Canadian Business Awards 2023

Canadian Business Awards 2023 27 The Ottawa School of Beauty (The Beauty Academy) provides training for students who aspire to work as hair stylists, medical aesthetics, SPA aesthetics and make-up artists. Following its ongoing recognition within the beauty industry we take a closer look at its success and how the team does it. When beginning your career, it is important to have the correct support and guidance – as this is the base from which your career is going to grow. The Beauty Academy takes responsibility for those who choose to begin their career in the beauty and aesthetics industry, by providing high quality training to help them build a strong foundation towards their desired career path. The Beauty Academy opened its doors in Ottawa, Canada, in 1998 as a locally owned and operated business. Since then, it has expanded and now is a recognised industry leader in Ottawa and London. The team provides training for students who aspire to work as hair stylists, medical aesthetics, SPA aesthetics and make-up artists in three campuses in Ottawa and London. Multiple locations allow The Beauty Academy to meet demand as many students choose its courses because of its high-quality training – and the opportunities it provides once qualified. The academy’s training and qualifications stand out when looking for work within in the industry, and, because of this, the academy opens up many opportunities for them. The Beauty Academy’s students are met by a team of talented individuals who have a lot of valuable experience and that understand the time it requires to become an expert in the field. The team approaches this by limiting the number of students in each session to ensure that they are provided with quality teaching. In this way, they get the attention they deserve in order to be supported in their learning. As trends come and go, the beauty industry is ever changing. Therefore, The Beauty Academy stays up to date with those trends and provides students with modern techniques that will be valuable for their future within in the industry. During the training, it goes further than just teaching theory. As the academy has access to high quality facilities, it is able to provide the students with hands on experience to further improve and grow their skills through repetition and exposure. The business continues to thrive throughout the years, and it is the educators that are at the heart of it all, as they continue to preserve the academy’s quality training that offers opportunities for development in such a competitive industry. The Beauty Academy sees itself as a contributor to the beauty industry and the team prides themselves on their ability to help equipe students to a high standard ready to take part in the industry for many years to come. It comes to no surprise that the academy has been recognized in the Canadian Business Awards of 2023 with the Best Hairstyling & Beauty Aesthetics Academy – Ontario. We are pleased to see it continue to make such an impact on the industry and the students that take part in the courses each year. Contact: Phil Weaver Company: Ottawa School of Beauty Ltd – Beauty Academy Web Address: Dec22073 Best Hairstyling & Beauty Aesthetics Academy - Ontario