Corporate Vision April 2017

CORPORATE VISION / April 2017 35 Company: AESKU.Group GmbH & Co. KG Name: Dr. Torsten Matthias Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Mikroforum Ring 2 55234 Wendelsheim Germany Telephone: +49 6734 9622 0 A Strong Will and Perseverance g “We are always searching for new markers and panels to complete our portfolio. Point-of- care tests will play an important role in the future, especially in developing countries.Conversely, the increasing number of products and customers are posing challenges to us: we need more employees, we need state- of-the-arts production plants to accelerate the production process and for all we need a new building. To reach our customers we need further subsidiaries and we are going to have more and more trainings and workshops in different countries.”