sale. They tell stories, woven around your product to draw in the right people. The copy they write is valuable to help you succeed in selling your product.


Content Writers

Content writers are skilled at producing relevant, interesting, and useful information mostly for websites and social media. Content writers understand their audience, know how to pick out the right keywords, and even understand the intricacies of SEO, hashtags, and more. A content writer can showcase important parts of a business and create content that’s valuable for their customers. If you have a blog for your business, you need a good content writer.

Need a good article highlighting 5 important health tips? Get a content writer. Need a blog post that pinpoints your audience pain points? Also a content writer. Need someone to share daily original content for your social media fans? This is also the job of a content writer. Content writers don’t write with the intention to sell. They educate, inform, and inspire audiences through valuable content day in and day out.

While writing may seem like a soft-skill for many tech businesses, writers are a critical piece of the whole. They create valuable guides and instructions. Writers help you sell your products. Writers keep your audiences engaged and informed. Don’t overlook these valuable employees. Be intentional about hiring the right writers for each part of your business. While some of the skills overlap, copywriters, content writers, and technical writers all have distinct skill sets, that when used best can help you grow. 

Decluttering At Work: Less Stress and More Success

Work desk

Working remotely has many professionals examining all the aspects of their home office, work-life balance, and personal finances. If you’re working from home, you are ready to find solutions. You want to find ways to slash stress, be more creative, and make headway with your finances.


How To Take Care Of Yourself While Working Remotely

In the last year, working from home was a response to a global health crisis. The change in work was obvious in every city – from Las Vegas to New York City. Yet, many people prefer working virtually. More people, across the United States, are looking for ways to keep working from home, even after the pandemic.

If you’re ready to strike a better work-life balance and live with less stress, consider trying out these tips.


Declutter With Style

There are many ways to decorate your home office to reduce stress. Start from the inside out. What style suits you? What do you find soothing and focusing? Are you a modernist at heart? Or do you prefer a quirky blend of glitz and sparkle? 

Once you determine what makes you feel happy, start tossing. Ditch the desk, lamp, or chair that doesn’t fit your taste. Be ruthless and be bold. You are the executive making artistic and design decisions.

When you find your style, you’ll have the right balance to be highly creative – and highly productive.


Declutter Your Desk

It’s important to be able to find your desk. If you’re used to stacking papers in piles, experiment with a different approach. Get filing cabinet. Practice tossing papers, notices, and duplicates in the trash. Pick a specific day and time to lighten up – such as every Friday at 2 pm. 

With a little attention, you’ll create a more productive home office.


Declutter With a Shopping Moratorium

Are you used to shopping as a sport, entertainment, and distraction? If so, it’s time to declare a personal moratorium on shopping. Put online and offline shopping on hold. If you aren’t adding more stuff to your space, you’ll have an easier time decorating and using what you already have on hand.

This doesn’t mean you’ll never shop again. It just means that for now, you are putting shopping on hold.


Declutter With Decoration

When you stop shopping for extra things to decorate your space, you may notice you’ve got more juice for creativity. This can show up in fun and exciting ways. You might take up watercolor. Combine painting with inspiring quotes to get you fired up for work. 

Perhaps you want to have a particular look and can do this by refinishing a piece of furniture. By refinishing an old desk, you can design a whole new look. Perhaps your new bookshelf will be found in a forgotten wooden crate. 

When you’re creating instead of shopping, a whole new world opens up. 


Declutter With Freelancing

If you’re worried about finances, now is the time to stop procrastinating. Do some sleuth work and figure out your best options. Perhaps you can pick up some extra freelance work. Consider options that are within your field of expertise. If you’re a bookkeeper, you may be able to pick up some extra clients. If you’re a graphic designer, you could do gig jobs to get your foot in the door.


Declutter With Financial Options

Many professionals find that financial stress is at the top of the list. When it comes to reducing stress and balancing your new normal, look at your best options to create financial health.

You might be hearing a lot about personal loans as a way to consolidate high-interest credit card debt.

Fortunately, it’s easy to shop for loans online these days. For instance, if you’re living in Las Vegas and need to get a loan, you can go online to find Las Vegas loans. In minutes, you find top loan agencies in your area.

Finance experts often note that personal loans are useful if they are used wisely. Some of the main uses of personal loans include: consolidating credit card debt, paying for emergencies, and purchasing appliances. 

If you are considering a personal loan, look at ways to simplify your financial life. As you’re working hard to create less stress, this may inspire you to track expenses, refine spending, and take a closer look at your financial health.


Sum Up

These 6 tips can help you create a happy and productive home workspace. With your awesome new space, you’ll have the right environment to do your best creative work.

How to quickly get 1000 followers on your business Instagram page

insta followers

Social media was invented to add to the social experience of face-to-face interactions, or in lieu of it. It took away borders and cultures to create a platform for communication with anyone, from anywhere. High on that list for most people are family and friends that we enjoy keeping tabs on. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that keeps millions of people in touch with family, friends and sometimes, strangers that may become friends and more.

Instagram is not only limited to personal use. With over 1 billion users, it is also a great platform for businesses to leverage in reaching their target audiences. It allows businesses to create personalised adverts. More importantly, it allows businesses to gain followers in no time. By considering a few simple steps, anyone can go from no followers to a couple thousand followers in Instagram. It is no rocket science. Here are the tips.


Use influencers

Do you remember the popular kid at school? Do you have that one friend who can get you into any place and make any event a success just by showing up? They have a charm about them, don’t they? Similarly, influencers are the popular kids on Instagram. They have a large following and by their mere mention of a brand, can draw significant attention to them. It is an Instagram superpower! Influencers can create conversations and trends around your brand that engage users with the brand. With this engagement, users can learn more about the product or service offering of a brand and potentially, turn into clients or customers. Even better than using only influencers, is to use a hashtag generator, like Task Ant, to find popular hashtags that your influencers can use when promoting your products. Influencers create the attention it would take businesses a lot of investment in marketing to create. Rather than huge marketing investments, why not use an influencer at a slice of the price?


Have a complete profile

Social media is an information hub for customers which makes it important that businesses use this to their advantage. Once a customer’s attention is drawn to a business and they choose to use social media to investigate it, they want to find as much core information as possible. It is therefore in the best interest of the business to create a complete profile. What does that mean? Businesses should create an attractive profile with some core details including a company logo, a phone number, email and a physical address. These details a persona to the business and allow customers to reach out in case they have questions or want to make an actual purchase. A complete profile will make your business seem more legitimate.


Post consistently

Social media users are often scrolling through their phones during a big part of their day. Some parts of the day more than others. Businesses should post consistently to draw the attention of users. A schedule for the posts such as hourly, daily or weekly goes a long way. Imagine visiting a candy store that you find closed on most days, open on other random days? It creates confusion and doubt about their reliability. Posting consistently shows that the business is alive, kicking and ready to serve their customer.


Post quality content

Content is at the heart of everything with social media engagement. It is a make or break so it is highly important to create great content that not only draws the attention of user but engages them. Instagram is all about aesthetics. If it does not look good, it does not get good attention. Good content may include well edited relevant photos with the an appropriate caption for the target audience.



Engaging customers adds a persona to a brand. People want to know they are interacting with a brand with people behind it that takes into account their needs. It adds a human connection that makes customers more trusting of the brand and more prone to buy from it, and you should try it out for more followers. engagement on Instagram can be done through hashtags and influencers who create hype around a brand that creates conversations on the brand. 



Gaining followers is the name of the game on Instagram as it draws attention to you or your brand. Gaining this attention is made easier when influencers, a complete profile, consistent posts, quality content and engagement are part of your arsenal. It does not have to be complicated.

How to use Instagram for marketing

Have you recently decided that traditional marketing just isn’t working for your business and you need a new way to get your name out there? Have you thought about using Instagram to market your business or brand but just aren’t too sure how to go about it?

Instagram has quickly become one of the most powerful social media platforms for marketing and branding. In the past decade that Instagram has been around for, they have managed to amass over 1 billion active monthly users and making is no surprise that it is popular among both businesses and individuals.

More and more businesses and brands are starting to notice just how beneficial marketing on Instagram can be and have discovered that it is one of the best places to promote their products and content.

If you are new to Instagram and need help getting started, or may need some tips to use Instagram for marketing, here is everything you need to know.


Engage as much as possible

For many businesses and brands, marketing is solely about pushing out a product or service. While this was the case with traditional marketing, using social media as a one way communication channel to your audience will not get you very far. Social media is first and foremost a platform where people come to find entertainment and socialise with other people. This means that you need to take advantage of this and interact with your followers as well.

Engagement is key to becoming successful on any social media platform, especially Instagram, and if you choose to not engage with your followers and other users, you might miss out on a lot of bigger opportunities or lose out on a much larger audience. There are so many different ways to engage with users such as responding to comments on your content, liking other people’s content, using a growth service like Growthoid which will engage on your behalf, sharing things, and even replying to direct messages. People love feeling noticed and appreciated, and this is the best way to do it.


Use hashtags

Hashtags are a tool available on most social media platforms but are especially popular when it comes to Instagram. The only issue it that so many people don’t fully understand their power and tend to misuse them. Hashtags are a searchable keyword that follow a pound sign which can be included in the caption of your posts. This keyword can be searched by anyone and they will see everything that has been posted with the hashtag.

Hashtags are a fantastic way to reach a much larger audience that you might not normally be able to reach, but on top of that they can also help you reach your specific target audience. If you are struggling with choosing the right hashtags for you content, TaskAnt is exactly what you need. TaskAnt is a service that will help you find the best hashtags related to you content that will provide you the most engagement and give you the widest reach.


Influencers are available

With so many users making use of social media, it’s no surprise that some have become incredibly popular gaining audiences with millions upon millions of followers. These social media celebrities are known as influencers. Influencers, for the most part, are very happy to work with businesses or promote products that they really like, and this is a great way for businesses to take advantage of the influencers much larger audience and gain the attention of them.

If you can’t sponsor any posts from an influencer, you could also try sending them a packing of things they could review with the hope that they like it and will share it with their audience.


Understand the demographics

Before you start marketing on Instagram you need to understand the demographics and who it is exactly that you are marketing to, as this will help in increasing your Instagram followers. Typically, social media is targeted towards younger generation and more often used by people who are young adults. Although, Instagram is the most forgiving when it comes to demographics and they do cater to a very wide age range, if you are looking to market on Instagram, you need to know that the majority of people that you will be marketing to will be between the ages of 13 and 30.

Decoding D-Kode

Digital marketing

D-Kode Tech is a digital marketing company that specializes in helping businesses to optimize their web presence in order to expand global reach and communicate effectively with audiences in an increasingly saturated market. Creating close, trusting partnerships with their clients, D-Kode constructs bespoke, data-driven marketing strategies around the specifics of their clients’ visions and goals. We put together a profile of the firm and its President, Daniel Kodam.

Situated in the San Francisco Bay area of California, D-Kode Tech is a digital marketing agency that is driven by passion for helping businesses and organizations make their mark in the digital world. Specializing in the optimization of web presence and expansion of brand reach, D-Kode’s team of digital and marketing professionals are on hand to help their clients foster and build relationships with audiences around the world.

To achieve maximum results, the D-Kode team utilizes data to build bespoke digital marketing strategies that are far from one-size-fits-all. From the initial consultation, D-Kode creates strong, sustainable partnerships with its clients in order to truly understand their business and its context. With that foundation, the D-Kode team takes an approach that incorporates the specifics of the client’s vision for their business with their own personal goals and what they hope to achieve through digital marketing.

D-Kode serves clients across a broad spectrum of industries, from tech to industrial equipment, home remodeling to garment customization, home security, and more. Regardless of the size of a project, D-Kode is committed to delivering high quality results with outstanding customer service, carrying out much of their work in-house to go the extra mile in providing excellence and consistency for all clients. Moreover, D-Kode prioritizes clear and accessible communication between its team and clients so that, together, they can create a unified vision and approach that stands out on digital platforms.

Every D-Kode strategy begins with the establishment of a clear company vision and brand image which, once defined, creates a strong impact through the clients’ chosen channels of marketing. D-Kode is then able to build accessible websites, develop streamlined, personalized apps, and create expertly run online advertising campaigns that incorporate search engine optimization to ensure that clients are able to make themselves heard and seen by their prospective audiences.

A website is vital in creating an engaging online presence, as it shares all the necessary data about a brand to its users, including the information that will form their first impressions. It also provides the launch pad for greater engagement and is the place from which consumers begin to build their relationship with a brand. D-Kode boasts decades of shared experience and insight into what makes a successful website and is able to create the best user experience through functional, versatile and, most importantly, easy to use websites that highlight the brilliance of each brand.

As a website is such an essential step in putting any business on the map, D-Kode works with non-profits and charities to create websites for minimal or no charge, giving them the platform they need to do good and make change. Whilst it is difficult to take on every project at all times, D-Kode is always looking to help where it can and invites any organization looking to make the world a better place to get in touch.

Mobile applications are designed to deliver the content of a website in a more streamlined, purpose-driven manner, and are fast becoming the primary way in which consumers access online information, services and entertainment. Therefore, a business which is looking to be at the cutting-edge of digital marketing is one that is developing its own apps. D-Kode’s mobile app design services are tailored to represent the aesthetics and identity of their clients’ businesses, with additional features such as special offers and alerts that will keep new and existing customers alike engaged in their brand. With D-Kode’s expert knowhow, brands place themselves directly in the hands of the customers, boosting engagement and facilitating successful brand awareness and growth.

Finally, D-Kode is able to use these resources and a broad spectrum of digital marketing skills and platforms to take a brand’s digital marketing to the next level, allowing it to appear higher in Google search results and benefit from expertly crafted online advertising campaigns. Through targeted and effective digital marketing approaches, clients are able to stay ahead of their competitors, attracting more leads, opportunities, and success. D-Kode provides services in Search Engine Optimization, Content Management, Social Media Marketing, Email Campaigns, and Digital Advertising and Analytics so that their clients have everything they need to take center-stage.

D-Kode’s exceptional offering has been created by its team, and they are instrumental in setting the firm apart from the crowd. The team is led by President and Digital Marketing manager, Daniel Kodam, who is a certified digital marketing professional with more than three decades of IT experience acquired from working with everything from micro-businesses to mega-corporations. His philosophy about creating partnerships with clients to achieve success is what drives his firm’s own people-centric mentality, which has resulted in a consistently growing clientele that come to D-Kode through word-of-mouth and recommendations.

Ultimately, whilst there are many digital marketing services in the San Francisco Bay area, none of them share the same commitment to its people as D-Kode does. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, the team’s priority was the care of its employees as they worked overtime and regularly communicated with their network of clients to ensure they were faring okay in an incredibly challenging period. It is not a business strategy to care for one’s clients, but a belief system that has built a loyal and grateful clientele who know they can rely on Daniel and his team to support them and their businesses on the twisting path to success.

The pandemic has also created an opportunity for D-Kode itself to grow from adversity. With the virtual marketplace’s importance accelerating as a result of the closure and pressures on physical shops, D-Kode’s expertise in optimizing the virtual presence of businesses has seen a rapid increase in demand. This growth has been the cause of a great deal of growth for the D-Kode team, who are truly integral to the firm’s success.

Daniel relies greatly on each of his employees, trusting them all implicitly and empowering them with the autonomy to develop personally and professionally. As strong as they are independently, the D-Kode team have fostered a culture of close collaboration which benefits from the experience and expertise each member shares, supporting one another and encouraging them to be their best and truest selves. The result is positive, intra-company cooperation that translates into excellence in D-Kode’s offering and customer service, which has been recently recognized at the Technology Innovator Awards 2020: Best Website Design & Development Agency in the San Francisco Bay by Corporate Vision Magazine.

In this exciting period of expansion, the future looks bright for D-Kode. Daniel and his team have many plans in store, predominantly focused on the firm’s continued growth to facilitate the support of even more businesses seeking to develop and optimize their own digital presences. With this process already well underway, Daniel and the team are feeling optimistic about the months and years ahead for D-Kode.

For more information, please contact Daniel Kodam at www.dkodetech.com