Canadian Business Awards 2023

Since 1979, Canor Construction Inc has provided landscaping, demolition, construction, residential and commercial waste container rentals, and waste removal services to North Bay and the surrounding communities. Through exceptional service and attention to detail, Canor works closely with commercial businesses, contractors, land developers, and residents to support their needs and help them achieve their goals. Purchased by Ken Sim in 2009, Canor Construction Inc has since expanded from 20 employees to more than 100 full time employees, all whilst achieving steady sales growth year on year. Over the past several years, Ken has continued to invest in the company to diversify and expand services by establishing a waste recycling facility and even an aggregate crushing facility too. “Canor’s values and goals that embrace quality and exceptional service have contributed to ongoing growth and success,” Ken tells us. “In addition to providing high-quality results, ensuring customer satisfaction in all areas of operations through competitive prices, timeliness, attention to detail, and adopting a service-minded attitude is a priority for the company.” Ken is a passionate entrepreneur who continues to identify opportunities and adopt innovative services and products to meet market demands, support job creation, and invest in the local community. Having been working the land his entire adult life, Ken started up his own landscaping business in North Bay, Ontario, in the year 2000 at just 18 years of age. He ran this business as his sole focus with ardour and great success up until 2009 when he decided to change his scope and get into the aggregate business. Aware of the company already as he used to purchase his materials form them, Ken acquired the firm, taking on a total of four pits and one quarry in the North Bay area. It typically produces somewhere between 20 to 25 different products each year, including granular A, granular B, granular B2, and granular B3; gabion stone; pickled sand; river rock 1”-4”; river rock 4”-12”; stone dust; topsoil; filter sand; clear stone 1/4, 3/4, 7/8; quarry 3/4, 5/8; recycled asphalt; sand fill; and screened sand. Today, the company produces an average of 50,000 tons annually, but has produced upwards of 90,000 tons in its busiest years. In addition to supplying aggregates from its pits and quarries to local contractors, Canor also supplies waste services; water and sewer services; and is one of the largest snow removal companies in the North Bay area. The company is also a demolition expert, primarily engaged in excavation work and digging foundations. Canor offers services in labour relations consulting, health and safety compliance consulting, equipment rentals, and various roll-off containers, too. Since being taken over in 2009 by an enthusiastic and dedicated young entrepreneur, Canor Construction Inc (Canor) has gone from strength to strength and now offers everything from excavation and demolition to aggregate delivery and commercial snow removal services. We speak to Ken Sim, the man who made it all possible, as the firm celebrates a win in the Canadian Business Awards 2023. “What sets us apart from other companies is our commitment to quality,” continues Ken. “We are detail-oriented and determined to provide the best quality service. We perform pre-construction inspections and can provide a detailed log of the services provided.” Through Canor, Ken is committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism and integrity in relationships not only with its customers, but also with suppliers, subcontractors, and professional associates. The company also maintains open lines of communication and offers 24/7 services to handle emergencies and after hours work. Due to this keen focus on building and maintaining strong relationships with its customers, Canor has enjoyed significant growth over the years through repeat business, word-of-mouth, marketing, and business-tobusiness referrals due to the high-quality results it achieves on all jobs. Having built a strong team of more than 100 employees with complementary skills, knowledge, and experiences that work together to drive success, Ken promotes job retention and satisfaction by striving to create a strong workplace culture that inspires creativity and fosters innovation within the workplace. “Employees are encouraged to take part in professional development training opportunities which spark their interest and to cross-train within different positions,” Ken enthuses. “This not only increases employee productivity and engagement but also diversifies Canor’s workforce.” All staff at Canor are provided with a comprehensive benefits package, pension plan, and competitive wages. Additionally, staff have access to equipment free of charge and pay market-rate pricing for products where permitted. These are just a few of the ways that Canor recognises its employees for providing exceptional customer service and quality of workmanship on all job sites. Ken says, “Performance quality, collaboration, problem-solving, and teamwork skills are qualities that are highly valued and recognised in Canor employees. The company is an equal opportunity employer focused on recruiting competent employees with the right attitude and promoting them on merit to attract and maintain a highly qualified workforce.” As an industry leader, it is important for Canor to continue to stay on top of advancements, new technology, innovative processes and products, and environmental sustainability in order to continue to provide a competitive advantage and positively impact the clients and communities it serves. Currently, sustainability and the environment are key industry trends that have been gaining attention across Canada and the globe. Identifying a need to address these areas within the community of North Bay, Canor is in the process of building a waste processing and recycling facility that will sort, recover, and reuse recyclable materials from construction and demolition projects. Best Landscaping & Civil Construction Firm - Northeastern Ontario