Canadian Business Awards 2023

TOPP KIDS Out of School Clubs provides a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate program which aims to support children in learning and growing through play and exploration. Since its foundation, the company has kept its community at heart and works to better the field of Early Learning Care by sharing resources with professionals and families through its latest project, the ELCC and Community Development Education Centre. TOPP KIDS Out of School Clubs runs programs for elementary school age children from kindergarten up to grade 6, conveniently located on-site at schools. Providing high quality before and after school care, as well as at its summer camps, parents can trust that their child will feel at home in TOPP KIDS’ safe, comfortable environments. Children are not only able to make use of a large range of free-play equipment, but also have access to structured activities that promote literacy, science, maths, artistic expression, social emotional literacy, and physical activity. TOPP KIDS believes that, after a long day of school, children should be able to choose what activities they participate in, so its programs ensure that children are allowed to make these choices day-to-day. With both structured and unstructured activities, children are kept engaged while also having the opportunity to play with their friends. The company aims to allow children to explore their interests and build important skills such as leadership and social capacity. A great way of doing this is by essentially allowing children to lead their own clubs by giving them the freedom them to choose what they do. The company’s mission is to provide high quality, accessible and affordable childcare to families. It strives to meet the changing needs of the children by creating new programs every year. With 25 years of experience working in the field of early learning and development, Leslie Topp founded TOPP KIDS in 2010 based on her ‘Play, Grow, Laugh & Learn’ model, 4 fundamental ideas that the organization continues to value today. In 2012, following Leslie’s Lupus diagnosis, her son Cody stepped in to continue building her dream. He kick-started the development of TOPP KIDS’ high standards and systems, which resulted in the organization obtaining accredited status and exceeding its quality goals. Following this, Cody worked to develop more locations and programs. Since then, TOPP KIDS has become a leading care provider and is now nationally recognized. Thanks to his passion for growth and development, Cody has created a way to effectively share Early Learning Care resources within the industry. This is TOPP KIDS’ latest project, the ELCC and Community Development Education Centre, a resource hub for families and childcare professionals. Now hosting workshops and seminars presented by knowledgeable industry professionals and community partners, the organization aims to create a new standard for School Age Care training. TOPP KIDS is in the process of transitioning the entire group to a nonprofit model, which will be known as the TOPP KIDS Foundation, allowing the company to seek funding for its various projects. Moving forwards, the company aims to open more programs throughout Calgary and expand its reach further into Alberta. It would also like to extend the reach of its educational resources by moving towards an online system, allowing more people to attend workshops by removing barriers created by time and geographical location. Ideally, TOPP KIDS would also like to be able to provide no-cost care, removing barriers to low income families and allowing them to access the care they need. Keeping the community at the heart of its company, the work TOPP KIDS does for its community is invaluable, making it clear why the organization has won Best Community & Youth Development Organisation 2023, Alberta, in the Canadian Business Awards. The company continues to aim high and is looking towards a bright future. Contact: Cody Topp Company: TOPP KIDS Out Of School Clubs Web Address: Dec22404 Best Community & Youth Development Organisation 2023 - Alberta