Canadian Business Awards 2023

Dec22070 Best Legal Professional Recruitment Firm 2023 Urban Legal Recruitment Inc. bridges the gap between organizations and legal professionals by making mutually beneficial connections, resulting in efficient resource management and the ideal fit for specialized skillsets. We speak with its President, Stacy Cowan, to learn more about how the work they do has come to be recognized in the Canadian Business Awards 2023. When a company is looking to hire a legal professional, there are many aspects to consider for the organization and the candidate. Given the weighty consequences of anything less than an ideal fit, having an expert intermediary to help navigate the selection process can be a game-changer. Urban Legal Recruitment Inc. (ULR) bridges the gap between organizations and legal professionals by connecting them with available roles within their areas of specialization. ULR recruits for organizations operating in diverse markets, such as law firms (national, international, and regional), oil and gas, energy, real estate and development, financial, technology, and insurance. By supporting highly qualified candidates in their job search, ULR directs them toward opportunities aligned with their skills and aspirations and provides access to the right tools and guidance to showcase their unique abilities and strengths. Stacy Cowan, President of Urban Legal Recruitment, emphasizes “We take the time to get to know both our clients and our candidates and operate with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Whether providing candidates with career management advice, resume support, interview feedback, or developing a deep understanding of client needs, we become your partners on the journey. ULR has built its solid reputation on trust, connection and relationships with its candidates and clients. Stacy shares, “We never pressure a candidate to take a role, and we provide both the client and the job seeker with as many options as possible so they can make an informed decision that reflects their unique requirements.” The well-being of candidates is a high priority for ULR, since “the wellness of legal professionals is a growing concern in Canada. In 2019, the Federation of Law Societies of Canada held its annual conference where it explored wellness within the legal profession. Feedback from the conference, and results of a study on well-being conducted among Quebec lawyers, supported the need for a national study on the matter,” explains Stacy. According to the Canadian Bar Association, some of the key findings from the study include: More than half of all respondents reported experiencing psychological distress and burnout. Those rates are even higher for professionals living with a disability, articling students, lawyers aged 26-35, legal professionals with less than 10 years of experience, legal professionals identifying as members of the LGBTQ2S+ community, and women. The billable hours model has a highly negative impact on mental health, but the emotional demands of clients is the risk factor with the most significant impact. Work–life conflict is a critical stressor. It is associated with a significantly lower level of commitment to the profession and a substantially higher level of intention to leave the profession. Alcohol and drug use among legal professionals are at a worrying level. The key skills to build resilience and shield legal professionals from stressors are psychological detachment from work and the ability to set limits. ( Given the current situation within the industry, Stacy hopes to expand ULR’s offerings “by creating an executive retreat centre merging business with wellness and inclusive of non-traditional personal growth and spiritual learning in a confidential and nurturing space.” ULR’s unwavering commitment to building and sustaining trust-based relationships, along with the invaluable support and expertise they provide, are the elements that earned them Best Legal Professional Recruitment Firm in the Canadian Business Awards 2023. We look forward to watching as Stacy and her team continue to evolve the business to new heights. Contact: Stacy Cowan Company: Urban Legal Recruitment Inc Web Address: