Canadian Business Awards 2023

An organization can improve, evolve, and grow when the need for change is acknowledged. The importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in a work environment is not only advocated for but in this day and age, it is expected. Through inclusive leadership and a commitment to continuous growth and innovation, we can create a better tomorrow where everyone can have access to equal opportunities in all of their diversity, including disability, race, gender, sexuality, religion, and so much more. Canadian Equality Consulting is a social innovation strategy firm that supports organizations to increase their diversity by building equitable policies, systems, and products with the aim to cultivate a culture of inclusion and belonging. “We transform workplace cultures.” Canadian Equality Consulting does not specialize in a particular industry or sector and works with governments (at all levels), postsecondary institutions, private sector, and non-profit organizations. Serving over 111 clients in 2022, up from around 70 in 2021, Canadian Equality Consulting is one of the fastest growing and scaling companies in the HR and DEI sector. They serve a multitude of clients in a variety of sectors which includes forestry, health care, tech sector, engineering, accounting and finance, law, boards, real estate, childcare, bereavement care, advanced education, cannabis, energy, human rights, security, international development, and much more. Canadian Equality Consulting is effective at helping other organizations in their DEI journey because their team is made up of a diverse group of DEI experts with a variety of lived experiences. Canadian Equality Consulting’s Founder and President, Marcie Hawranik says, “We have team members that focus on and have expertise in disability and accessibility; in anti-racism; in gender and sexuality; and in Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation; and so much more.” It is to be expected that not all organizations are in the same stages of their DEI journey, therefore, Canadian Equality Consulting has different services available to support their clients at any stage. Some of the services they provide for those organizations starting their DEI journey include DEI Fundamentals training, Inclusive leadership programming, support in creating a DEI Committee, etc. In relation to an organization that has already began their DEI journey, it has services such as: advanced training, e-learning, inclusive board programming, full-scale DEI data gathering assessments, creating DEI strategy, and implementation. They have the ability to design and create customized programming like mentorship and sponsorship programs, as well as create effective policies, procedures, and products. “We also have our Subscription Services programming where DEI internal champions can access an online dashboard of e-learning, DEI tools and toolkits, GBA Plus tools and toolkits, policy templates, research and resources, and receive coaching and consulting services,” Marcie adds. The Subscription Services are designed to build the internal DEI capacity of an organization and equip internal DEI champions with everything they need to be successful in their role. Recently, Canadian Equality Consulting was recognised in the Canadian Business Awards 2023 as the Most Supportive Workplace Culture Advisory Firm. The company strives to build a world where all people, in all of their diversity, are liberated, valued, belong, and have access to rights and opportunities. Marcie tells us, “Our approach is unique in that we customize everything to meet the needs of our clients, we meet our clients where they are at, to effectively support them to grow, and we use evidence-based leading practices in our work.” DEI is a quickly evolving field and inclusive language can shift fundamentally on a weekly or monthly basis. “We are always staying ahead of the trends and adapting and iterating as we go to be 100% relevant, accurate and timely for our clients,” Marcie enthuses. Canadian Equality Consulting is about to launch its Inclusive Boards Program, designed for government, private sector, and non-profit Board Members to apply DEI to their board governance, by-laws, policy, and oversight work, in a supportive cohort with other board members across the country. Marcie shares, “We are also currently seeking funding to integrate our intersectional data gathering and analysis within our subscription services platform for our clients to house all DEI work and data in one accessible location.” If anyone is interested in learning more about DEI and is unsure how to start or champion it in their workplace, check out Canadian Equality Consulting stream of subscription services membership ‘Changemaker’. It is designed for internal DEI champions to accelerate DEI in their organization on a budget. Canadian Equality Consulting also holds monthly free webinars on current DEI topics and trends, for anyone to attend! Contact: [email protected] Company: Canadian Equality Consulting Web Address: Dec22348 Most Supportive Workplace Culture Advisory Firm 2023 Canadian Equality Consulting strives to build a world where all people, in all of their diversity, are liberated, valued, belong, and have access to rights and opportunities. We spoke to its Founder and President, Marcie Hawranik, to find out more about the company following its win of a Canadian Business award 2023. Canadian Business Awards 2023 17